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Every bike you've ever owned lists....

Singlespeed & Fixed Gear "I still feel that variable gears are only for people over forty-five. Isn't it better to triumph by the strength of your muscles than by the artifice of a derailer? We are getting soft...As for me, give me a fixed gear!"-- Henri Desgrange (31 January 1865 - 16 August 1940)

Every bike you've ever owned lists....

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Originally Posted by dookie
also just noticed...

holy thread revival, kid.
it's a nice thread, i couldnt watch it die.

Originally Posted by dookie
it was an entry-level roadie: cromor tubing w/tri-color ultegra, bought new, circa 1986. gorgeous iridescent pearl white with a chrome fork...don't recall the model. *great* bike. really...a fantastic ride. a complete and total steal at the time, around $600 as i recall. my first quality bicycle, and one that (in hindsight) really out-classes a lot of more thoroughbred rides.
Couldn't agree more. Sounds exactly the Lupa i had, spare the color and my derailleurs were 105. Sorry to hear about it getting stolen. Mine was a few sizes too small, so i had to part with it :/ Canada sure can make a hell of a bike.
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Originally Posted by Terror_in_pink
fixed gear 3 wheeler (plastic)
strawberry shortcake- banana seat
blue SS coaster brake banana seat
(some more i can't recall)
Sheety specialized MTB
Bertoni road bike- w/ 600
Vivalo track- mixed parts
Pinarello road- ultegra/ DA mix
1976 Schwinn Paramount track- w/ full Campy record pista
Spicer Track - Out of town bike- mixed parts
Custom track frame built by william mills- mostly campy record parts
Colnago road- 600, soon to be replaced with chorus or record if i find a million dollars on the street.
This is an update for my original post back in 2006:
2007 Specialized Ruby Expert with Ultegra
Custom Holland Titanium (in progress) w/ Force
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soft pedal zen
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I've owned way too many department store BMX bikes, beach cruisers, and 10 speeds as a child to be able to count, so I'll start from my adult spark in cycling interest.

1) Raleigh Grand Prix - totaled when someone ran over it as it was locked up.
2) Bottecchia conversion - traded for the frame below
3) Raleigh/Carlton track - supa fly, and the nicest bike I've owned, but it was way too small. traded for the bike below.
4) Frayzee Paris World Sport conversion - still have it, though it's waiting for new tubes
5) GT Force road bike - my current daily workhorse
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As a kid(70s):
fixed gear kids bike
small framed three speed
dept store 10 speed
young adult:
old fuji 12 speed with cx tires and flat bar
giant mtb
later on:
haro mtb(died from collision with car)
last 7 years:
shogun conversion(still own,currently running on 42s)
nishiki conversion(retired,now turned into franken chopper with polo seat and long fork)
60s skyway three speed(died of broken frame)
motobecane mirage conversion(given to a friend)
schwinn continental
'08 pake(still own)
'09 leader 725(still own)
schwinn mirada(ice bike,suicide hub and studded tires)currently canibalized,waiting on parts
sterling super sport(needs new wheels)
'10 tommaso augusta
'10 tommaso imola
porteur bike based on '85 schwinn le tour luxe
tall bike(almost done)
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I'm going to list bikes I've owned as an adult as I had far too many as a kid.

1995 Trek 730 Multi-Track (my favorite)
1997 Raleigh R-500
2007 Trek 7.2 FX

Really wanting to pick up a 2011 Salsa Casseroll but I'm not far enough into biking this time around to justify the purchase. Maybe in 6 months to a year I'll get whatever model is available.
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Oh why not ...
KID: Sears BMX with white plastic disc wheel covers!

early Teen: Lotus 12 spd I swear I thought I was Greg LeMonde delivering newspapers at warp speed ... to bad my damn bag was so heavy ... so was the bike. I actually recently sold it to a guy in Providence for close to what I paid for it in 1987 it's mint and rides it every day.

