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bwilli88 11-02-21 08:10 AM

International Single Speed day
International single speed day started by the Pauls of Paul's bike parts last year, where did you ride today and what?
just around my local town, Kampong Cham, Cambodia.

Rolla 11-02-21 09:04 AM

Every day is singlespeed day!

79pmooney 11-02-21 10:10 AM

Do fix gears qualify for this thread? The fix gear of my logo now sports a red fork to match yours. I like.

And - do you have tire clearance to wheelie and spin the handlebars?

pbass 11-02-21 04:43 PM

In honor of ISSD I'm attacking some fire roads I usually use my geared bike for, on my trusty ss Cross Check. There may be some walking, but it's worth the sacrifice in honor of this hallowed day...

Speedway2 11-03-21 11:42 AM

Where?: To the Reservoir
What?: Globe Roll2

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