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helvetica 02-03-06 08:45 PM

Any rides tonight?
Well, any rides in the bay area tonight?

onetwentyeight 02-03-06 08:46 PM

me and some friends are gonna ride to the beach (china camp) tonight. If you want to join us pm. We'll probably be wasted.

helvetica 02-03-06 08:47 PM

Im thinking more in the east bay....

wasted is the only way to ride after a hard day of work, if you get hit by something lets say by a mailman youll bounce off and laugh or get mad.

onetwentyeight 02-03-06 08:51 PM

If I fall again I'm gonna cry like a little *****. I think theres a CM in Oakland and a momovelo ride.

helvetica 02-03-06 08:57 PM

where in oakland/???? id love to join a CM

onetwentyeight 02-03-06 08:59 PM

No clue, didnt pay attention as I'm not going

schwinnboy 02-03-06 09:12 PM

Wow, are there any rides out in La Canada or like maybe even Pasadena. Like soon, I can't stay out too late, but I really want to ride with people!

onetwentyeight 02-03-06 09:20 PM <- already happened, whoops

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