Off road: 1995 Gary fisher Marlin - sold
2001 Cannondale F700 Disc (XT hollowtech cranks. Cane Creek Wheels, Avid Juicy 7's, I hate my headshoK (too many rebuilds)

Road: 1999 Fausto Coppi Campionissimo - Chorus Alloy 10spd - SOLD frame.
2003 Cinelli Unica (Rain Bike - race backup) - Chorus 10spd / alloy Carbon mix - - Fizik Arione Carbon rail
2008 Parlee Z4 - Full Record 10spd - Reynolds DV46C wheels - Deda Zero 100 cockpit/post, Fizik Arione Carbon rail
~2 diff sets of Campy clinchers - Zonda & Proton wheelsets~

Cross: 2005 Orbea Lobular CX - SRAM Force 2010 - Deda Zero 1 cockpit/post Fizik Aliante CX TRP Eurox Cantis - AlphaQ Cx20 fork
custom paint by Circle A
2005 Circle A Cycles columbus Steel - SRAM Force/Rival 2007-8 mix, Shorty 6 Cantis, needs paint job, AlphaQ Cx10 fork King HS
~4 Diff wheelsets and tire combos - MajorTom tubulars mix of Ultegra & DA hubs - Challenge tires

Fixie Bar bike/beater sorta:
Schwinn Voyager MAde Japan.. early 80's? - Vandessel country road bob wheelset (130mm rear)- EAI Cog 18T-DA-Lring, Suntour Superbe Pro dbl cranks- Sugino Mess Ring 46T - Campy Centaur sqrtpr BB - Thomson elite stem & post - King 1" nothreadset - Surly Track fork & Cross fork I swap out between Cross & road tires depending on season.- Fizik Aliante - Superbe pro Track pedals - Toshi dbls

Track: Russ Denny - Easton Aero Ultralite tube set - steel straight blade internally lugged fork (Circle A copy of original fork)- King Nothreadset - Fizik Aliante - Thomson Post - Custom paint by Circle A - Nitto B123 - Nitto 1" threadless 0 - Gigantex 50mm Carbon tubulars laced to DA Highflange 28H 3x - Suntour Superbe Pro Track Cranks and BB, Superbe pro Track pedals - Toshi dbls ...
Superbe pro High flange 32H laced 3X to Velocity frost blue Deep V's --- I regret building those wheels ... what was I thinking? Oh well.
Assortment of chainrings and cogs ...

Vintage: 1979 Colnago Mexico - Super record - some dumbass tossed the orig wheels and replaced them with some shimano 126mm 7 speed crap ... so this will be my winter restore to full campy hubs - tubular rims - and 6 speed FW - project bike.
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i'll probably break it
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Originally Posted by 91MF
i cared mostly about skateboards and cars so my bikes have been few and far between.

1. i remember an orange tricycle.
2. german ketcar[do a search if you dont know]. it was yellow and black.
3. red BMX on white mags with yellow tyres and yellow bar pads.
4. first 'real bike' dyno detour. hi-lighter yellow. black mags. i was ballin in the burbs
5. haro air master. flourecent orange.
6. first geared bike - some red CCM MTB from canadian tire. i started skateboarding seriously at this time so this bike got abused when it was used. left outside in the backyard one winter, etc...
disease transmitted via father to son and i became obsessed with cars. american V8s first, then turbo VWs.
7. jump forward like 14 years. bought a metallic gray free agent dirt jump bmx to rip around on downtown toronto. instantly destroyed the black mags i put on for nostalgic reasons. realized i am over 110lbs.
8. 2 years ago wifey tells me to figure out how i am going to keep in shape now that i am getting older. we go on a trip to visit my family in holland. i get a tattoo by mike giant and notice his bike has no brakes... get home and start buying parts and assemble my first FG. 06 langster comp frame painted white/black fork. veep dees, etc...
9. try co-workers giant OCR A0. i need gearzzz too. CL purchase 1990 cannondale SR600. love it.
10. discovered i disliked langster comp compared to traditional geometry after trying others bikes. sell langster frame for ridiculous amount of money - thanks random CL guy. buy old vicini road bike and convert. loose hipster points[if i had any - ewww langster sloped top tube].
11. vaca in bay area right now. buy 1991 cannondale SR600 because i miss riding that much.

