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el twe 11-20-05 08:39 PM

A t-shirt idea...Any thoughts on the screen printing process or the design itself?

EDIT - In order to stay on topic, this is a picture of a track god, to be worn on my fixed gear. What kind of messenger bag should be worn with this shirt?

EDIT x2 - I've removed the pic. Sorry.

icithecat 11-20-05 10:14 PM

Why the box on his head?
edit... just wondering, I can't draw worth sh.....

el twe 11-20-05 10:31 PM

Yeah, the cap is a little square-ish. And I traced it. I'm not that good free hand.

Rouleur! 11-21-05 01:02 AM

wouldn't the text have to be backwards to print correctly?

skelly 11-21-05 01:15 AM

No, text is printed normally when burning a screen.

Trackstar 11-21-05 09:38 AM

I think this tee-shirt is awesome. It kinda reminds me of the Jesus is my Homeboy shirts that where around a few years ago. Almost outsider art like Henry Darger.

fixedfiend 11-21-05 10:13 AM

Paul Frank has already capitalized on the Eddy thing with a screen shot of him crossing the line with his hands in the air and letters that says "Don't Be A Hater" sold at your nearest Urban Outfitters.

jaypee 11-21-05 10:37 AM

/me waits for someone to do an Eddy Merckx has a posse design...

soyboy 11-21-05 10:49 AM

but do you think most people that have bought that shirt know who it is? or if they did would they know who he is?

drac_vamp 11-21-05 11:08 AM

Haha! That's rad!!!

queerpunk 11-21-05 11:35 AM

who's that funny looking guy in the Don Walker shirt?


bostontrevor 11-21-05 11:50 AM

Looks like the cannibal has lost some weight, too. Weren't the doctors on him about it (edit: being too tubby, that is)?

Way to go, fanboy! :D

invicta 11-21-05 03:40 PM

someone on another biking site i frequent has an avatar of Mercx with a army style cap in the classic Che Guevara pose and underneath it says CHE MERCX

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