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Ira in Chi 06-13-06 01:56 PM

Do you live in MT, WY, or SD?
We are riding through those states in the next month or so and would like to hang out with you guys. If you would like to have a beer or let us pitch our tent in your yard, PM me.

Mods, please dont shoot me, I know this isn't SS/FG related but this is my peer group.

muccapazza 06-13-06 03:53 PM

Sent you a PM.

Ira in Chi 06-15-06 11:47 AM

Originally Posted by muccapazza
Sent you a PM.


sivat 06-15-06 12:04 PM

Are you going to read "Zen and the art of motorcycle maintanance" before you leave?

Ira in Chi 07-03-06 03:51 PM

I haven't read that book yet. It's been tough finding time to read on the trip so far.

Jerseysbest 07-03-06 04:17 PM

Oh my god, you're living my dream. If this were two years from now, I'd tag along.

wunder 07-04-06 06:43 AM

South Dakota eh?!

If you're passing through Sioux Falls (probably not) I'll gladly share the South Dakota experience with you. Basically the experience includes not getting an abortion and legally riding your bike drunk.

I'll shoot you a PM.

Ira in Chi 07-08-06 02:57 PM

wunder = awesome host!

top notch hospitality and great tour of sioux falls!

Ira in Chi 08-09-06 12:39 PM

Yet another success! Muccapazza hooked us up in Bozeman, and we had a pretty awesome weekend hanging out, including:

-awesome chow
-grappa, which I'm still skeptical about
-great hospitality

We're headed to Missoula next, then Glaicer, and the out to the coast. PM me if you want to meet up!

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