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powers2b 06-27-06 08:39 AM

Warning Warning Danger Danger!
You better watch out
And be a nice guy
You better stock beer
I'm telling you why
Don Walker is coming to town
He knows what town you live in
He can put you in a crate
But if you buy him a beer or two
You might become best mates

Man, if I lived in C-bus I would be hitting the beer store about now.
Just sayin'.

summerinside 06-27-06 09:45 AM

Fire in the Disco!

salmonchild 06-27-06 10:24 AM

fire in the, taco bell!

Eatadonut 06-27-06 10:32 AM

I saw them in OKC last fall. Easily the best concert I've ever been to. Insane.

CCCCCCC 06-27-06 10:32 AM

don walker is coming to columbus?? like for good, or for a trip?

salmonchild 06-27-06 10:41 AM

best night of my life seeing them live...

powers2b 06-27-06 10:54 AM

Originally Posted by CCCCCCC
don walker is coming to columbus?? like for good, or for a trip?

He passed through yesterday and he'll be passing through again today.
Word on the streets say's he's looking for someone and when he finds that someone there is either going to be some heavy beer drinking, or a throw down in the Hodown.
I'm a 5' 11" 220 lb body builder and if he was looking for me I would stock plenty of beer.

noriel 06-27-06 11:16 AM

I thought he was a single-malt guy?

powers2b 06-27-06 11:23 AM

Originally Posted by noriel
I thought he was a single-malt guy?

"Single Malt Scotch" did not fit the cadence of the song.
I'm sure beer would be an adequate replacement if enough was provided.
It's the gesture that counts.

na975 06-27-06 11:44 AM

awesome frame builder he is.

powers2b 06-27-06 12:57 PM

Originally Posted by na975
awesome frame builder he is.

And just an all around nice guy....unless you piss him off apparently....

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