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ricklp 02-07-14 10:00 AM

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Originally Posted by falcon76 (Post 16093894)
Have: SMP Glider black or white model

Want: SMP Dynamic or Lite 209 prefer white but would consider black

I have a well used Selle SMP Composit that I would like to trade for a Glider in black (I would also be happy with the blue one below) , could add money to the trade.



ricklp 02-07-14 10:08 AM

I have two Avocet touring saddles in great condition. Both black. One men's and one women's. They are on a vintage tandem I am updating. Looking for comfy more modern "racy'er" saddles. I would love Selle SMP TRK saddles (would add money to the trade if required), one men's, and one women's, to put on it. My wife/stoker says her "lady parts" do not like the Avocet. My OCD says I can't have un matching saddles on a tandem.

woodcraft 02-23-14 09:30 PM

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I have SMP Glider in both white and blue.

Trade for Stratos, Evolution, or Composite.

Axiom 03-06-14 12:13 AM

Looking for a SMP TRK/Glider/Plus/Extra. Cash and/or Selle Italia SLR NT1 TT saddle.

kreative 03-06-14 10:51 AM

Have: San Marco Regal with silver rivets

Want: Specialized Romin or Fizik Anteras or Brooks B17

TheDavid 03-15-14 12:10 AM


Originally Posted by leicanthrope (Post 16123141)
Have: Selle San Marco Rolls, black leather with titanium rails
Want: One of the more "racy" Brooks saddles (B-17 or narrower, none of the be-springed ones), just about any color

Do you still have the Selle San Marco Rolls?

EDIT: Traded Antique Brown Brooks Swift w/ Chrome rails for Black Selle San Marco Rolls Ti Rails. Brooks Swift was packed and shipped to leicanthrope on March 22, 2014.

BELied 03-23-14 09:26 PM

I have a Selle Royal Seta saddle I'm looking to trade for something a little more 'racey'. It's this but in white with a teal stripe. Selle Royal Seta Women's Bike Saddle + Blinky Light White *Damaged Packaging*

XVII 04-21-14 08:58 AM

Have: Fizik Tundra 2 - blue & white

Want: anything (maybe Adamo?)

Sigo 04-23-14 06:15 PM

Have: Selle Italia X1 w/ FeC alloy rails in white.

Want: Selle SMP Stratos/Lite 209/Dynamic/Evolution

Pliny the Elder 05-22-14 10:17 AM

Have: Fizik Kurve Snake
Want: Fizik Aliante

mluciente 05-25-14 09:33 AM

I have a Gilles Berthoud Aspin touring saddle in natural, would like to trade for Brooks Team Pro or Swift.

thermalattorney 06-07-14 11:42 AM

Have: Specialized Toupe w/ Ti Rails – black, 166g actual, used but no tears.
Want: Specialized Romin (black), Fizik Antares (funky colors OK), Fizik Antares VS. Condition doesn't have to be perfect, this is going on my commuter.

bosoxmrkn 06-23-14 09:31 AM

Have a slightly used Romin 155 Comp Gel White, and a White Toupe Plus Comp 155 (NEW).

Looking for a Specialized Avatar Expert in White 143 or Avatar Comp Gel White 143.

stewardmike03 07-08-14 07:18 PM

Have: Adamo Gel, grey, never ridden. Came on a bike I got in a swap. Perfect.
Have: Fizik Arione. White with glossy white center. Perfect. No fade, stain, tears, etc. love the saddle...looks stupid on a white-less bike.
Have: stock saddle from 2004 Allez. Black. Used but nice.

Want: black, red, or any combination Fizik Arione, Selle Italia SLK gel, or Flite gel-flow, Not a Max!

Email me @ [email protected]

briank 07-24-14 06:43 PM

Looking for a Specialized Romin EVO 155 black. I will have a trade soon. expect edit. TY.

roadrunner440 08-12-14 10:45 AM

6 Years later....

Originally Posted by fatallightning (Post 7597301)
Have: selle italia ti flite genuine gel
Want: something wider, maybe a specialized, fizik, prologo, whatever. show me what you got

just saw the pic with Your saddle (Selle Italia Flite Genuine Gel orange)
do You still have it...?
I had the same with my first bike,bike got stolen.
Would be happy to have one again for sentimantal reasons....(going on a beautiful singlespeed Guerciotti building now...)
thx for reply,

roadrunner440 08-12-14 10:47 AM

best contact klaus AT

Bamfbroc 08-15-14 09:20 PM

I have a brooks swift chrome saddle i woudl like to trade for a B17 preferably brown in color.
Best contact would be [email protected] also open to any trades or cash offers. Let me know what you got!

nitewing117 08-25-14 11:41 AM

I have a black Specialized Toupe take off from my 2013 Tarmac. Size is 143mm - I'm looking for a 155mm Toupe or Phenom in black. Thanks!

Jefhuf 08-31-14 07:33 PM

Have a black Cobb Max and white Fizik Arione...both in excellent condition. Looking to trade one for a Cobb Plus.

Please contact me at [email protected] if interested

seanile 09-05-14 07:30 PM

Have, a somewhat difficult to find classic specialized body geometry saddle with taint vents and manganese rails, no tears or scuffs, just marked up rails.

want: more modern specialized bg saddle (avatar, romin, phenom, etc size 143), smp dynamic (can do $ differential), or white wtb silverado (preferably non-thinline), or if you think you have something similar, let me know. i'm not listing this for sale anywhere else at the moment so if you see this a bit in the future message me anyway.

korbjonathan 09-13-14 01:52 PM

i have a bontrager serano RL 142 width willing to trade to try a differnt setup

jared1212 09-25-14 07:51 PM


Blue/Black Selle Italia Flite Gel with titanium rails

Black Selle Italia Flite with carbon fiber shell and titanium rails

Black Selle San Marco Rolls with titanium rails


Brooks B17 special, Team Professional, or maybe even a Swift. Pretty much any good condition large rivet Brooks.

derek.fulmer 10-03-14 05:25 PM

Have: Fizik Antares black, Selle Italia XR black

Want: Specialized Romin, 143, black.

tegnamo 10-08-14 04:10 PM

Have: WTB Pure V (see, but with less flashy graphics, since it's a Salsa Vaya takeoff)

Want: Something similar, but narrower overall by 5mm or so, particularly on the saddle nose. Ideally keeping with the MTB/distance theme though.

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