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Every bike you've ever owned lists....

Singlespeed & Fixed Gear "I still feel that variable gears are only for people over forty-five. Isn't it better to triumph by the strength of your muscles than by the artifice of a derailer? We are getting soft...As for me, give me a fixed gear!"-- Henri Desgrange (31 January 1865 - 16 August 1940)

Every bike you've ever owned lists....

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There were a lot of bikes I just bought and sold; these are the bikes I remember riding, roughly in order:

Schwinn Predator BMX
Schwinn Sprint road bike
Schwinn High Sierra MTB
Bianchi road bike
Raleigh Competition 531
Trek 420 commuter
Trek 531 something, built as a fixie
Replacement Raleigh for the broken Competition (alloy frame)
Trek 5.9 Discovery Team Madone with number hanger
Sandvik Ti 26" MTB built up as a cyclocross bike
Sandvik Ti 700c cyclocross bike
Kona Jake the Snake cx bike
Singlespeed CX bike, Bianchi San Jose steel
Klein Attitute MTB
Trek Elite 9.9 carbon disc hardtail
Schwinn Homegrown SS MTB
Cannondale alloy road bike
Merlin Extralight
USPS Madone 5900
Galaxy Project One Madone 5.9
Trek Boone 7 canti
Melton Tandem
Trek Top Fuel 9.8
Trek Fuel EX 9.9
Salsa Mukluk Ti fat bike
Trek Madone 9 H2
Trek Madone 9 H1
Trek Madone 5.9 SSLx (boron)
Litespeed Ti road bike

What I've got left:
Trek Madone 9 H1
Trek Madone 5.9 SSLx
Litespeed Ti road bike
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I'll play, too.

1. Diamondback Viper. I still remember getting up early Christmas morning and finding them before my parents woke up. Stolen from backyard.
2. SE Quadangle. Bought it at a police auction after the DB was stolen. With all the frame tubes and skyway mags, this thing must have weighed 40 pounds. I don't know the exact fate of this bike, but it is likely at the bottom of a flooded rock quarry in Austin.
3. Haro Master. I don't remember where I got it, but this was my first bike I really customized. This is where I self-taught myself bike repair. Don't remember final fate, but was probably bent or cracked when I got rid of it.
4. Peugeot steel road bike. Given to me by friends of parents. At least three full sizes too big. Negative stand over, and still too big to ride comfortably with a slammed seat post. Sold or gave away.
5. Panasonic steel road bike. Gateway drug into serious cycling. Bombed hills and rode far. Suffered miserable death by AMC hornet. I hobbled away with 2 broken bones and lots of road rash.
6. Cannondale Aluminum road bike. 7 speed indexed shifting, laterally stiff, vertically more stiff. Shimano 105 grade components. Rode the hell out of it, including countless trips across Austin to visit a girlfriend and an MS150. Had to sell to pay college tuition.
7. Specialized Stump Jumper in neon green. Sweet bike, bought pre-owned and used to commute to undergrad. Stolen after five lone minutes on my second floor porch.
8. Fuji steel hardtail MTB. Bought new as grad school commuter. Mothballed while living in CA, served hard duty as my first year round commuter in Oregon. Sold to neighbor/co-worker and still rolls today.
9. Novara Big Buzz. Flat bar urban bike. Looked cool. Thought I needed disk brakes. Rode harsh, couldn't mount proper fenders and it never really fit right. Sold on CL for 75% of purchase price after ~1,500 miles
10. Surly Long Haul Trucker. Christmas gift from wife. Fully loaded commuter, 8,000 miles and still going strong.
11. Kona Jake the Snake. Bought after a few recreational rides on the LHT with physically fit people on bikes that were half the weight. Still in service as a dedicated cyclocross race bike. On fourth dérailleur.
12. Gunnar Cross Hairs. Reviewed design specs with Richard Schwinn. "Reasonable dream" build with Chris King/ Ultegra components. Currently ~11,000 miles on the ticker.
13. Club 20" unicycle. Something different. Still have
13. KHS Sport Tandem. Heavy. Fun. Sold it when I upgraded to:
14. Cannondale Road Tandem. Light. More fun. Rode Seattle to Portland with my 11yo son (16 now)
15. Kris Holm 29" mountain unicycle. Light. Ridiculously fun. Still have
16. Salsa ElMariachi 29" MTB. Don't need anything more for what I am brave enough to attempt. Still have
17. Bike Friday folder. got a good deal used. Took on a business trip to Taiwan, will travel with it again.
18. All-City Natureboy 853. Singlespeed CX. Still have
19. Page Street Outback. First fully custom bike, built by Joseph Ahearne and Christopher Igleheart in Portland, OR. Racks by Mitch Pryor. Wheels built by me under the watchful eye of Jude Gerace of Sugar Wheel Works. Still have
20. All-City Macho-Man. Hand me down that my son outgrew. On loan to neighbor
21. Surly Troll. Bought on CL as a bar/town bike, will probably sell (too heavy).
22. All-City Natureboy disc. All steel SSCX with basket to replace Troll. Still have
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I can't wait to get my hands on all the bikes I've really wanted and to start my collection. I can't wait to have more than 1 bike.
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SS/FG (application in parenthesis):

