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07-08-19, 05:34 PM
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Posted By Oldbikeride


Mine is just as it sounds "old bike ride".
The newest bike I ride is about 15 years old and my oldest is 38 years old.
Forum: Road Cycling
07-08-19, 04:55 PM
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Posted By Oldbikeride

Uses for used tire tubes

I have used retired tire tubes to cover a chain used for a bike lock.
06-02-19, 07:39 PM
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Posted By Oldbikeride

Age wisdom

I wish I was ten years younger and in ten years I'll wish I was the age I am now.
Forum: Road Cycling
05-13-19, 07:35 PM
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Posted By Oldbikeride

Disc acceptance

I recall it took about 15 years for the majority of people to start using seatbelts after they became standard.
02-18-19, 09:05 PM
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Posted By Oldbikeride

U of M bike theft

My daughter was going to U of M and wanted to take her good bike with her. I strongly advised her against it. She was too small to carry her bike up to the second floor, so had to lock it up outside....
01-07-19, 04:42 PM
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Posted By Oldbikeride

Not tired of seeing your bike pictures!

I believe that a real bike person never gets tired of looking at bike photos more than once. I think it's great that you love to show off your bike.
11-28-18, 04:39 PM
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Posted By Oldbikeride

I'm sorry to be the one to say "You can't...

I'm sorry to be the one to say "You can't reinvent the wheel". Try Facebook
11-18-18, 08:14 PM
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Posted By Oldbikeride

1981 Schwinn Super Sport

1981 Schwinn Super Sport
This is a photo of my 1981 Schwinn...
11-11-18, 09:58 PM
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Posted By Oldbikeride

E bike "Cheater"

If I had an ebike I would have fun with this whole cheater subject. I would have professional decals made up for it saying "Cheater".
11-04-18, 08:32 PM
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Posted By Oldbikeride

Steel bike weight

I fully agree with everything SteelThisBike had to say. There is a certain beauty in keeping a vintage bike original. As for weight I think it is best for the rider to lose weight and/or build up...
10-23-18, 09:33 PM
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Posted By Oldbikeride

That old parked car

If you no longer are going to use a car, I would not look to find some secondary use for it. When a car sits, the seals start leaking, the tires go flat, rodents start making a home out of it and...
10-11-18, 06:29 PM
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Posted By Oldbikeride

My nerdy Murray

The only person to insult one of my bikes was my wife. She likes to tease me about my circa 2004 silver Murray cruiser that my kids bought for me from a big box store. She says it is nerdy and I...
10-02-18, 08:25 PM
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Posted By Oldbikeride

Stogy really!

I`ve been thinking about getting a helmet for the first time. Who says we are stodgy?
Forum: Commuting
10-02-18, 07:48 PM
Replies: 51
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Posted By Oldbikeride

As a person that loves anything on wheels I am...

As a person that loves anything on wheels I am seeing alot of generalizations being made about people looking miserable driving to work vs riding a bike. Next time you see someone driving their...
10-02-18, 07:11 PM
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Posted By Oldbikeride

Gumwalls, Tanwalls,Skinwalls

I agree with you and Jon T. If you want that stock orginal look I believe to go with what came on the bike from the factory. I practice what I preach when it comes to my 1981 Schwinn Super Sport. I...
10-01-18, 07:51 PM
Replies: 88
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Posted By Oldbikeride

After reading all the replies I have to agree...

After reading all the replies I have to agree with the majority of them. If you want to gain a slight speed advantage with a new bike and can easily afford one, go for it! I am just getting back into...
10-01-18, 07:13 PM
Replies: 33
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Posted By Oldbikeride

It's good to hear from others that enjoyed biking...

It's good to hear from others that enjoyed biking during an earlier part of their life and came back to it. I retired this year and with a job working 55 or 60 hour weeks, maintaining a home and...
10-01-18, 04:14 PM
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Posted By Oldbikeride

The biggest mistake I've made is not cleaning my...

The biggest mistake I've made is not cleaning my bike on a regular basis.
I recommend waxing it right out of the box. Never use a high pressure spray on it! Wax it at least twice a year. Lightly oil...
10-01-18, 11:25 AM
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Posted By Oldbikeride

I have a 1981 Schwinn Super Sport that came with ...

I have a 1981 Schwinn Super Sport that came with
"rat traps". I took them off to see what it was like and then centered my foot on the pedal like one would on a cruiser. My feet then would bump the...
07-22-18, 06:28 PM
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Posted By Oldbikeride

Schwinn Super Sport 1981

I also have a Schwinn Super Sport which I bought new in 1984 and is in excellent condition also. The serial number is 1C00307 with 0671 on the front nameplate. I was surprised that it was a 1981...
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