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shingfunger 03-31-06 07:05 PM

close calls at philly critical mass
So i'm sure a lot of you hate critical mass, judging by the thread a couple back. personally i'm an advocate. Regardless, hear me out.

So philadelphia critical mass tonight, as anyone who rode it witnessed, had an enraged and dangerous driver. For those who didn't see, near the art musuem a blue WRX decided it was a good idea to try to weave in and out of biking traffic. Basically he almost hit and could have killed several people.

if you do live in philadelphia please report him, i've put together a little bit of information.

Make and Model: Subaru WRX
Color: Blue
License plate - FBP1489
Time- 6:55 PM
Date - Friday March 31th, 2006
Location: Benjamin Franklin Pky between 24th and 22nd (next to the art museum)

The 9th police District is the one i think would cover the area, so i plan on going in person tonight.
Address:401 N. 21st Street, 19130 (by whole foods)
Phone Numbers: 215.686-3090

If someone can find on online form for submiting reports post the link please
thanks you everything

str8flexed 03-31-06 07:38 PM

I missed it... I went down around Via (flat). Dammit...

Good thing everyone's okay, though.

Rikardi151 03-31-06 08:05 PM

Yeah.. that was nuts! We shoulda held tighter and stopped the guy in his tracks.

BadAssBiker 03-31-06 08:13 PM

Sure this has been posted before, but damn...

astrx 03-31-06 08:38 PM

i was gonna through my bike lock at him, but then i realized i would have been out 50 bucks. o well... was anyone actually hit?

Rikardi151 03-31-06 08:40 PM

Someone DID throw their lock. I wouldve totally thrown mine, but didnt have it on me.

thebigmrT 03-31-06 08:58 PM

luckily no one was hit by that guy but my friend was hit by another car, the lady just rolled up and bumped his rear wheel, definitely intentionally and bent his wheel, luckily he wasnt hurt either

shingfunger 03-31-06 09:07 PM

the kid that through his lock hit the car on the rear left side. the driver slammed on his breaks and put it in reverse for a second, but probably realized if he got out he would have gotten the **** kicked out of him. i think the kid picked up his lock though.

i haven't seen those videos and they're really intense by the way

so, i went to the police station and the cop was horrible. he laughed at me when i said i was on a bike, and then told me there was nothing wrong. when i said the driver was speeding and driving wrecklessly, the cop responded with "well how would you know, i mean i can't even tell when i see it." so pretty much, at least at 9th district, it was all a joke. he also said that there was nothing wrong unless someone got hit, and when i said it was very close to really injuring some bikers, his response was a professional "well he didn't hit anyone, so it's not really an issue how he was driving". i'm glad we need to wait until someone does get killed for any notice to be taken.
thank you for listening to me vent

hyperRevue 03-31-06 09:16 PM

Since no one was hurt, I can say that that Austin CM video was probably one of the greatest things I've ever seen.

BadAssBiker 03-31-06 09:47 PM

oh didn't mean to offend anyone by posting that link. Hope everyone is safe.

I have had my share of this kinda stuff, with Brooklyn CM coming in at the worst.

But that video is crazy, stupid, sad and funny all at the same time. I laugh everytime I see the hippy looking guy doing his best fighting stance.

sentinel4675 03-31-06 09:57 PM

If the incident was such a big deal, why did you have to come home first to post BEFORE reporting it to the police? Weren't there any pay phones you could have called 911 from along the route?

rvabiker 03-31-06 10:06 PM

So the blew you off? If nobody was hit then what do you expect, you can't file a police report for reckless driving. Basically what was described in this post is why people are against CM...the yelling and throwing U-locks is directly contrary to what is supposed to happen at Critical Mass. What should have happened is what Rikard first described ....just saying.

str8flexed 04-01-06 12:46 AM

Okay so you stop the guy in his tracks with bikes.. what if he just plows through you guys?

Then if he does stop, and he gets out, what are you guys gonna do? Then beat him up??

str8flexed 04-01-06 12:46 AM

So I guess there's nothing we can do now. But I know what I'll do. I'll keep that license plate in my wallet. Then, if I ever see his car alone somewhere..... :)

Smorgasgeorge 04-01-06 01:57 AM

Atleast the rider didn't get mangled like on the ride before the "Bike In Film" festival. But screw that guy in the WRX. I hope he burns in hell.

I would have ridden tonight, but I did get hit by a sandwich in front of the museum at about 1pm from some fat kid in a school bus. And anyways, I had to play a show in Chester tonight.

Glad everyone's ok though.

helvetica 04-01-06 03:13 AM

Was the WRX modified??? muffler/lowered/etc.

classic1 04-01-06 07:21 AM

Originally Posted by Smorgasgeorge
I would have ridden tonight, but I did get hit by a sandwich in front of the museum at about 1pm from some fat kid in a school bus. And anyways, I had to play a show in Chester tonight.

I bet chubby regretted losing that sandwich.:D

Rikardi151 04-01-06 07:51 AM

Didn't look like it(not modded)

Placid Casual 04-01-06 11:17 PM

Originally Posted by rvabiker
So the blew you off? If nobody was hit then what do you expect, you can't file a police report for reckless driving.

Actually, if you search these forums for "police" or "report" you'll find numerous stories where aggressive drivers are reported by cyclists, and even though there was no collision the police go so far as to visit the cager at home and investigate or at least give them a good talking-to. The OP in this thread apparently was dealing with a cop who either dislikes cyclists or just didn't want to put his important doughnut-related work on hold.

Moximitre 04-01-06 11:43 PM

Holy Shift! that video is disturbing as hell... would that be attempted murder? Or just assault with an extreemely deadly weapon... I hope that guy dies...

Ill Mitch 04-02-06 01:11 AM

Originally Posted by Moximitre
I hope that guy dies...


na975 04-02-06 01:28 AM

carry a rock, bust windsheilds if necessary!

sentinel4675 04-02-06 06:09 AM

Yeah, that makes a lot of sense. Throw a rock at something that weighs 10 times what you do. Get them angry and force them to hit you or give them an excuse to claim they were afraid and that is why it happened.

-=(8)=- 04-02-06 06:17 AM

All you guys make Chuck Norris look like Richard Simmons
to ride a CM in Philly. In my travels I have come to the
conclusion that the Flyers/ Front St. ridin' *****in Kamaro ,
Philly-er is the most mindless and dangerous 'person' on the
earth. To mix it up with these psychos is like Krazy Eddies
prices...INSANE :eek:

nickmaimone 04-02-06 10:44 AM

Rikardi! Who are you? Ive been to the past like, 6 critical mass's and I see you on here but dont know who you are.

Im Nick, I usually wear a black trackstar nyc jersey and ride a mat black pista. Usually I have a rust/black big reload bag on me.

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