thats it.
so i parted that 91 cdale after about a year. wheels still reside in the basement.
12. cramerotti tt 'funny bike' 650/700. build completed but bike dismantled and parted almost immediately due to realization my back doesnt do that and tt bikes are dumb.
vicini retired due to structural concerns. RIP.
13. 09 felt breed sscx. i love.
14. mid 90s giant CADEX ALR1 105 build. didnt ride. i just sold this.
the 90 cdale is singlespeeded. internet cries.
15. miyata 612st. rack, fenders, triple crank --street cred plumments into negative values.

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Shasta mtb first mountain bike when I was young. thumb shifters, rock shox fork. etc.
Schwinn mtb ( homegrown clone )
Schwinn Home Grown mtb, xtr group and rapid fire shifters!
Specialized Allez steel roadie First road bike
Pinarello Treviso, my first converted fixed gear.
Alien track bike
Volume cutter fixed gear
Affinity Lo Pro track bike
Litespeed 90's mtb passed down to me.
Yeti 575 first full suspension mtb
Dean "Jester" first steel singlespeed mtb
Specialized S-Works M5 mtb
Nemesis Project Quicksilver fixed gear
Litespeed Tuscany roadie with full Dura Ace group
Litespeed Firenze roadie with full Campy Record Ti group
Litespeed M1 carbon fixed gear
Salsa Vaya touring rig
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No name coaster bike, 20" ? wheels
Huffy "the Rail", ca. 1967
Schwinn Continental, ca. 1973
Motobecane super mirage, ca. 1977
Cannondale R900, ca. 1999
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1. Schwinn Stingray
2. Schwinn Lemon Peeler
3. Nishiki 10 speed
4. Colnago
5. Pinarello Pista "still own"
6. Pogliaghi Pista "still own"
7. Guerciotti
8. Nishiki Ariel MTB
9. Giant ATX980 MTB "still own"
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After years of lurking, I finally had to join for this one:

Montgomery Ward tricycle
Random swapmeet 16" bmx
Couple of huffys
Some POS 24" mountain bike. Cant remember much except breaking the chainstay welds after about 5 months.
Mongoose Expert
Mongoose Solution
Mongoose Solution number 2 (cracked downtube on original)
S&M Dirt Bike
Lapse in memory...
Haro Backtrail
Specialized Hardrock
Specialized Hardrock number 2 (cracked headtube)
Specialized P3
Mosh brass 4 star
Poverty something-another
Metal Kizz
Metal Kizz #2. I don't remember why the first one died.
Stolen 5.0
Raleigh Prestige
Strike DH
1953 schwinn panther
Norco team DH
Mongoose Assault
Stolen 5.0
Raleigh Prestige number 2
1962 schwinn typhoon
FBM Warlord
Fuji Track
1960 - 70s Hercules
Sunday Funday
Some Custom steel road bike that was made by some guy here in Tucson

My girlfriend hates me 'cause I still own most of these bikes. They take up the utility room and a spare bedroom.
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i smell bacon
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I don't remember all the bikes I've ever owned specifically... but here's a shot...

- Big wheel #1
- Big wheel #2
- MTB #1 (crashed)
- Pacific Jaguar
- Roadmaster MTB
- Motobecane Track
- KHS Flite 100

And I own about half of my lady friend's Kilo TT, haha.
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Just smang it.
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Ooooh. Time to think way back

1. 1990's Department store purple bike
2. 1990's Pacific Firehawk <- When I learned how to ride a two wheeler!
3. 2000's Giant Boulder
4. 2006 Raleigh Mojave 4.0
5. 1987 Schwinn Traveler
6. 2011 Dawes Deadeye

And two of these:

Man those were fun.
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05 Trek 820
05 Schwinn Road Bike, can't remember.
Surly 1x1
05 fuji track.
04 KHS Flite 100
05 Fuji Track Pro
Affinity Low Pro
GT Peace 29r
53cm and 57 cm Kilo TTs
Sparton Track Frame
Bianchi Pista
GT Peace 29r
Vivalo track
Specialized Allez
Durcus One Master Track
Elan(Japanese frame builder in Saitama) Track
IRO Mark V Pro(still have)
Dolan Seta
Volume Cutter V5
Ridley Oval(still have)....
somewhat in order.
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Looking at this list, I'm a lifelong Shimano guy.

