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indigosky 08-01-06 10:50 AM

My new Indigo Cycles "Fixielicious"
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Ok, so at the request of LBThomps and Marqueemoon here are some pictures of my new Indigo Cycles fixed gear monster cross 29er mutant bike. It was my first fillet brazed frame, so the fillets are structurally sound, but not the prettiest out there. I need to practice, practice.

The paint is the Rustoleum hammered finish enamel that I lightly sanded with 600grit to create a sort of small scale leopard print between the gloss and the matte areas.

It's my first off-road fixed gear, so I'm still learning how to not break my toes between my pedals and various rocks/roots/etc...

Aeroplane 08-01-06 01:06 PM

Nice! I really like when bikes have a combination of ultra-modern (29'er, disc brake) and retro (brooks, fixed) styling. I'll bet it's a blast to ride.

The LT 08-01-06 01:15 PM

yes that bike is so sweet....

summerinside 08-01-06 01:21 PM

I'm down that you were wearing 2 sets of glasses. looks intense! (and good job on the frame!)

ink1373 08-01-06 01:43 PM

i'm pretty happy that the "monster cross" moniker is sticking.

nice work.

popluhv 08-01-06 02:08 PM

I like the paint job.

Serendipper 08-01-06 02:14 PM

I want one. :beer:

We need more radical all terrain vehicles that run on beer and sweat.

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