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mattonabike 04-03-06 11:57 PM

building a flip-flop with IRO frame
it seems like the majority of people in bikeforums are all for an iro cycles frame. does anyone have experience using a mark v or a jamie roy to build a flip-flop, single-speed-fixie? both have rear brake mounts, right? adding velocity wheels sounds like the way to go. any other suggestions for an inexpensive but reliable build? thanks.

concernicus 04-04-06 12:27 AM

do the search. sounds like you know what to do. a lot of people have bought em, they must be good right?

sers 04-04-06 01:44 AM

buy a complete, the parts are reliable and inexpensive. tell him that you want to run both singlespeed and fixed and it will come set up for you to switch easily. the velocity wheels are very nice.

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