...various cheap-o bikes

1985 Schwinn World in grey with pink decals. ~$200 Very good bike for the money, I rode hundreds of miles on it in late elementary school.

1986 Bianchi Portofino touring bike in dark green with yellow decals. $425 exactly ( lawn mowing money). Very very nice looking bike. Front and rear racks, Shimano something or other with six in the rear and friction levers. Cantilever brakes. I joined a bike club and rode probably 50 miles/week on this. The first bike I really loved. I think my parents still have it stuffed away in a barn.

1988 Miyata 912 in white and black, first real racing bike. $650. Birthday present. Full Shimano 600 (ooo, SIS!) , Nitto cockpit. I really loved this bike. So fast and smooth. Great frame for the money and a cool paint job. Here's a picture of the exact bike I had:

1989 Trek in blue with pink decals (again? Remember, this was the eighties). ~$900. I wrecked the Miyata in a race and messed up the rear triangle (and my collarbone). Bonded aluminum frame. Full 600 Ultegra (the gruppo with the blue and green rectangles on it). "Matrix" wheels, but I bought a pair of Mavic tubulars for racing. I never really liked this bike for some reason. Raced the **** out of it, though.

1990 Tommasini Comp ($800) from Colorado Cyclist with full 7400 Dura Ace ($700), Modolo cockpit ($300) (the really cool looking grey one), Selle San Marco Regal ($100), Campy "aero" seatpost ($65), a bunch of different wheelsets ($????). Quattro colore paint, which still looks awesome to me. Chrome rear triangle and fork. Columbus SL. This bike was simply the **** in the early nineties. At this point I was racing every weekend. I did some world championships qualifiers centuries on it, a crapload of crits. ...and then I stopped racing.

1991 Kona Cinder Cone MTB. $600 exactly. I went to college in mountain biking heaven. Road biking fell by the wayside. Off-white paint with black flecks. Full Deore. OK mountain bike. Got stolen.

1991 Trek Mountain Goat. $300 piece of **** for riding around campus. Got stolen.

1992 Cannondale M700. ~$600. Mostly Deore LX. I replaced the rear mech with XT. Loved, loved, loved this bike. Great forest green color with silver decals. Very light for the time, but still tough. I rode it every day for hours in the mountains, met people on it, scared the **** out of myself on it, etc. Stolen in 1994. (It turns out my college had a real bike theft problem, they busted a bike theft ring involving security guards and fences in Cape Cod my senior year. Also, I was a dumb ass 18 year old who left his bike unlocked. This one was stolen when I left it for literally about 3 minutes though, so I can't really take all the blame.) I was somewhat pissed that this bike was stolen.

1994 Specialized Stumpjumper. $1200. Full Deore XT, silver paint. Air/oil fork. I finally started keeping my bike in my room and had this one for years and then gave it to my brother. OK mountain bike. Didn't love it like I loved my dearly departed 'dale. I had several scary/bizarre/thrilling/"altered state"/epic/wtf adventures on this bike, though so it will always have a place in my heart.

And then, a short break...

...165 pounds

... 200 pounds

2001 Trek commuter with Shimano Nexus internal gearing. $500 Had it one day and it was promptly stolen out my high rise building's "secure" bike room. I really liked riding it that one day, though. Filed a police report and AmEx gave me my money back.

...235 pounds, peak of my fat-ass ness. I'm. Never. Going. Back.

