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RandyDCR 06-22-05 12:27 PM

Putting together a Scavenger Hunt last minute...
So a friend of mine asked me to set up a scavenger hunt for this coming Friday's Plan-it-x fest in Brooklyn. It was supposed to be an option for folks who don't want to get arrested at critical mass, but it turned out i probably couldn't set it up in time with my job and such. Oh and the other reason that I have never set up a scavenger hunt before.... Either way, all the thinking about it got me wondering...what were some of your favorite items on previous scavenger hunt lists.....?

dolface 06-22-05 12:48 PM


wangster 06-22-05 12:52 PM

I second the beer/liquor.

Judah 06-22-05 01:08 PM

I used: beer, rocks, pieces of fruit, bus transfers, grocery store flyers, train schedules, mini-box of lucky charms, tourist maps (with advertisements), and, my favorite, parking garage tickets.

12XU 06-22-05 01:21 PM

So you automatically put a 21+ disclaimer on your scavenger hunts? Thanks for shutting us young'ns out!

cavernmech 06-23-05 07:48 AM

traffic of those little Mormon comic books....cocktail swizzle sticks and a crown from Burger King. If you use beer tell em all that they wont get em back at the end and you can drink for free all night.

rdkopp0153 10-26-11 01:05 PM

If you're looking for some ideas for your Scavenger Hunt list, I've uploaded my recent list. You'll have to modify it for your town though.


Kayce 10-27-11 09:53 AM

Since its for PIX fest you could do all the super punx stuff people are embarrased to have like bullet belts, studded vests, casulaties cds, etc.

highonpez 10-27-11 11:52 AM

Hahaha. Please have them buy an Anti-Flag CD for one. It will be priceless.

dsh 10-27-11 12:36 PM

A pumpkin.

Doohickie 10-27-11 12:45 PM


highonpez 10-27-11 01:16 PM

Wow. Did not look at the dates.

Kayce 10-28-11 10:20 AM

I thought doing something for Plan It X sounded really strange, but I went with it.

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