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01-16-21, 07:23 PM
Replies: 97
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Posted By grayEZrider

so call me a cheap slave...

Comfort? So does turning 70 and mountain life. I'm keeping my 30/30 gearing (and yes celebrating when I manage to get there without a walking break!):50:
01-16-21, 06:47 PM
Replies: 139
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Posted By grayEZrider

dont forget the elder market...

I want a bright blue 33 1/3 LP version!
01-16-21, 06:23 PM
Replies: 122
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Posted By grayEZrider

that is plan A

And I'm sticking to it. But I plan to go e-bike only after it starts taking more time to ride back up the mountain than it does to walk it.
12-22-20, 06:27 PM
Replies: 411
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Posted By grayEZrider

new tires

Just replaced 25s with cheap 35s. Test rode it as my now casual nasty weather gravel ride today. Major improvement. Its the only 80s era road bike I've found which clears 38c tires. They must have...
12-22-20, 06:09 PM
Replies: 20
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Posted By grayEZrider

If not for exceptions there would be no need of rules...

And not AWOL means one is absent with a valid reason.

12-21-20, 06:18 PM
Replies: 58
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Posted By grayEZrider

done that too..

Quit motorcycles five years ago (after 50 years of riding) and can vouch for the full helmet problem. Many bugs over the years and I once was hit in the chest by an owl. I wound up in a ditch and...
12-21-20, 05:33 PM
Replies: 58
Views: 2,379
Posted By grayEZrider

lightning bugs taste like black jelly beans

I once pulled a glass out, dumped ice and then tea into it. First swig and felt something "fuzzy" in my mouth. Leaned over the sink and spit out a big, black spider. Flushed it down. It wasn't moving...
12-12-20, 10:44 AM
Replies: 96
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Posted By grayEZrider

1 to 1

Same here. Hard braking on downhill mountain curves is really hard on front tires. But I've actually worn out only two. Most are destroyed by debris rather than wear. I'm not good at dodging things...
12-12-20, 10:20 AM
Replies: 41
Views: 1,641
Posted By grayEZrider

the horse problem..

Two years ago a small group of us ran through (and thus brought with us) pony poo on our backs when we would stop at a local diner for an after ride beer and burger. The owner was a local who...
12-12-20, 09:45 AM
Replies: 9
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Posted By grayEZrider

shipping problems

There are also some odd shipping problems to deal with (and wait on). The last two shipping company deliveries to my house came by RENTED Uhaul box trucks. Covid concerns is causing driver and...
12-09-20, 10:33 PM
Replies: 36
Views: 1,615
Posted By grayEZrider

also nearby...

I moved down here five years ago and have been a small collector (read: N+1 victim) since. I've gone through two dozen bikes which are given to relatives/friends/local kids and only sold two. I have...
12-09-20, 09:38 PM
Replies: 18
Views: 1,094
Posted By grayEZrider

I agree

Having owned three models of Centurion (no Pro) and original catalogs I agree.
And like you still watching for a Pro in my size!
12-09-20, 09:16 PM
Replies: 30
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Posted By grayEZrider

thanks for the explanation...

I've noticed the effect over the years but have always focused on my dislike of the 21st being the first day of winter. I hate winter. And worse, I was born on it!
12-04-20, 08:18 PM
Replies: 66
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Posted By grayEZrider

if the OP bites on this....

I'm going to post the Golden Gate bridge on ebay as the worlds largest MUP. Send me $ 99.95 and local pickup only.:lol:
12-04-20, 07:30 PM
Replies: 41
Views: 2,151
Posted By grayEZrider

like but seldom use

When I first retired and did a lot of group rides I used SPDs and always marveled at their improvement over my old rattraps. I actually have two regular sets and one version that is both flat and...
11-30-20, 07:59 PM
Replies: 5
Views: 528
Posted By grayEZrider

thanks- and I found the diff..

I finally discovered the rd 2000 has a cap of 34 and the original rd2400 is only 32. I managed to find both it and a 11-34 HG50 cassette new for $ 37 total.
11-30-20, 07:41 PM
Replies: 97
Views: 5,241
Posted By grayEZrider

1956 Saint James

British made lugged but low end three speed., Bought from the first owner, a woman whose father brought it over here for her 17th birthday. Original except for grips and tires it is still ridden now...
11-21-20, 08:08 PM
Replies: 43
Views: 3,531
Posted By grayEZrider

I've used both for three years now..

