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pinkfixie 07-06-06 02:10 PM

Minneapolis! Bicycle Film Fest is here!! Alleycat info!
Hey everybody, we are in the Midwest for the first time!!
Tons of people are biking here!!
It is pretty awesome.

Bike Film Fest in Minneapolis
July 6-8

more info at

"Warriors: The Bike Race"
is screening Thursday the 6th at 9:30
Riverview Theater
3800 42nd Ave. South

"Joe Kid On a Stingray" about the history of BMX is playing as well on Friday the 7th at 5:30
Bell Museum of Natural History
10 Church Street SE

Bicycle Film Festival Alleycat
Saturday July 8
Registration at One On One (117 N Washington) from 1:00 - 1:45 PM
Race begins at 2:00 PM & ends at 5:00 PM
Prizes from Surly Bikes, One On One, Pabst Blue Ribbon, Crumpler, Aveda and Cadence Clothing

Alleycat finishes, trackstands, skids, water balloons and people on bikes!
Offerings, wares, and info from Surly Bikes, One On One, Peace Coffee, Izzy's Ice Cream, CRC Cafe, Twin Six Clothing, NSC Velodrome and more!

Saturday July 8th
1PM All Day Bike Block Party at the Soap Factory
Bring a blanket!

**At Sundown free outdoor screening:

Pee Wee's Big Adventure
USA 1989 | 90 min.
Director: Tim Burton

Tickets are going very fast
get them at

Bike it!!!
Brendt Barbur

HereNT 07-06-06 03:11 PM

Thinking of the alleycat, anyone have some ideas on things I should do to people/have them do at my stop?

summerinside 07-06-06 03:24 PM

a sprint somewhere else
trade 1 part off your bike to the next guy that comes in and figure it out at the end of the race
Carry a brick in your bag to the end of the race
smoke a menthol
remove 1 item of clothing and leave it there (to get back at the end of the race)

have a digital photo taken that will be on the internet (maybe "a photo you wouldnt want anyone to see")

MacG 07-06-06 04:23 PM

I'm planning on running a stop as well. Is a flat stop (as in deflate a tire enough to show me some inner tube) too cruel? I know that I always carry a pump, but I don't want to royally piss off people that don't have one. I suppose if the stop is next to a bike shop that doesn't mind letting a lot of people use a pump, it wouldn't be too bad. Opinions?

HereNT 07-07-06 01:14 AM

I've been told not to mess with them too much, to keep the race tight.


Kiecker 07-07-06 09:16 AM

Originally Posted by HereNT
I've been told not to mess with them too much, to keep the race tight.


That's usually a good rule of thumb.

Easy things that are fun and don't take a lot of time/messing....

-mandatory hug
-spin 5 or so times with your head on a bat (have several on hand)
-if you do do a flat routine have a couple floor pumps on hand
-sing a song
-tell a joke

Keep it simple and keep it fun for everyone

summerinside 07-07-06 10:24 AM

If you're looking at it as a race, I agree. If you want people to have fun, it's ok to mess with them a bit.

there's nothing better/worse than showing up at a stop on a perfectly planned route and getting a mini-manifest that causes you to re-route the entire leg of your ride. Bringing some scavenger-hunt elements in also gives people a chance to get lucky...

highpants 07-07-06 10:56 AM

yes to scavenger hunts...

yes to shots of really bad whiskey...old granddad comes to mind

no to flats. simple things are difficult for me. so are hard ones.

Kiecker 07-07-06 11:22 AM

Originally Posted by highpants

yes to shots of really bad whiskey...old granddad comes to mind

Some people are friends of Bill. Best to have something that works for everyone or at least a second non alcoholic option.

highpants 07-07-06 11:36 AM

Bill is the AA guy?

Sorry, that's a good point.

summerinside 07-07-06 03:28 PM

you could make the whiskey an extra point - but nobody ever calculates the extra points into anything (hard to find a race organizer who likes math)

HereNT 07-07-06 03:39 PM

If I'm paying for whiskey, it's usually so that I can drink it...

I'll probably keep it simple - I'm thinking a short sprint and back. Can't say where that sprint would be to, because that would give away the stop ;)

pink pigtails 07-08-06 03:53 AM

i need my photos!
burn to cd, can you do that?
i'll trade you for tomorrows'.

and, for the record:
one on one, gene, carl, bike film fest guy whose name i can't remember despite 2 days in a row and some dancing, people who gave me beer, people i made fall down, people who made me fall down, shawn's trusty derby sass, and everyone else responsible for this weekend...
my liver hates you.
i love you.

curlybro 07-08-06 08:34 AM

I definitely have two really swollen fingers and two slightly swollen knees. ****ing black label kid tried to rip me off my bike and we almost got into a fight. He smelled bad. I hope these fingers aren't broken because it hurts to type with them.

HereNT 07-08-06 10:08 AM

I've got your photos. A couple of videos and a couple bruises, too. (WTF? I didn't even derby or wreck!)

You're bringing your own camera today, right?

highpants 07-08-06 11:28 AM

hey...prolly you're all en route,

but my friend wants to know if this deal is open to super fancy geared bikes.

summerinside 07-08-06 11:42 AM

open to everyone... do it up!

HereNT 07-08-06 03:47 PM

26/39 people made it to my stop.

But it was the best checkpoint to work, I think. Sit on the Greenway, drink beer and watch the pretty girls ride by ;)

OK, I should probably head to the afterparty now...

pink pigtails 07-08-06 10:50 PM

cheers to all the future rock stars out there for entertaining me on my stop.
i was serenaded, sung lullabys, and punk rocked.
and it was hot.
(the weather, and...)
nothin' better than icy coffee and sweaty boys on bikes.

highpants 07-09-06 08:35 AM

yesterday was fun indeed.

did anyone else see the skid competition? those guys were skidding for the length of the block that the soap factory is on. incredible.

HereNT 07-09-06 08:52 AM

Hopefully some people got some better shots of the skids and alleycat than I did:

to any one who took shots of me during the messenger race before and after, perhaps in the skid competition. I was riding a black centruian ironman with black velocity rims and a blue chainring. If you would kindly send me any of those photos you shot I would appreciate them. See the sad thing is I built that bike up less than a week ago and I was nailed by some drunk driver on my way home from the festival on hennepin and fifth. I think the only thing that is salvagable from the bike is the handle bars and pedals. I would like to have some memories of this lovley ride aside from the night it lay dieing in the street.
the good thing is im ok and we got plates.!?

highpants 07-09-06 09:19 AM

god. that's not wunder's bike, is it?

HereNT 07-09-06 09:22 AM

I remember the bike coming through, but I don't remember the rider. I must have seen over a thousand bikes yesterday, they all tend to run together....


wunder 07-09-06 09:26 AM

Originally Posted by highpants
god. that's not wunder's bike, is it?


I was hanging out with that guy right before I left the soap factory, though. That sucks so much!

Drunk drivers are scum of the earth. was nice meeting you highpants.

highpants 07-09-06 12:33 PM

yeah, man....

you too. i realized after i left that i had done so without saying goodbye, which is kind of in keeping with my overall bad style.

nice work in the skid comp, by the way, esp. for having been such a reluctant contestant. i'm pretty sure you're the skid champ of south dakota.

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