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dmp 09-17-08 09:03 PM

HAVE: 120mm SR Royal quill stem (pearl finish, very light alloy expander), nearly mint except for very tiny wear spot from brake cable rubbing against it.

NEED: same or equivalent, 100mm

BearBike 09-19-08 01:44 PM

I have - 100mm Profile Design Hammer OS (100/80 degree, 31.8 clamp & 1 1/8" threadless).

I need - 90mm comparable

JunkYardBike 09-22-08 12:28 PM


1" quill stem, 80mm, 90 degrees, 25.4 clamp, removable face, black preferred, silver okay


1" quill stem, 120mm, 90 degrees, 25.4 clamp, removable face, black preferred, silver okay

I also have a variety of mid-range silver alloy quill stems.

KarmicPedals 09-24-08 10:22 AM


Never Mounted 3TTT Synthesis -- 90mm (22.2 diameter/1 inch quill), 26.0mm Clamp.


Nitto Technomic (or other high rise stem) in a 50 - 60 mm or so reach or nitto promenade bars

ninjaman 09-24-08 10:36 AM

Want: high-end(pref. very light e.g. syntace, ea90/ec90, ded azero, 3T ARX, etc.) 90mm or 100mm OS road stem 1 1/8"
Have: Ritchey WCS in several sizes, Ritchey Pro,Deda Magic, Deda Newton, various other stems in assorted sizes.
about a dozen aluminum handlebars too. I'm not at home at the moment, so I can't give you exact info. Please pm me with what size bar/ length stem you have and I will let you know what I have. Thakns!

drift1492 10-05-08 02:11 PM

Have: 120mm 10 degree thomson X2 Road Stem

Want: 90mm of the same (or similar quality)

[email protected] 10-09-08 10:08 PM

have :
120mm ( i believe) h2o straight stem

thomson stem, a little smaller

elaineo 10-19-08 04:21 PM

Time monolink pro carbon road stem 1 1/8", 130mm, +/- 10 degrees

same or something of comparable quality, 90mm


dan.lavelle 10-20-08 06:28 PM

brand new Ritchey WCS 4-Axis, 110mm oversized. +/- 17 degree. Still in orginal packaging.

a small amount of cash, or a 120mm Deda Newton oversized

62westwallaby 10-27-08 06:53 PM


Ritchey WCS 4 axis stem 110 mm 31.8 clamp 6 degree rise and fall
excellent condition


Same stem but in 90 mm and excellent condition OR
Thomson black X2 stem 90mm 10degree
Thomson black x4 stem 90mm 0 degree
FSA OS115 stem alloy/carbon faceplate 90mm

TheSojourner 10-27-08 07:51 PM

Vintage Schwinn 1" quill stem, negative rise and 110mm.
Vintage ITM Italian 1" stem, negative rise, approximately 110mm.

1" quill stem, negative or zero rise, 125mm to 130mm (black prefered)
1" quill stem, positive rise, 130mm or longer (converted a touring bike to a commuter with pull-back bars)

rtruectoc 10-31-08 10:05 PM

Ritchey Pro Stem 130mm, 26.0 clamp, -17%, black, mounted once

Want: Same 120mm or equivalent, black

ninjaman 11-01-08 12:06 PM


ninjaman 11-01-08 12:08 PM

Syntace Megaforce 260 105mm 1.125"
Specialized Multi-comp road 26.0 110mm 1.125" w/ several differently-angled shims
Ritchey Comp 26.0 120mm 1.125"
Ritchey Pro 26.0 110mm 1.125" 6/84degree
Unbranded 26.0 110mm 1.125" 17degree?
Deda Zero 26.9 100mm 1.125" 72degree
Deda Newton 26.0 110mm 1.125" 72degree?
3T Zepp 26.0 130mm 1.125"
Easton EM90(magnesium) 26.0 90mm 1.125" w/ 1" shim 0degree