Fuji Royale SS converstion (townie)
KHS Flite 100 (~2003) FG (around town FG)
Cannondale Capo FG (road bike)
Wabi Classic FG (road bike)
Dolan Precursa (track bike)

Still own the Wabi and Dolan.


Bontrager Privateer Classic, complete w crappy canti brakes and a first gen. marzoochi bomber - so cool
Ritchey P-650b, 1x11', 120 mm Fox Float fork (still own)


Centurion Ironman Dave Scott 7sp shimano 600
random Kinesis aluminum bike, shimano/sram mix 10 sp
Look KG something or other, early lugged carbon 10 sp
Cannondale R1000 Caad 8 10 sp (great bike)
Soul alu frame, sram 10 sp
Cannondale Caad 9 10 sp (great bike, donated to San Diego Velo Youth)
2013 Giant TCR Advanced ISP 11sp - best riding bike I've ever owned, still my daily driver
2015 Specialized Venge Expert 11sp - still own
Felt DA2 11sp (TT bike) - still own
"Your beauty is an aeroplane;
so high, my heart cannot bear the strain." -A.C. Jobim, Triste

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Let me count on my fingers . . . one . . . two . . . three . . . four . . . five . . . six . . . seven. Did not count tricycles or Big Wheels.

Three owned under age 20 and four owned over age 20. Currently own number six and number seven. Nothing much to write about other than I have liked riding them.
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some red bike till off training wheels I think
not sure
more cloudy period in memory
Blue bike Mr. Fix-it put together up the street - before mountain bikes were a thing, would be a hybrid today.
Yellow & Orange bike from Kmart
Black retail store mountain bike, not sure what happened to it.
Giant Sedona
Mongoose Rockadile SX for 25 years (selling parts from if I don't find a frame)
searching for next rig
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First bike was a SunStar that was Pee-Wee Herman-ish
hand-me-down Raleigh 3 speeds from the '50s
I bought a Bottecchia Special with my first summer job's money
Asama BlackTusk
SuperCycle Tempo Hybrid
Specialized RockHopper
Giant Escape 3
Giant OCR 3
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Royce Union 10 Speed ..Heavy frame
Trek 300
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Sorry I forgot some of the model names. The underlined bikes are still rolling. Others are long gone or reduced to parts.

