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jeff williams 02-04-06 02:26 PM

Not sure if you guys check the mech forum much -
I ride a mtb (geared) with one front chainring, so I have increased wear compared to doubles, triples.
You may already do this, or it might be something to consider...


scrublover 02-04-06 09:04 PM

done it plenty of times, especially with unramped rings. works just fine.

pedex 02-04-06 09:12 PM

The other thing you can do is run bigger chainrings, Ive got a 52T that has around 45,000 miles on it, a 42 wont last quite as long. Same goes for rear cogs, so many people microdrive the rear, its silly. I wont run anything smaller than a 16 on the rear if I can help it.

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