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dookski 01-07-19 12:39 PM

Most padded Gloves - fingerless
Hey, I'm an old user that hasn't visited the forums in years. I'm sure this discussion has come up many times before but 5-10 minutes searching hasn't answered my question-
What are the most padded fingerless gloves out there right now? I want the thickest, toughest, padded gloves I can get. Specifically, I need padding on the bottom of the thumb/heel and across above the wrist to the pinky side. This isn't only for biking, just want to know what is out there. Thank you much.

Leukybear 01-08-19 01:17 AM

You can always make your own if there aren't any fingerless gloves that meet your criteria.
Scissors to cut and a lighter to seal the edges from fraying!

I have a pair of fingerless giro LX gloves and they have a good amount of padding :)

TimothyH 01-08-19 02:15 PM

For cycling, the Giro Strade Dure are the most padded I could find.

Lots of companies make general purpose anti-vibration gloves or impact gloves.

dookski 01-09-19 09:11 AM

Thank you very much

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