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onyerleft 01-05-19 04:13 PM

Any experience ordering from Murphy Cycles?
They've got some nice stuff at good prices, but I never see anybody mention them:

veganbikes 01-05-19 05:43 PM

The Dropkick Murphys are great, the place you list not so much. The blurb underneath their website on the googles is just "key words" nothing of meaning. Going deeper into the site and you find cheap generic junky stuff. If you like cheap and generic mediocrity then Murphy Cycles seems like the place. When you have someone who has ridden for 5 decades and they are putting out what they are putting out you know it is only the bast.

IAmSam 01-05-19 06:24 PM

This is not the first time Murphy Cycles has been mentioned in this sub-forum. Do you know how to use the search tool? If not - you should learn, then you could see for yourself what's been said about them :50:

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