I have an original steel KHS 223 drop bar 3x8 Claris road bike I use as a gravel bike .It works well for that after going to 35c tires and I only today ordered a new Claris RD2000 (cap 34tooth) to...
11-21-20, 12:07 PM
Replies: 5
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Posted By grayEZrider


That has been my understanding too but I presumed there had to be a difference between them. After after some more research I found the2400 has a max sprocket capacity of 32 while the newer RD2000...
11-20-20, 08:46 PM
Replies: 23
Views: 985
Posted By grayEZrider

problem shoe solver

Now that the shoe destructor
has been fixed you need one of these to take over...
11-20-20, 08:18 PM
Replies: 5
Views: 528
Posted By grayEZrider

Is there a difference in shimano rd2400 / rd 2000

I need to replace a Claris 8 speed RD2400 after trashing one by hitting a stick of firewood; I can't seem to find detailed differences from the RD2000. I am using a KHS 223 with full Claris 3X8 and...
11-20-20, 08:00 PM
Replies: 29
Views: 1,480
Posted By grayEZrider

soap will help in the future

If you use a dish soap bottle (leaving just the residue in it without rinsing when empty) filled to half-way with water for mounting tires the residue on the tire will again become slick when you add...
11-03-20, 05:35 AM
Replies: 23
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Posted By grayEZrider

avoid DOT3

DOT3 is very hard on paint.
11-03-20, 05:01 AM
Replies: 24
Views: 952
Posted By grayEZrider

got a friend that could help?

The description indicates the current owner can't fix it himself and has discovered a couple hours work by a shop mechanic not worth it. Unless the bike is worth over $300 I would steer clear unless...
10-16-20, 11:52 AM
Replies: 292
Views: 19,193
Posted By grayEZrider

cheat a little?

I think you should do like Natloz (see post #150 (https://www.bikeforums.net/usertag.php?do=list&action=hash&hash=150) ) and hire a pro to do the riding!
09-08-20, 03:41 PM
Replies: 292
Views: 19,193
Posted By grayEZrider

oops- Puch pics

09-08-20, 03:39 PM
Replies: 292
Views: 19,193
Posted By grayEZrider


Well my $50 Puch came in at $97 total.
Compact crankset (with a sealed BB!) -found on ebay last year for $19. New, but with no label on it anywhere. Possible from the Orient? Or maybe Cleveland....
09-08-20, 02:54 PM
Replies: 7
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Posted By grayEZrider

I try to remember to lube them at the same time I...

I try to remember to lube them at the same time I change the smoke detector batteries. Every leap year if they need it or not...
09-07-20, 02:16 PM
Replies: 56
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Posted By grayEZrider

silver lining

So there is a silver lining to having N+1 disease! But I'm also lucky, having jumped the gun early for my upcoming 70th birthday by months and got my new Canyon Endurace just before this mess.
08-27-20, 06:35 PM
Replies: 27
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Posted By grayEZrider

keep it dry in there

Going to be hard to untangle them if those shelves ever get wet.....
08-27-20, 06:18 PM
Replies: 26
Views: 1,656
Posted By grayEZrider

2009 Forrester was total loss..but bike was OK!

Had a 2" Draw-tite with a Specialized Dolce Al Elite hanging on a $90 Harbor Freight 4-bike hanger. Drove onto a steep bank and down through a deep ditch (and back up and out) after clipping a car...
08-27-20, 05:56 PM
Replies: 292
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Posted By grayEZrider

Puch keeper update

No one mentioned it but an earlier pic of the Puch displayed some great Mavic Pro gold deep rim wheels. They came from a parted out Felt I bought for $100 to rob it of Ultegra brifters and brakes for...
08-24-20, 06:12 PM
Replies: 292
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Posted By grayEZrider

good eye!

