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NNNN 08-18-06 07:18 PM

Riser bars in a Jaguar stem
This is my first post....HI

do any of you know of a riser bar that will definitely fit in a nitto jaguar stem? I got a set of easton carbon risers to stick in my jaguar, but they couldn't make it around the last bend. I know I've seen it before, but I don't know what the bars were. Of the bars and stem that I have, both are 25.4mm....and the bars couldn't even squeeze into my nitto dynamic stem that is 26mm diameter. They are the monkey SL I believe, and about the shallowest rise in a riser you can find. I was really hoping to have a totally superfluous piece of carbonfiber on the bike, too. Oh well, maybe I'll have to settle for a flat carbon bar....
...unless you guys know of something that will work.



Retem 08-18-06 07:35 PM

uh well I think that in the bends on the monkey they are a little fatter than the rest of the bar and since it is such a tight bend it might be difficult I would just go with a aluminum riser bar I like flat bars too I have a aluminum flat bar that is cut off to I think 14" and it is great in traffic hehe

trons 08-18-06 07:48 PM

my crappy nashbar risers fit.

pedalfile 08-18-06 10:09 PM


Originally Posted by trons
my crappy nashbar risers fit.

yeah, i have a set of those nashbar 'commuter' risers, and it's true - they're 25.4. bad news is that nashbar took them off their site- i emailed them and they told me that those particular bars no longer being manufactured. bummer for me, so if anyone has a spare set (cut or uncut), pm me- i'd like to buy another set.


evanyc 08-18-06 10:19 PM

why put risers on a jaguar?

trons 08-19-06 12:07 AM


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