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urbannightrider 07-02-16 11:45 PM

Picked up some bikes, looking for a quick ID on a Peugeot.
Hey everyone! First post here and looking for a quick ID if its not too much trouble. I picked up 2 single speeds this week and not quite sure which model the Peugeot is exactly. I want to say its a P6 Iseran but not 100% and there is no identifying markings.

Also, it has a different chrome Peugeot fork(Peugeot symbol stamped on both sides of fork at top) with a sticker that reads, columbus fourreau originaux. I have looked and looked and cant find any mention of a chrome fork on a Peugeot that is this model though. All the other blue Iserans have colored forks. Is this just a frankenbike thing? Someone just replaced the orginal fork with one from a different Peugeot? If so, why would they do that?

The Peugeot has a Sugino RD2, new seat, new handlebars/wraps, new chain, Shimano Sora front brake, and flip flop rear hub (fixed gear/SS). It is also making a clicking noise under load which cannot be replicated unless Im actually riding. Any ideas on that?

Single speeds - Album on Imgur

Thanks guys.

EDIT: So, I think its actually an 86 PX10?

prooftheory 07-03-16 12:36 AM

This would be a better question in c&v.

urbannightrider 07-03-16 01:32 AM

right on. Sometimes I can get ahead of myself. I hadnt even checked out most of the other forums but Im 99% sure that its the PX10 now. Thanks mate

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