2002 Diamond-Back bike trail bike. We will not speak of this boat anchor. It's still hanging in my garage.

I start running and swimming again.

...145 pounds. Yes! Back in fighting trim. My wife wants me to gain weight. Nah.

Last year I bought a 2006 Madone 5.2 off of a friend for $750 and start riding with a group again. Very fast and smooth bike, extremely light and comfortable. I like the traditional forward rake of the top tube (compact looks like ****, I'm sorry). 6600 Ultegra which is great stuff. Not sure I trust the carbon fully... I'm definitely a retro-grouch. I feel I'm getting close to the shape I was in in high school which is probably bull****, but hey let me dream. Did my first tri on it a few weeks ago and did well! I like the Madone, it's a great frame as far as I can tell. Don't really love it though, not sure why.

2010 Mercier Kilo WT. Dark green. Stock except for the $20 Crank Bros candy pedals. I love this bike. It's like a combination road/cross bike with hybrid slicks and track hubs. I'm sold on single speeds (maybe because I live in Illinois.. no hills) 48X16 even works with the group. I do 25+ MPH on a packed limestone trail on it while furiously dinging my little Incredibell. I do out of the saddle sprints on single track in the foggy dark with my MagicShine blazing. I'll take it on group rides and still be able to pull... occasionally. I've beat the crap out of this bike this year and loved it. I rode it today. Also, riding this bike makes you seriously strong when you go back to the Madone. This may be up there with my Tommasini and Cannondale as my favorite bike of all time. It's fast, fun to ride, maintenance free, tank-like, very smooth, fits like a glove and cheap, cheap, cheap. Goes to show you it's not about money.

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Hi, I'm Bryan.
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Big Wheel, various early 90's Murray/Huffy/Roadmaster's from Wal-mart and K-mart, Dyno VFR, SE PK Ripper Looptail (the old school BMX version) DK General Lee, Standard STA500, Hoffman Deebo, 7 bikeless years, chrome Bianchi Pista that got stolen the day I bought it (someone unbolted the base of the street sign and took it, lock and all), 2010 SE Lager in woodgrain. The Lager is my one and only at the moment, and it's almost completely OEM. Over the winter it's gonna get taken apart and put back together with some new parts.
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Bikes: 2014 Trek Domane 5.2, 1985 Pinarello Treviso, 1990 Gardin Shred, 2006 Bianchi San Jose

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no name tricycle, Big Wheel, several dept. store Sting-Ray clones, couple of Muffies, couple of Diamond Back rigid fork mtb., 2004 Trek Fuel 80, 2005 Orbea Dauphine, 2006 Bianchi San Jose, 1960's Raleigh Ltd.-3, 1975-ish Raleigh Sprite 27, 1976 Raleigh Grand Prix, 1980 Schwinn Collegiate 3-speed, motley collection of kids bikes from Goodwill for the grandkids, and a 60's Schwinn Barbie.

Currently in the garage with the Orbea and Bianchi:

1970 Schwinn Paramount
1982 John Howard
1984 Pinarello Treviso
1987 Moulton Fuso
1990 Colnago Master
1990's Gardin Shred?
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i'll probably break it
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Originally Posted by EpicSchwinn

i had this exact kettcar. no joke bombing hills you could swerve and hit the 'e-brake' for some sick drift action. my rear tires were completely worn smooth.
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Bikes: With round 700c & 26" wheels

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Not counting little bikes I owned as a kid...
Romet ( used to be the biggest European bicycle maker and one of the biggest in the world - company from Poland )
-Romet Wigry 2 , foldable, ss, 20 inch tires mid 80's
-Romet Wigry 3 , almost identical to RW2 mid 80's
-Romet Pelikan , similar to Wigry models mid 80's
-Mongoose Switchback MTB in mid 90's
-Few Gary Fisher, Fuji and Huffy MTB bikes (flip)
-Roadmaster full suspension Walmart special 2003
-Panasonic DX3000 road bike from 80's ?
-Raleigh Mojave 5.0 MTB (current)
-Specialized Crosstrail hybrid (current)
-Shwinn world traveler, all original currently FOR SALE
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I'm going to try to exercise my memory:

