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emperorbush 06-19-05 12:23 PM

Suze USA address/email ?
I have suzue promax hub with a stuck bolt on one side. I posted about it earlier and now I can say it is certainly not budging and I need a new axle. Anyway, its pretty disappointing sine I probably rode the bike about 10 times before this happened, and didnt crank those bolts down in excess either. I think the nut had some soft threads and got crossed. Anyway, does any one have an address for suzue so I can ***** and moan at them a little ?

absntr 06-19-05 04:16 PM

You should also try going back to where you bought it from and talking to them first.

emperorbush 06-22-05 02:19 PM

well thats a lovely suggestion, I'll ask bensbike about it I suppose

but if anyone knows how to contact suzue, feel free to chime in

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