1. A purple bike with ape hangers and a banana seat. No idea what the brand was.
2. Huffy Thunder BMX (early 80s)
3. Schwinn Varsity (early 80s)
4. Redline RL 20 (1986)
5. Redline RL 20II (1987, Turquoise)
6. Redline RL 20II (1987, Chrome)
7. Haro Master (1988)
8. GT Pro Freestyle Tour (1990?)
9. Specialized Sirrus (2000)
10. Redline Monocog (2004)
11. Bianchi (a vintage road bike, forget the model)
12. Motobecane (another vintage road bike, forgot the model)
13. Centurion Sport DLX (another vintage road bike)
14. Castelli (vintage road bike)
15. Scattante XRL comp (road)
16. EAI Bareknuckle (track)
17. IRO Rob Roy (SSCX)
18. Surly Long Haul Trucker (touring road)
19. Pedalforce (forgot the model) (road)
20. Motobecane Ti 29er (2009) (MTB, converted to SS this year)
21. Sette Reken (MTB)
22. Pake French 75 (Track)
23 Motobecane Jury (SS)
24. November Wheelhouse (Road)
25. Motobecane Ti 29er (2020) (MTB)
26. Intense BMX race
27. Stolen BMX
28. Chase RSP 1.0 BMX race
29. Chase RSP 2.0 BMX race
30. S&M Credence CCR BMX
31. S&M Speedwagon BMX race
32. Diamond back BMX cruiser
33. GHP BMX cuiser
34. Standard BMX cruiser
35. Standard BMX cruiser (custom made)
36. Kinesis Tripster AT (gravel)
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As a kid:
Cheap mountain bike
Peugeot road bike (if only I still had it)

As an adult:
A couple cheap bikes first, then...
Focus Arriba 3.0
Rose X-Lite 4000
Koga Miyata Proracer 1981

Can't wait to grow the list!
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Ooh, crikey! I don't think I've had as many as you lot, despite virtually living on my bike as a kid, and spending most of my adult life riding regularly.

I can remember:

1) A single-speed kid's bike. I remember my mum painted it ready to sell the day before I would have taken my Cycling Proficiency Test at school. I was the only kid who didn't get to take the test.

2) I know I had a generic kid's bike some years after that because I can remember a particular 20 mile round trip I did on it. I can't recall any details of the bike, not even the colour.

3) The first bike I remember in detail was a Raleigh Hercules Balmoral: an ugly, heavy, "council green" SA 3 speed "granny bike" with steel rims, cottered cranks, and sit up and beg handlebars. It was a Christmas present at a time when every other kid had either a Raleigh Chopper or a "5 speed racer". (Any bike with dropped handlebars was a "racer".) I hated that bike, but did many miles on it.

4) The first bike I remember buying with my own money was a second hand Peugeot "10 speed racer" second hand from an older youth. He was taller than me, the bike was far too big for me, and I paid over the odds, but I had always wanted a Peugeot. I liked the paint job/graphics. I put wide "cow horn" handlebars on it. I can't remember what happened to it, but chances are it was stolen.

5) The first one I bought brand new (on finance!) at the age of 18 was the cheapest bike in the shop: I needed transport. It was a Viking (or possibly a Viscount) 5 speed racer in a blueish purply colour, again with chromed steel wheels, cottered cranks, and a frame made of mild steel. I did many miles on that bike, commuted, camped, everything. This was the bike I did my first tour on, riding along main roads from Nottingham to Norfolk, then exploring childhood haunts, and sleeping in one of those orange plastic survival bags at the roadside. I also did a ride from Bury St Edmunds to Nottingham along the main roads including the A1: one of Britain's busiest roads. I also did my longest "day" on it: a 24 hour sponsored ride, mainly unaccompanied, in which I covered around 200 miles.

6) My first decent bike was a King of Mercian, Reynold's 531 double butted frame which I bought second hand through a Cyclists Touring Club contact. I built it up to my own spec with alloy wheels (luxury!) and 12 speeds (2 x 6 in modern parlance) and used it for commuting, tours, camping, and club rides. It was my first bike with "cotterless" (square taper) cranks and — get this — detachable chain rings. Years later, newly divorced, with nowhere to store it, and suffering from depression, I just threw it away, which I still regret.

