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sers 03-31-06 03:02 AM

brake cable in crosstop lever: which way?

when installing the brake cable in a crosstop lever (that is not used in conjunction with a drop lever), does the ball end of the brake cable rest in the barrel (pictured in the front), or does it rest in the recess that would lead to the drop lever?

BritneySpears 03-31-06 03:10 AM

As far as I know, both ways will actually work! So it is down to what you prefer aesthetically.

The normal way:

alaska 03-31-06 04:44 AM

that's the way i've always seen 'um.

stevo 03-31-06 05:47 AM

either way works; the orientation of the lever will dictate which way you need to install it.

e.g., if youre using it on the flats, the ball would be in the recess; if youre using it as a bar-end (tt style), it would go in the barrel.

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