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brunop 03-31-06 08:52 AM

in general, how many avg mpw ya ride?
i know it probably varies, but with the warm weather and long days comin' on i find i put a lot more miles in, what with commutin' and just fun ridin' and all. i looked and found i've gone around a hundred miles just the past three days--commutin' and errands and all. great weather is what it's all about for a pu$$y such as myself--i don't ride in the rain.:eek: so way more miles for me now. how 'bout it? :)

so for the week ending today, i rode about 140 miles.

The LT 03-31-06 09:32 AM

mine has stayed steady at about 40-50 miles a week through the winter and is slowly increasing now that the weather is getting nicer

ostro 03-31-06 09:35 AM

Rainy winters like this one i dont get nearly as many miles in maybe 30-50 mpw, but when its nice and sunny and clear 100-150 this year im hoping to jack that way up. Especially since my commute just doubled.

gorn 03-31-06 09:41 AM

My goal is at least 100 per week. When it was colder I was getting 140 or so pretty regularly, but now that it's warmer I've been closer to 100 (It actually has nothing to do with the weather). This week will be a higher week though, probably around 150.

gregtheripper 03-31-06 09:42 AM

during the winter i only really ride somewhere in the range of 15-25 miles a week because i live close to everything and i get lazy and tired of being bundled. the warm weather is finally coming though. this week i've done probably like 90-100 though, if i count the 60 mile ride last saturday with the cycling team. once the season picks up and i do more training who knows.

*new*guy 03-31-06 09:59 AM

250-350 a week

aeser 03-31-06 10:16 AM

50-60 with commuting to work, don't really know how much on top of that. depends on what's going on and where i'm going.

anarchocyclist 03-31-06 10:31 AM

160, give or take. Gonna get pretty brutal starting next month, when we get closer to 100F.

Moximitre 03-31-06 10:34 AM

50-60. 30 of them are work. 10 are school, and the rest are shopping/ sh1ts & giggles. however, this weather is enticing me off my lazy butt and away from this computer.

max-a-mill 03-31-06 10:40 AM

i'd say about a 150 a week. maybe 120 during the week commuting and 30 on the weekend, usually off-road.

Aeroplane 03-31-06 10:41 AM

50-60 what with the commuting and errands, hopefully adding in another 20 mpw of non-stop-fun trail riding.

DoshKel 03-31-06 11:54 AM

I'm guessing around 210 since I ride about 30 a day, but I am really not sure. So i'll say 120 - 210 a week :p

dabern 03-31-06 12:12 PM

I always try to get 150/ in the redneck riviera that is N/W FL does have one advantage at least in winter months...

DoshKel 03-31-06 12:14 PM

Originally Posted by dabern
I always try to get 150/ in the redneck riviera that is N/W FL does have one advantage at least in winter months...

Very much so :).

soyboy 03-31-06 12:14 PM

roughly 120, certainly it's sometimes more, certainly it's sometime less, 100 a week is for work, the 20 and up is errands, fun, ridding to a bar, it's probably more than that if i add it up but whatev

tlupfer 03-31-06 12:22 PM

200-225 from april to october, but about 60-70% of that is geared.

efarrar 03-31-06 03:38 PM

at least 50/week for work. plus whatever else so 60-80 probably.

explody pup 03-31-06 03:43 PM

Right now about 30 or something pitiful like that.

If/when I start commuting to work, it'll be up around 160 - 180.

spud 03-31-06 04:07 PM


shankton 03-31-06 05:16 PM


abe1x 03-31-06 11:29 PM

70 and rising

sers 04-01-06 12:26 AM

at least 50 through the winter. and starting next week at least 90 as i have a new commute.

slopvehicle 04-02-06 01:01 AM

80 if I ride to work every day, plus a few here and there commuting to friends / bars / shows.

I was lazy last week. drove every day. I'm a jerk.

Ill Mitch 04-02-06 01:06 AM

Probably around 100 miles per week...

more during the summer

krillz 04-02-06 09:46 AM

about 65 or 70 per day in the week, plus casual rides on weekends, so about 350 or so =)

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