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Klefisch 05-02-15 07:33 PM

Brake Levers
Hi guys,

I hope you can help me with this. I bough a single speed from a friend but I need to make some adjustments.
It has these cheap and flimsy Tektro RL720 brake levers and I want some higher quality ones.
Already exchanged the brake caliper itself with Shimano Tiagra.

Now the problem. The bar diameter is 23,8 or 24mm and I can't find any nice SILVER brakel levers that fit the design of the rest of the bike.
There's these ones
Avid Speed Dial SL Brake Lever Reviews -
but I can't figure out the clamp diameter and apparently they are not soled separately.

Can you guys recommended me any brake levers that would fit my bike.


tuxxdk 05-03-15 05:25 AM

I'm not sure what to recommend, as the Tektro RL720 is far from cheap and flimsy ... :-/

Euthyphro 05-03-15 12:23 PM

I use the RL721s and am happy with them. Definitely never seemed flimsy to me.

stryper 05-03-15 03:45 PM

E-Lever from Paul Component Engineering

hairnet 05-03-15 04:14 PM

You can buy the Avids individually but they are made for linear pull and mechanical disc brakes. Also not 23.8/24mm diameter.

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