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rvabiker 02-03-06 09:31 PM

Big F-ing SS MTB
So I rode one of these recently:

and now I want one. But I'll never use it for the trails, just bike polo/footdown/random other bike games so I don't want to pay $400 for it. Basically I'm going to get a cheap used MTB frame, take everything but the smallest chainring off and put a new rear wheel on. Does anyone know where can I get a big coaster brake mountain bike rear wheel?

Aeroplane 02-04-06 10:56 AM

Monocogs go for sale used all the time, because they are entry-level SS.

As far as a coaster brakes for MTB's, if you get an older model, the rear spacing is 110mm, which can easily be cold set to whatever spacing your coaster hub is.

humancongereel 02-04-06 11:11 AM

man...a gearing like about spin.

rvabiker 02-04-06 12:33 PM

I's so much fun. Yeah, I don't really want to buy a monogo becuase I don't want the brakes(except for coaster brake) and I'd have to replace the rear hub anyways...I'm looking at spending a total of like $100.

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