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trackelmann 11-29-18 12:51 PM

FS: Bianchi: Pista via Brera
I have had this Bianchi for the last 10 years but it's gotten very minimal use throughout its lifetime and has been sitting in the garage for the last few years so I decided it should go to someone who will love and care for it. Used it to go to school, work or around SF when visiting my folks in Mountain View, CA. I was stupidly riding on the Golden Gate bridge where I destroyed the back wheel (and survived). Updated: bought a new back wheel and will be replacing the damaged one myself. I bought this retail for around $650, needs a front wheel true. Willing to part with it for $250 OBO. Would consider shipping.

If anyone in the San Francisco bay area would be willing to buy it, I would happily drive over to you and drop it off. Like I said, just trying to find it a good home, it's a great bike, can go between fixie and single speed with the turn of a screw and it rides suuuuper fun.

Thanks for your interest!

mouse 11-29-18 07:52 PM


IAmSam 12-01-18 09:28 AM


If your Pista via Brera is that old, it should have come with a Topedo hub? That is what they used the 1st few years of that model and the pic on my phone is too small to be sure but it sure looks that broken wheel has it.

If it is, and since you replaced the wheel - do you have any plans for it?


trackelmann 12-02-18 09:24 PM

I was not aware of that...and I actually left it with the bike shop that I bought the new wheel from.

trackelmann 12-02-18 09:25 PM

Sorry I wasn't able to read that pm until I had 10 posts to the site, so now I'll be reading it!

trackelmann 02-18-19 12:03 PM


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