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Troul 09-18-21 04:03 PM

used 700C wheels
I have a few used 700 alloy series wheels I'm looking to part ways with, some have tires/tubes in unknown condition, some are just wheels. They all have hubs/spokes & are disc ready (not included) . A mix of 8 speed & 11 speed configuration for Shimano/alike cassettes. Nothing fancy, but would serve a purpose for someone in need.

Price for each pair (A rear & Front wheel) $40.00 Buyer is responsible for shipping. Willing to ship outside of the USA at buyers expense.
If someone has an excess supply of 11 speed cassettes, I'd happily do some bargaining.

Looking for:

WGB 09-18-21 04:52 PM

​​​​​​Sorry, might just be me but confused by post. Are these wheels rim brake or disk??
I'm looking for an 8 speed with 130 or 135 rear for rim brakes

ThermionicScott 09-18-21 04:58 PM

Originally Posted by Troul (Post 22235896)
Looking for:

I don't have a horse in this race, but those don't look like stock cassettes to me. They have big gaps at the top and bottom, and single-tooth jumps scattered in between. Nobody would have that unless they cobbled it together themself...

A stock 11-32T would be more like 11-12-13-14-16-18-20-22-25-28-32 (Shimano).

Sorry if this comes across as thread-crapping, just want you to find a match. :thumb:

Troul 10-05-21 03:43 AM

I've thus far achieved what I am looking for outside of this ad, but would still consider some bargaining.

clubman 10-05-21 07:48 PM

...more important, is your avatar from the Black Mirror blackmail episode? :eek:


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