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s_9 04-01-06 07:49 PM

RICHMOND!!!! Someone please print this!
Yo Richmond,

I know I might've accused you all of being ******fags in another thread, but I just wanted to use my new word. *********. It's great, right? Anyway, I was just trolling the flamewar over there. Now, I've got a favor to ask of some of you.

It's come to my attention that there are all sorts of events going on there this weekend. I haven't been keeping very good track of said events, so they might be completely over by now. If they're not, can someone ANYONE do me and my good, good friend ELLA a ginormous favor and download & print out this flyer for the superheroes alleycat:

I was kinda supposed to get it to her before she left, but I wasn't checking my email that day. *cough*. Sorry, Ella. I Love you with a capital L. Please don't kill me.

Whoever (if anyone) does this is ****ing awesome. And will be reimbursed by Ella, hopefully, who should be among your ranks right now. Tell her I say Hi and good luck. Of course, you're all probably like, doing stuff right now. So, who the hell knows if this is going to work at all. I'm tryin.

alaska 04-02-06 07:33 AM

****ing sweet.

zelah 04-02-06 07:41 AM

psh fake ass Richmond

RVAbatman 04-02-06 11:41 AM

poster is *****in. didn't see it til the morning after the carnage lol

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