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BicycleBicycle 03-29-15 07:46 PM

Replacing Wheels
I have a question about replacing wheels.

My front wheel has spokes that come loose once in a while, and it seems like they vibrate loose. Re-tensioning them works for a while, but they will come loose again. The rear wheel does this too, but not as often, but I recently had a spoke break on them.

Is it better just to replace both wheels? Replace only the front? I'd like to keep it under $275.

If i'm going to spend money on the wheels on my bike now, id probably spend less than $15, because any more and its just taking out of the new wheel fund.

If I do get new wheels, any reccomondations? Price is kind of an issue, but taking public transportation daily would cost more than the parts anyways.

Euthyphro 03-29-15 08:06 PM

waiting on my tax return to buy these: H+Son Archetype/Formula track wheelset | Retrogression

TejanoTrackie 03-29-15 08:10 PM

Spokes getting loose is usually an indication of insufficient tensioning of all the spokes in the wheel. Did you tighten the spokes yourself of have a bike shop do it ? Also, has your wheel been damaged in an accident or by hitting a bad pothole. If you need to replaced your wheels, you can by a good serviceable set for well under $200 such as these >>> Alex AT400/Novatec track wheelset | Retrogression

BicycleBicycle 03-29-15 08:37 PM

I did it myself, I can get a wobbly wheel straight, but as far as putting a proper true on them i have no idea how to do it. Do you think this would solve the problem?

hairnet 03-29-15 08:42 PM

Most likely too late if you have started to break spokes. You will learn a lot if you choose to build a wheel yourself in the future.

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