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wangster 12-06-05 09:59 PM

Zipp hubs?
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anyone ever used these hubs? Are they only made for track? I saw these on business cycle site and couldn't find a price, but was just wondering how they were. I like the look but have no clue as to how they actually perform. Just wanted to find some info since I haven't anyone with them. I have a feeling they are only made for use on the track but any input would be great.

mcatano 12-06-05 10:01 PM


Fugazi Dave 12-06-05 10:01 PM

As I understand it, these are extremely high zoot hubs. Super high quality, and very, very pricey. I don't know anyone who has them, but I wouldn't doubt their quality for a second.

wangster 12-06-05 10:03 PM

really? the site didn't list price but since it's made by Zipp I figured it can't be cheap. Anyone know how expensive they are? In case anyone's wondering, no I'm not considering buying, just curious. I think I'm going with Miche for my next set of wheels.

BostonFixed 12-06-05 10:03 PM

They look similar to IROs.

Obviously there is no comparision in qualtity though.

genericbikedude 12-06-05 10:05 PM

Originally Posted by BostonFixed
They look similar to IROs.


God, I bet Tony is getting sick of everybody being on his jock in this forum.

gally99 12-06-05 10:08 PM

Originally Posted by wangster
I have a feeling they are only made for use on the track

i wasn't aware zipp made hubs, i've just lusted after the 999 rims for days and days...
anyways, i'd be real surprised if they make a "street" track hub...

dolface 12-06-05 10:13 PM

i'm pretty sure the hubset goes for ~$450, and yeah, they're hot.

treechunk 12-06-05 10:16 PM

If you feel safe riding a 28 spoke wheel, I'd say they'd be tough enough for street use.

shants 12-06-05 10:19 PM

"The result is a hub that can be laced radial, one, two, three, or four cross to any spoke tension, and rebuilt as many times as you feel like it with absolutely no chance of cracking or failure in the flange. While most hub manufacturers void their warranty if you radial lace with their hubs, we encourage it."

**** yes. . granted that it's their own promotional material, but the hubs seem pretty ****ing hardcore.

nitropowered 12-06-05 11:18 PM

They go for $450 a set.

They have a different picture but Zipp only makes one type of track hubs.

cavernmech 12-07-05 07:48 AM

I am waiting on mine. I saw a set at the Retailers bike show in Sept. They are super sweet. The bearings are silky smooth....and the spoke holes are coined, a really nice touch IMHO. Also the threads are rolled rather than cut so they should be really tough.

queerpunk 12-07-05 07:56 AM

"Zipp Speed Weaponry."

speed weaponry.


red house 12-07-05 09:06 AM

Originally Posted by Walkercycles
Race wheel hubs only. Dont ride that stuff on the road.


Why? They got too much bling for the street?

wangster 12-07-05 11:41 AM

wow, 450, thats a set of complete wheels. I'm sure they are only meant for the track but they do look pretty beefy and are one of the best looking hubs out there. I'll stick with my IROs and Promax...those two are already more than I'll ever need. Zipps has great stuff but just too damn expensive for us mortals.

BostonFixed 12-07-05 11:44 AM

Originally Posted by treechunk

Anyone else catch that zipp's "Spoke Hole Impact Forming Technology" abbreviates to SHIFT?

or do I have too much time on my hands?

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