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s_9 12-06-05 07:14 AM

Icy death trap?

Msngr 12-06-05 07:16 AM

they were pretty good about cleaning it last year. this year, not so good.

i crashed and busted a spoke on the icy deathtrap already.

marcelinyc 12-06-05 07:20 AM

i went thru it no problemo, well i'm special.lets see how it goes today.

s_9 12-06-05 07:27 AM

I walked over it into Brooklyn Sunday night. There were a few people riding verrry slowly over it, but I wasn't so much into the fall-down-break-ass part of it. Doesn't seem to me that it'd be less icy today. Maybe the Brooklyn....

EnLaCalle 12-06-05 09:51 AM

The brooklyn bridge is ok. There are parts of it that are kind of shiesty, but all in all, not too harrowing. I think it's because it's the tourist bridge and they very well can't have the international herd slipping and busting their grills on those wooden slats we all know so well and love. I think they salted the **** out of the manhattan approach toward brooklyn (concrete part) last night. There was not a trace of snow. I didn't ride in this morning for various reasons, so I don't what it was like today.

ch0mb0 12-06-05 09:57 AM

"bridge freezes before road surface"

but brooklyn bridge is a better ride this time of year. (imo)

chimblysweep 12-06-05 10:05 AM

c'mon. if you guys can do this, that bridge should be no problem.

nine 12-06-05 06:13 PM

any bridge reports from today? i crashed 3 times on black ice over the last 2 days, so i took today off, but i am eager to ride tommorow. i think i might need to invest in some thicker tires.

s_9 12-07-05 11:06 PM

The manhattan bridge is fine by now. There's some snow on the edges of the path, but it's not the icy death trap it was through Tuesday morning.

spud 12-07-05 11:50 PM

are you ashamed to show your face in the avatar s_9?

s_9 12-07-05 11:55 PM

My ass is just that much better looking.

ch0mb0 12-08-05 12:35 AM

1 Attachment(s)
I had originally uploaded a wav file of the Dad from "a christmas story" saying "you look like a pink nightmare!"

but those dastards changed my hotlink to another site.

s_9 12-08-05 12:38 AM

nice resource

but uh......I don't get it.

WakeUpOnFire 12-08-05 08:08 AM

that link doesn't work, it goes to the main page

ch0mb0 12-08-05 08:27 AM

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balls :( now the joke totally is the fail

here is the wav file anyway

luggedwithlove 12-08-05 07:12 PM

Originally Posted by s_9
My ass is just that much better looking.

heh heh

s_9 03-03-06 09:23 AM

Freakin Icy Death Trap this morning. Someone forgot to salt the Manhattan side of it. Tall_Animals & I had a delightful ride over.

roscoenyc57 03-03-06 09:29 AM

Williamsburg bridge today? salt?
It was a choppy icy mess last night...

mrRed 03-03-06 09:30 AM

Also, the bike path that goes over the rail yard in queens (right after the QB bridge) is a solid piece of ice. stay on the roadway. QB bridge is alright.

Pat Eisenhauer 03-03-06 10:08 AM

I had to walk it this morning. They were salting it though so it should be better soon.

Last night, wintry mix = seated skids all the way down. It was fun.

nycm'er 03-03-06 10:16 AM

The Willy B was a nightmare at 10p last night. BUT I was impressed how many bike tracks there were, indicating how many bikes traveled there on this, the Year's Worst Day Yet for Riding (in my opinion).

wangster 03-03-06 10:24 AM

major roads in brooklyn were okay... it seemed like they salted the crap outta it. The streets looks white. The rest though were just a giant sheet of ice... hopefully most will melt by tomorrow morning... I don't feel like racing on ice.

visitordesign 03-03-06 10:41 AM

most of central park was just massive sheets of rutted, chunky ice. i made the mistake of cutting in there late last night. i got to really test out the fat cyclocross tires though. they killed that crap!!!

again... cyclocross tires--highly recommended for MT.

roscoenyc57 03-03-06 11:37 AM

Originally Posted by roscoenyc57
Williamsburg bridge today? salt?
It was a choppy icy mess last night...

eeeek...answering my own question.

Williamsburg Bridge is salted and sloppy but safe going at this point

tall_animals 03-03-06 11:43 AM

yeah the bridge was brutal coming into manhattan. only half the bridge was salted, the very definition of half assed. i fell twice on the bridge and then once more for no reason later on. i hope that it melts and goes away today.
it was kind of fun though.

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