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Brooks b17 women

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I hate starting threads that have been done a million times (ie girls saddles), but I have a very specific question that has never come up:

So there are 3 basic Brooks B17: the B17, the B17 narrow, and the B17 womens. So I picked up the B17 narrow for a good price because for some strange reason I thought the narrow must be the women's version. Only after did I realize that it was not.

So the question: has any girl ever ridden the b17 narrow? did you find it was too long? I am a pretty small/short girl so I have always used women's saddles before.

Thoughts? I would be happy if someone could compare the two, but I think its unlikely that anyone has used both.

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i haven't used the narrow, but have been using the B17 (not the womens version) for the last 5 months. It's good for rides under and hour but it gets uncomofortable thereafter, maybe it still needs some breaking in. that's my experience.
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ryan_c has a b17 narrow and i have a b17

my ass is larger than ryan's so no can do on the narrow (its larger than most girls'). i think it was made for skinny guys with no butt (no offence ryan!)

i think salome has a lot of brooks experience. also, you may try machka, she knows everything about saddles and brooks
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Using "narrow" and "saddle" in the same sentence makes me shudder. It's like my sit bones are sitting on a crowbar. As for the Brooks, I have the men's Pro, which is as wide as most of my other women's saddles, but longer. I like the longer nose in a saddle. When they make the women's saddles so short I feel like I'm falling off. I'm still breaking it in have also found that short rides don't do the job. You have to take it on long rides to get the butt and saddle in harmony. Wearing decent shorts w/padding also helps the process.
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I'm using/breaking in the regular B17. I believe it's a bit wide for my fit and riding style. A little of the ol' thigh rub. So next, I would try the narrow or the womens.....or I may chop it!

<edit> I don't particularly cared for the long noses.
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I have had a Brooks team pro. It was comfortable, but the selle san marco regal that I use now is much more comfortable. I believe it has a lot to do with what follows bellow. I know that a lot of people ride all day with a Brooks and feel great. This is only based on my personal experience.

On a bicycle saddle you are supposed to sit on your sitbones. In order to do that your saddle needs to be fairly hard as well as wide enough to accomodate your sitbones.

The problem with the Brooks is that they break in to conform to your butt. Therefore the longer you ride it the more your sitbones will sink into it. Once your sitbones have sunk to a certain level the pressure on soft tissue begins, which leads to major discomfort. Same is true for heavily padded saddles - you sink until your soft tissue supports your wait. This leads to pain. Often this pain will not surface on short rides, but will become quite intense on longer rides. In my opinion you are better off with a saddle that has some very slight padding with a HARD shell underneath that is not able to cave in or conform to your butt. This will ensure that your sitbones will continue to support your weight and not your soft tissue. Again, Make sure it is wide enough too, because if it is too narrow your sitbones will "hang over" the sides of your saddle and your weight again will be supported by your soft tissue.
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