Dukes of Hazzrd Big Wheel
Huffy BMX
Murray Mountain Bike
Huffy Mountain Bike
Schwinn sx250 BMX
1972 Schwinn Collegiate
1973 Schwinn Continental
2004 Specialized Allez
2007 Specialized Roubaix
1979 Schwinn Sprint
198? (Still trying to determine year) Bianchi Strada

I know there had to be others mixed in there, but these are the ones that I have had for any resonable amount of time.
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Years Owned / Bike

1976 - 1978 A little red bicycle (16"?)
1978 - 1982 K-Mart All Pro (20" with ape hangars and a banana seat)
1982 - 1986 Generic 10-speed 26" cruiser
1986 - 2002 Kuahara "Duke" 12 speed road bike (27")
1987 - 1989 Nishiki Prestige road bike
1989 - 1993 Cannondale SM400 mountain bike
1993 - 2000 <<Much too long haitus from biking here>>
2000 - 2005 Bianchi road bike (made in Taiwan)
2001 - 2011 Castai "Brain" with Campagnolo Daytona
2002 - 2011 Cannondale F800 (Lefty)
2003 - 2006 Schwinn World Sport (converted to SS)
2004 - 2005 Schwinn 26" Cruiser (converted to a franken-chopper)
2005 - 2007 Garage Sale Mt. Bike (converted to a tall-bike)
2005 - 2011 Cannondale R400 (converted to Fixed)
2006 - 2011 Burley Zyteco (26" Tandem)
2007 - 2011 Fetish Fixation buildup (SS Mountain Bike)
2008 - 2011 Nashbar X buildup
2011 - 2011 Nashbar FG buildup

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cowboy, steel horse, etc
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Bikes: everywhere

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I'll try to get them in order of acquisition. I'm probably missing a few....

Radio Flyer Trike
16" wheel SS with rectangular section top tube.
Huffy Santa Fe 10-speed
Some 10-speed with FFW setup
Mongoose BMXer
Takara 15-speed MTB
1988 Mongoose Alta MTB
198x Univega Super Sport roadie
1992 Bianchi Grizzly MTB
1988 Trek 400T roadie/cx
1965 Raleigh Sports 3sp
1977 Schwinn Breeze 3sp coastie
1996 Mongoose IBOC Zero G MTB
1974 Bianchi SS folder
1992 Bridgestone MB-2
1959 Western Flyer coastie
198x Pinarello Record roadie
1997 KHS Comp MTB
1988 Giant Iguana MTB
1999 Trek 4000
XXXX The Black Baron - SS MTB
1991 GT Outpost MTB
1997 Novara Aspen MTB
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Chronologaical order from 1957 til 2011:
Raleigh 3-speed (1957)
Olympic (Austrian) single speed
Schwinn Continental
Peugeot UO8
Peugeot PX 10
Fuji Finest
Follis tandem
Assenmacher custom tandem
Colin Laing custom tandem
Cannondale 600
Cannondale 1500 (only 150 numbered copies built)
Raleigh 3 speed (again)
Allsop Softride
Co-Motion custom tandem
Zona custom tandem
Zona single
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Add a C. Itoh before Cannondales!
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Dirt junkie.
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This is a great thread. Transitioned from lurking to posting just to post here.
(born: '76)

red tricycle
awesome big-wheel that got stolen
training wheel bike
cool huffy with bright neon pads
used brownish schwinn ten speed
(borrowed my dad's mostly unused new Bianchi road bike w/furry saddle cover)
New sears "ATB" (all terrain bike--this thing sucked big time).
Bianchi Ocelot
Specialized Rock Hopper
Giant Sedona (currently converted to single-speed--my all weather commuter)
Fuji Roubaix (stolen)
Schwinn Cutter (crashed and wrecked)
Felt z100
Traitor Ruben (bought the frame now I need to buy and install the components)
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