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ptle 02-15-10 01:33 AM

FOR TRADE - 120mm Ritchey Pro Stem 31.8mm 1-1/8" 73*

LOOKING FOR - 80mm (must be for 1-1/8" forks and 31.8mm bars)

Mike927 02-25-10 03:13 AM

Have Thomson Elite 25.4 100m 5deg 1-1/8

Want something like 80-90mm least stem with 6-8 downward slope, must be 31.8 and 1-1/8mm

email me at [email protected]

nathan84318 02-25-10 04:43 PM

Have a 31.8 110mm +/- 6deg 1-1/8 stem

Will trade for anything, bar tape, etc.
Let me know if your interested and we can work something out

ninjaman 02-28-10 09:34 PM

Have: (all OS)
Thomson X2 110mm 10 degree
Syntace F119 135mm 10 degree
FSA OS-115 110mm
ControlTech Estro 90mm 5 degree
Blackwell Research 90mm 6 degree

Thomson X2 120mm 10 degree
Deda Zero 100 120mm or 100mm white version
White 90mm/100mm 26.0 clamp stem

usherenko 03-01-10 03:26 AM

Thomson 5* x 100 x 25.4
Thomson 5* x 110 x 25.4
Thomson 5* x 120 x 25.4

Thomson(maybe something else of equal value) 100 or 110 with 31.6 clamp
or a Thomson 27.2 seatpost

fantom1 03-06-10 10:33 PM

Have: 3T Arx team 120 +-6

Want: ?Deda newton deep drop (Belgium) 46 bars (ok, not a stem, but it's what I want)


TooSlow4u 04-09-10 12:03 PM

Have: 3T Arx Pro Road Stem -- 110m +-6

Want: 90-100m -- 0* or +-6*

Captain Insano 04-13-10 01:20 PM

Have: Bontrager Race Lite -- 90 mm, +-17*, black, 31.8 **GONE**

Want: Surprise me

eacolin 04-28-10 10:53 PM

Looking for a ~120mm, ~20 degree rise threadless stem, for 25.4 Handlebars. 1" or 1 1/8" mount is OK (the fork is 1" and I have a shim). Aluminum is fine, titanium bolts are a plus (but not at all necessary) and I'd be happy to throw down extra dough for a suitable titanium stem. Brand is not important at all, and neither is condition as long as it's not damaged.

I have an Easton EA50 100mm x 1 1/8" x 25.4mm x 6 degree, a 3T ARX PRO 110mm x 1 1/8" x 31.8mm x 6 degree, a 3T quill stem and a Performance quill stem. Can confirm measurements or take pictures as needed!


jasandalb 05-24-10 10:56 AM


newey200 05-27-10 07:00 PM

I have a 3T arx-team 80mm (new) and looking for the same or a ritchey WCS in 100-110mm.

3373jones 06-13-10 03:38 PM

31.8, 1 1/8 Bontrager Race 110mm, 17degrees (black)
31.8, 1 1/8 Thomson x2 120mm, 10 degrees (black)

31.8, 1 1/8 120mm

MRFL 06-21-10 12:33 PM

Have: 130mm OS Scott Road Team threadless stem 1-1/8" four bolt 31.8mm. Came on my 61CM Scott Speedster S50. Purchased less than 6 months ago.

Want: 120mm, 110mm, 100mm, or 90mm threadless 1-1/8 four bolt 31.8mm stem.

hmai18 06-23-10 07:40 AM

Have: Ritchey WCS 120mm 31.8 clamp, +/- 6 deg

Want: Easton EA90 120mm 31.8 clamp, 0 deg (2010 graphics preferred)

Harun 06-25-10 12:10 AM

Have: Oval Concepts R700 140mm 31.8mm 6deg

Want: 3T Arx Team 130mm 31.8mm 17 deg

Stealth'd 07-09-10 12:37 PM

Have: Kalloy adjustable stem. Used it to figure out what stem I needed before buying a nice one. It's 90mm and the rise is adjustable from like 50 to 10 degrees.

3T T.H.E. stem. 120mm. Not much rise, near 10 degrees. I didn't buy it and since it's older, I can't find specs on it.

both are 31.8.


fastev 07-09-10 09:57 PM

Have: Thomson X2 stem; black, 31.8, 100mm, 17/83. Installed on bike currently, could pass for new and will come in original packaging.

Want: Same stem in 110 or even 120 in good shape.

period3 07-10-10 09:09 AM

Have: Thomson 100mm, 25.4 clamp stem, 6 deg rise.
Want: Silver 120mm stem, 25.4 clamp, 6-15 deg rise.

Blackdays 07-21-10 10:35 PM

Have: Ritchey WCS 100mm stem
Want: Any 90mm stem of equal or greater value

tommy5505 07-30-10 09:13 PM

i am looking for a 75mm stem i have a brand new zues 140mm

ant8tna 07-31-10 10:51 AM

Have: Silver stem, 4bolt 25.8/26.0 clamp, 90-95mm, 17/83 (guessing on specs, no markings and too lazy to go measure as I post this, PM me). Not sure the brand, no graphics, I think Kalloy since the bolts have little K's on them

Looking for: similar stem in a 110-120mm length

Jakedatc 08-07-10 07:58 AM

Want: 90mm 31.8 clamp 0 degree rise

have: 44 c-c bars , selle italia trans am Max saddle, ??

rankin116 08-07-10 12:45 PM

I have a Ritchey Pro Logic 90mm, 6 degree, 31.8 clamp on the way and I need a longer one. Essentially this stem :

I am looking for a 100mm, all same specs.

jasandalb 08-08-10 08:52 PM

1 Attachment(s)
3T, 135mm, +/- 10 rise, 26mm clamp

ANY 110-120mm with 26mm clamp.

Lugee 08-09-10 11:50 AM

Have: Syntace F99, 120mm, 26.0 clamp, 1 1/8 steerer. Like New.

Want: Similar stem in 90mm, preferably another F99.

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