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matt_savvy 02-02-06 02:19 PM

bag size
I'm looking into getting a job as a courier, but I need to buy a messenger bag first. I just wanted to know what minimum size I can get away with.
2000 cubic inches sound reasonable enough? larger?

(I'm not even going to try to start a debate by asking anything brands)

summerinside 02-02-06 02:38 PM


hyperRevue 02-02-06 02:51 PM

Having never worked as a courier, I dunno how much help my advice is.
But I would not go any smaller than 3000 (Kremlin).
To me, having too much room is better than not enough.

r-dub 02-02-06 02:59 PM

I've got:
1x 1600 ci
6x 2100 ci
1x 2525 ci

the 1600 has been relegated to personal use only...I usually keep personal effects in it and leave it in the shop while I'm working.

Most of the time while working I just wear a 2100 (timbuk2 Large, to be exact) because I have one and the company has 5 so I can hand off entire loads to other folks and vice versa. It generally fits everything I want to carry on a normal load. I keep a full tool kit and water on the bike, though.

Lately I've been wearing the 2525 more (Jandd Iniki) because it's more comfortable, holds a little more, and is completely waterproof (our Timbuk2's are 7-12 years old and have seen some hard use.)

Yesterday I wished I had an even bigger bag when I had to ride around for 2 hours with a Timbuk on top of my Jandd, both of them full.

gregg 02-02-06 03:04 PM

How many CI for a 6 pack? I think bag companies should standardize bag sizes on 6PC (6 pack capacity), it would be much easier for us all to understand just how big the bags are.

mascher 02-02-06 03:19 PM

Heh, I'm actually for such a designation. I was looking at a cocotte bag at a swap meet, and I didn't have my bag with me, so I couldn't really compare capacity. He suggested I could get a case of bottles in it; I can get two sixpacks plus some junk in mine. Turned out they had the same capacity: 30L.

So, for a Mec Brenta bag (best bargain in the land btw), 2 six packs, plus tools, paperback, windbreaker, smokes, notebook, loose small junk. Or a 20kg bag of road salt or kitty litter if you extend the straps to the max.

metallo pesante 02-02-06 03:54 PM

i can vouch for the size of the kremlin, it's massive, i'm a furniture major at art school and have to car loads of **** around all the time and it carries it all, no hassle, not to mention its comfortable.

SURFER1316 02-02-06 07:22 PM

Only tip I can give, is go look at a few, throw them on u're back, see what feel right, think about what you need and you'll carry in it.......

AND GET THE NEXT SIZE UP! ha, I got medium timbuk2 bag, cause "i'm just carrying books and some spare parts and tools for alleycats, so I don't need that big of a bag" but it seems like if I even through an extra sweatshirt in it, it's bulging. Def going at least a step up with the next bag, probably more

mcatano 02-02-06 08:00 PM

No matter how big your bag is, you'll always find a way to fill it. I have a medium Freight, which is just about double the size of a large timbuk2 (the bag I had previously), and everyday it seems to find a way to fill itself with crap. I am ordering a small (which is about the size of a Reload civilian, I think), just so I'm not carrying so much crap around all the time.

Nachoman 02-02-06 08:08 PM

Bigger the better. It's the American way.

giboyeux 02-02-06 08:12 PM

Does Freight have a website, btw?

mcatano 02-02-06 08:19 PM

Originally Posted by giboyeux
Does Freight have a website, btw?

Not yet... just call Travis: 7148634331

He's posted here once or twice, but I don't think he's a regular.

I'm really happy with mine.

WakeUpOnFire 02-02-06 09:05 PM

Originally Posted by SURFER1316
"i'm just carrying books and some spare parts and tools for alleycats, so I don't need that big of a bag"

Where's the attribution? Are you quoting yourself? Why?

bigbikerbrian 02-02-06 09:11 PM

get the biggest bag you can, whatever brand you like. they can never be too big.

mcatano 02-02-06 09:14 PM

Originally Posted by bigbikerbrian
get the biggest bag you can, whatever brand you like. they can never be too big.

This is not good advice.

bigbikerbrian 02-02-06 09:14 PM

Originally Posted by mcatano
This is not good advice.

why not?

JackCasey 02-02-06 09:17 PM

if your from philly....just order a Courier (go figure?) size from Reload. where you looking to work?

mcatano 02-02-06 09:19 PM

Originally Posted by bigbikerbrian
why not?

Oh, sorry, I forgot he was looking for a work bag. Get something big.

WakeUpOnFire 02-02-06 09:22 PM

something like this will do nicely:

nickmaimone 02-02-06 10:04 PM

yeah, I would go with a reload deluxe or courier(both the same size, deluxe is just alot more expenive with more features) or they could make something bigger than that for you customly, OR Bailey Works has some really large bags and Ive heard many great things about them

sloppy robot 02-02-06 10:43 PM

sidetrack.. is this math right?

1728 cubic inches in a cubic foot?

dam widget doesnt have CI

so 35 litre bag is 1.23CFx1728CI=2125.44 Cubic inches..

did i do that right?..just trying to get on the same page as our international brothers and sisters

bigbikerbrian 02-02-06 11:57 PM

reload bags are awesome. i vouch for them 100%. my homie has a baileys, and its pretty dope too.
head over to the reload store in philly, ask them about custom stuff, try on their goods. they have some very nice bags.

anarchocyclist 02-03-06 12:05 AM

My bag is so big it doesn't fit in my jeans.

morbot 02-03-06 12:21 AM

my bag is so big it can contain the set of all real bags

xthugmurderx 02-03-06 08:42 PM

all you guys know nothing of big bags. i win this one, hands down.

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