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Everest 09-09-06 04:23 PM

Looking for Selle San Marco Concor Light with Ti rails, pm me

hmai18 09-10-06 06:04 PM

Black on black Arione with Ti rails.
Vintage Concor

Selle Italia SLR in white.

2hitone 09-14-06 09:56 PM

possible trade?
I am looking for a Toupe 143.
I have a Selle Italia XO and could make the difference in $.
Let me know if this is something you would be interested in.
Tony G.
[email protected]

pgoat 09-16-06 09:55 PM

I have a recent Selle Italia Flite (Ti rails, Orange leather cover) - excellent shape, about 200g.

Also a mid 90s Selle Italia Ntrox - manganese rails, green leather Missy Giove model with yin yang and other decorations. One small scuff on one side. about 235g.

both are firm saddles with about 135mm width - too narrow for me.

willing to trade both for a San Marco Regal, Brooks Swift or Swallow (will add cash for Swallow if need be) in new condition, or one for a used one.

pls PM me for pics if interested.

riotboy 09-16-06 10:36 PM

want: selle italie flite. pm me

StuRules 09-17-06 12:20 AM

want: Selle carbon aspide san marco. In red.

Have: LOTS.

Serendipper 09-17-06 12:22 AM

1 Attachment(s)
I have a Selle Italia Initiale Gel in very good condition. Almost mint.

I want a Brooks Swift or any other model that is sans copper studs and unsprung.

Brooks hurting your tailbone? Do you prefer espresso to Earl Grey? PM me.:)

DerekRI 09-24-06 09:58 PM


Kashima 5gold NJS saddle, light brown, 30mm rails


Yellow or Brown selle italia turbo

DerekRI 09-25-06 11:50 AM

Pic of saddle I listed above ^^^^

lennon2600 09-27-06 05:31 PM

I have an SDG Bel Air FX saddle and I-Beam post combo to offer, and I'm looking for something similar, something compact, but maybe with a little more padding and a flatter contour at the rear.

The post is black and cylindrical, not like the photoshopped silver thing in the picture.

DerekRI 09-29-06 11:27 PM

The above listed Kashima saddle is actually 44mm rails, NOT 30mm. Still willing to trade for something sweet!

Portis 10-01-06 08:12 AM

Looking for a HARD saddle to swap with one of my Bontrager take offs. I prefer a harder saddle and ride mainly Brooks, that is why i have the other takeoff saddles. I need a saddle for my grocery getter. Anybody have an old saddle that is hard?

baj32161 10-01-06 08:53 AM

4 Attachment(s)
I have an older Velo saddle that is on the hard side....a few pics.

Turboem1 10-05-06 05:45 AM

I have 2 brand new Bontrager Race Luxe saddles. I am looking for anything better for a big guy (270lbs). I have heard good things about something like the Specialized Milano, Selle san marco strada ect..

spiderbike 10-12-06 09:17 AM

I have: selle italia slr (purchased in July)

want: Selle SMP Strike Evolution Saddle

willing to trade plus payment if neccessary

mlik 10-21-06 09:01 AM

Hey - I've got a black Brooks B17 Narrow, nearly new, that I'm looking to trade for a standard Brooks B17 (reasonable condition, black or brown, doesn't matter). The narrow is actually a little bit more expensive than the standard B-17, but it's also a bit to narrow for my tastes. I'm 6'2", 190 lbs, and I just need more room down there.

Any interest? Email daltonrooney [at]

Accident 10-22-06 10:32 PM

have: used white perf. selle san marco rolls
want: brooks b17

pitboss 10-22-06 11:52 PM

want: fizik nisene

PM me.

djaredb 10-24-06 08:57 AM

I have gone through a Terry, a Nashbar, a Selle Italia, but the best investment I ever made was a Brooks B-17, last spring. It is now thoroughly broken in, and though weight weenies scoff at it, it is completely formed to my anatomy. Best peice of equipment I hae bought in years.

yiucycle 10-31-06 12:27 PM

San Marco Era(red and black color)
Specialized S-work Ti

fizik Arione
or any saddle that you might have
please email me

branman1986 10-31-06 07:42 PM

Selle Italia Genuine Gel Prolink?
Selle Italia Flite(no cutout)
another random selle that I have to figure out

Want: Selle Italia Flite Trans Am or other with cutout

Edit: got my trans am's :)

Mike552 10-31-06 11:31 PM

Selle San Marco REGAL w/Ti rails (It's smooth black leather with 6 rivets in the back)
It's in very good condition, just some scuff/rub arks on edges. Pics available.

Something narrower... but with Ti rails also. PM me.

rpc180 11-03-06 04:45 PM

Black Specialized Toupe 130

Black Specialized Alias 130

RoadToad 11-07-06 11:39 AM

Have: Black Fizik Alliante Sport - great shape.

Want: Something in white or silver - same condition.

PM me for pics or potential swaps... :)

freeskihp 11-26-06 04:32 PM

Have: a kinda beat up white perf. rolls

Want:Fizik Arione

hey its worth a shot

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