Blackwell Research 31.8 90mm 1.125"
Easton EA70 31.8 90mm 1.125" 6 degree
Ritchey WCS 31.8 90mm 1.125" 84 degree
Ritchey 31.8 100mm 1.125" adjustable stem
Ritchey Pro 31.8 100mm 1.125" 6/84 degree White
Ritchey Pro 31.8 110mm 1.125" 6/84 degree
CarbonConcepts 31.8 110mm 1.125" White Carbon
Stella Azzurra Espresso 31.8 110mm 1.125"
Ritchey WCS 4axis 31.8 110mm 1.125" 6/84 degree
Ritchey WCS 4axis 31.8 120mm 1.125" 6/84 degree
Ritchey WCS 31.8 120mm 1.125" 84 degree
Syntace F119 31.8 120mm 1.125"
Deda Magic 31.7 120mm 1.125"
Unbranded(looks like Easton) 31.8 120mm 1.125"
Ritchey WCS 4axis 31.8 130mm 1.125" 6/84 degree
Syntace F119 31.8 135mm 1.125"

Want: high-end(pref. very light e.g. syntace, ea90/ec90, deda zero100, 3T ARX, FSA, KCNC, Thomson, etc.) 80mm, 90mm, 100mm or 110mm OS road stem 1 1/8"
Also very open to trades for other components- nice road tires(Ultremo!), new kmc or wipperman chain, 7800 r. derailler, lightweight saddles, Swiss Stop brakepads...Shoot me offers, I'm bored w/ my stuff & am looking forward to some winter tinkering!

theconquerorwor 11-04-08 12:31 PM


dimension 100mm 15 degree or so 26.0 clamp black 1 1/7" threadless stem


any silver 1 1/8" threadless in 65-80mm length.

Patricky 11-23-08 08:59 PM

Brand new nitto dynamic threaded stem

black threadless stem of similar value 1 inch

rtruectoc 12-04-08 12:38 PM

have: nitto ui-5g threadless stem, 120, 26.0 like new

need: nitto quill stem 100 or 110, 25.4 or 26.0 deluxe, dynamic, pearl ect

KCRunning 12-06-08 06:56 PM

good quality 1" quill stem in 100mm with a 22.0mm quill size to fit a french steerer. I would prefer a cinelli with a 26.4mm clamp but I'm open to anything nice with a 26 or 26.4mm clamp. A track stem would be a bonus.

2 cinelli 1-a 110mm and 100mm 26.4 clamp 1"
3t st94? 120mm 26 clamp 1"
winpista 80mm 26 clamp 1"
white SR 100mm 26mm clamp 1"
dark modolo tenos 90mm 26.4 clamp 1"
various SR 1" stems
black FSA XC 150 alloy 6 degrees 1 1/8 threadless 25.4 clamp

mr handy 12-07-08 04:00 PM

have... a Felt 100mm stem, 1.1/8 steerer, 31.8mm clamp 7* bend. in very good shape.

Want... 90mm stem same as above, 5* or 7* bend is fine.

PM me please.

soderbiker 12-07-08 05:58 PM

Want an E.Merckx MX leader fork 160mm minimum 1" / 22.2
PM me please

le'ehov 12-17-08 05:08 PM

Have FELT 80mm 7071 25.4 stem.

Need something same/shorter and 31.8.

cid499 12-18-08 06:35 PM

Have: 130mm 3TTT "Status" Stem. Champagne finish, missing plastic top cap.
Want: Quill stem, a little bit shorter. 100 or 110mm?

RobbieTunes 12-20-08 09:00 PM

Quill 120mm Cinelli XA silver or black 100m Cinelli 1A
70-80mm Cinelli XA or 1A silver.

PhilThee 12-25-08 10:16 PM

Want: Easton EA90 110mm 10/80 degree 31.8 clamp
Want: Deda Zero100 110 82/82 degree 31.8 clamp
No beat up stuff please.

Will also pay cash if needed.

Have: Bontrager Race X Lite 130mm 7//83 degree 31.8 clamp.
Have: Cannondale C4 110mm and 120 6/84 degree 31.8 clamp
Have: Cannondale C3 100mm 6/84 degree 31.8 clamp

kaaos 01-02-09 05:27 PM

Cinelli 1R stem in silver, 105mm, 26.4mm clamp

Cinelli 2A stem in silver, 95mm-115mm, 26.4mm clamp.
I will also pay cash if needed.

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