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takenreasy 07-30-20 07:32 PM

Getting Better With Age
So, I began my fixed gear journey six years ago at the age of 55 primarily to make my 18 mile round trip commute more interesting. Due to hills, abilities and mental attitude I began riding under 60 gear inches - not that there is anything wrong with that. Fast forward to living in a different environment (flat), 100% teleworking and using my fixed gear for, besides utilitarian purposes, speed workouts, I'm now at 71 gear inches. I know this isn't that big in the real world but for me it gets my bike to giddy-up with noticeable speed when effort is applied. This has become so much fun that I've lost site of it being a "work-out." I'm thinking maybe 80 + gear inches by the time I'm 70 might be possible and getting pulled over for speeding a reality. Much of my devotion to fixed gear riding has come from inspiration gleaned from this site. For that I thank you all!

seau grateau 07-30-20 07:58 PM

Nice! I hope I can keep riding that long...

Rage 07-30-20 08:01 PM

My hat (or cycling cap) is off to you, sir.
Love fixed gear riding, but recently flipped my rear wheel to give my creaking knees a little rest and I’m in my forties.
Keep on trucking!

bmwjoe 07-30-20 08:25 PM

I am 62 and I ride 70 to 73 gear inches depending on the season. I can make it up a 6% grade w/o issue and maintain 12% for a short time. I don't think I would try 80 inch anywhere but the track, where it is the standard gearing.

takenreasy 07-31-20 03:56 PM

Yeah, I was being totally facetious about the 80. More than likely I'm at the pinnacle now.

jack pot 08-04-20 08:34 AM

^^^^ don't fret the next pinnacle just mind yourself well on the L O N G descent and you will know what those who don't FIX are missing :thumb:

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