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Barchettaman 05-12-21 01:43 AM

Decent budget chainring with 110 BCD
Morning all,

Title says it all really; are there any affordable decent SS chainrings that come in 110 bcd?

thanks in advance!


epdarks 05-12-21 07:47 AM

Check out Mojo: MOJO FIXED GEAR - Home

Dylansbob 05-16-21 08:55 PM

Sugino. Probably the best quality option in 110bcd.

ethet 05-16-21 09:02 PM

Originally Posted by Dylansbob (Post 22062685)
Sugino. Probably the best quality option in 110bcd.

Absolutely the best option... The Sugino XD2 is a 110BCD crankset I ran with a single ring for days.

uncleivan 06-07-21 05:33 PM

A lot of bmx chainrings are 110bcd

CliffordK 06-07-21 06:00 PM

Wolftooth has a lot of Single Speed chainrings, and I believe they are generally well received.

Not the cheapest, but I believe generally good quality.

ThermionicScott 06-17-21 07:53 PM

I used a bunch of cheap 110 BCD rings on my bike when it had a 110 BCD crank. As long as you don't use a ramped/pinned chainring with a really crooked chainline, pretty much anything should work.

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