You are 100% correct. Stickers beat up but all there and legible. After some upgrade work I took it out for 8 miles today. I can FEEL why you wanted yours back. Wonderful ride. I will detail...
08-23-20, 08:11 PM
Replies: 292
Views: 19,193
Posted By grayEZrider

pics to upgrade try

08-23-20, 07:43 PM
Replies: 292
Views: 19,193
Posted By grayEZrider

Hoping to build a keeper

I missed seeing the start of this challenge by ten days. And after fighting N+1 this last year (who cares about Covid-19? phhht) the only potential project hanging in the workshop (known far and wide...
08-20-20, 06:37 PM
Replies: 46
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Posted By grayEZrider

100% agreement

He can be blunt at times, but I agree completely with him.
08-20-20, 05:54 PM
Replies: 28
Views: 1,136
Posted By grayEZrider

swap it!

I agree with Flip Flop Rider. Fit is nearly everything. Everything except the frame can easily be replaced or upgraded.
08-20-20, 05:40 PM
Replies: 93
Views: 4,862
Posted By grayEZrider

gravel for real gravel..

A pic of my 35c shod KHS 223. A bit heavy with the gear but since the only southerly route starts two miles from home and runs eight miles with zero houses or anything (on the 8 mile dirt stretch)...
08-19-20, 07:22 PM
Replies: 107
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Posted By grayEZrider

early motorbike disc and spoke problems..

I recall making a lot of money truing the early spoke/disc wheels on motorcycles. The first ones sported a single disc in front of the fork leg. First improvement was stiffer forks to combat the...
08-16-20, 08:32 PM
Replies: 58
Views: 2,102
Posted By grayEZrider

the worst of both...

23mm Vittorias on a deep V Mavic.
Any new (vintage) N+1 added to the stable gets Vittorias or Michelins cut off first.
07-26-20, 06:36 PM
Replies: 90
Views: 4,031
Posted By grayEZrider

4 is OK if this is your rookie year....

Got to eventually get to:
vintage steel (2- sport and touring)
vintage Al
Vintage carbon
current steel (gravel)
current Al (2- sport and touring)
haven't got to a current Carbon yet
07-25-20, 05:46 PM
Replies: 26
Views: 1,179
Posted By grayEZrider

clarification to this great simple rule:

This R to R and F to F works providing you always apply the wrench ABOVE the pedal and not below!
06-10-20, 06:57 PM
Replies: 57
Views: 3,166
Posted By grayEZrider

it all evens out...

Recall that time or two you obtained something at a 20% bargain and factor that into the equation.
There you go.
The New Normal (N+1) math !:lol:
06-10-20, 06:48 PM
Replies: 8
Views: 339
Posted By grayEZrider

worse than rocket surgery

It's road surgery if you get it wrong. Which I did only two days ago. Flatted twice in four miles. :cry:
06-10-20, 06:42 PM
Replies: 20
Views: 701
Posted By grayEZrider

too late for now but...

when I get to that last stage I always use a cheap plastic tire lever. But the trick with it is to take the smallest "bite" as possible. And that is after lubing the rim and tire down with spray...
06-10-20, 06:29 PM
Replies: 13
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Posted By grayEZrider

near match

Four of my six bikes are vintage and I've gone to 28s on everything but my modern KHS 223 which wears 35c panaracers. I weigh 170 and run all the 28s at 70/75 and the 35c at 65/70. I experimented a...
06-08-20, 02:28 PM
Replies: 28
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Posted By grayEZrider

buy it on-line exception...

I do try and keep up with what my LBS stocks and avoid ordering through them anything costing less than $20 if they don't normally stock it. Not to save me anything, but I figure they can't be...
06-06-20, 02:10 PM
Replies: 31
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Posted By grayEZrider

it really is needed

California is desperate to eliminate what they can't figure out is driving them all nuts.:deadhorse2:
06-05-20, 08:24 AM
Replies: 96
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Posted By grayEZrider

a very useful question

Thanks. I seldom see walkers/joggers on my normal hilly riding area. Most are usually headed opposing traffic. I like the combination bell and yell idea. I will adopt it. It also gives me an excuse...
05-20-20, 01:48 PM
Replies: 13
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Posted By grayEZrider

good catch!

You're right. SNs show the Ironman to be an '86 and the Lemans to be an '87. I got both numbers wrong. Now if I can figure out how to change them on the listing at the left. I do remember it was on...
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