7) 8) Around the same time as I bought the Mercian, my first wife and I bought a brand new Dawes tandem. It was a lovely bike on paper, but a new model with teething problems and we eventually had to send it back for a refund, then bought a Claud Butler tandem which was much better. We sometimes commuted on that, as well as touring, doing club rides (CTC and Tandem Club) and attending Tandem Club rallies.

9) A little later, I bought a second hand home built recumbent bike made of the back half of a standard bicycle and the front half of a small-wheeler. It was inefficient, uncomfortable, but strangely fun. I commuted on it a few times. I once got stopped by the police (blue lights, blip of the siren, everything) late at night: I was doing nothing wrong but the copper was a cyclist and wanted a closer look at it.

10) A few years after getting rid of the Mercian, I bought a modern sit-up and beg bike with 4 speed hub gears and alloy wheels. It was not a bad bike, but I never really took to it. I was unicycling more than I was bicycling.

11) The next was the Pearson Touché, which is still my first choice for leisure rides and commuting. I bought it a year or so before fixed gear became trendy so it is a bit "staid" in design and colour: a charcoal-ish frame, close tyre clearances and dropped bars. If I had my choice again, I'd choose differently, but I have learned to love it.

12) I also have a 2 x 10 Giant Anyroad which is the most expensive brand new single seat bike I've ever bought. It's a good bike, robust, but heavy and over engineered for most of what I'm likely to ride it on.

Apart from that I've owned:
3 x 20 inch unicycles — no longer own this size
2 x 24 inch unicycles — now own 1
1 x 26 inch unicycle — no longer own this size
2 x 700c unicycles — I own one, with a custom-built wheel.
1 x 29 inch unicycle — still owned
3 x 36 inch unicycles — still own one. It is the size I ride most often.
2 x 24 inch ultimate wheels — one broke. The second one gets ridden a few times a year.
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Not including childhood bikes:

Motobecane Conversion
Fuji Obey
Affinity Lo Pro
Shogun Selectra (first geared, then SS conversion)
Dolan Pre Cursa
Felt TK2
Ridley Fenix AL
GT Force
Litespeed Catalyst
IRO Rob Roy
All City Big Block
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As a kid:
- a hand me down speedwell cruiser from my cousin
- a black bmx with yellow tuff wheels (cant remember the brand)
Road bikes:
- about 13years a yellow 10 spd speedwell (I think)
- about 15 years, a black 12 speed riccardo
- early 20's, red Giant kronos
- mid 30's, Lemond Tourmalet
- late 30's to mid 40's, Avanti Quantum Team. Bottom bracket cracked and was replaced under warranty with another newer Avanti Quantum Team frame. That from snapped a seat stay, and was replaced under warranty with another Avanti Quantum Team. This time it was replaced with a Pure Black Racing Team Avanti Quantum team frame.
- The seat stays on the PBR Team frame snapped in the flight over to my dream Italian cycling holiday (I wont include the hire bikes I had to ride in Italy)
- the insurance payout from the PBR frame helped me fund my dream bike at the time, a Wilier Zero7
- cracked the zero 7 frame after crashing it on the descent off willunga hill chasing team UAE down the mountain after watching the mountain top finish at Tour Down under 3 years ago.
- then bought a scott addict rc15 which so far, I haven't crashed, cracked or otherwise stuffed and still ride today.
- in the past 2 months my mid life crisis has kicked in and I'm appreciating the beaurty of old steel frames. During that time I have picked up a 1987/8 repco olympic 12 in brilliant condition (originally from a local shop that I used to regularly go into in my late teens and drool over their bikes, given the age of it, theres a chance I may have seen that bike in the shop), a 1990 Repco Superlite horribly weathered and rusty and, 2 weeks ago a 1981 Bianchi (still trying to figure out what model it is)
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Bikes: '87-ish Pinarello Montello; '89 Nishiki Ariel; '85 Raleigh Wyoming, '16 Wabi Special, '16 Wabi Classic, '14 Kona Cinder Cone

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~1961 Tricycle
~1964 Red two-wheeler
1968-ish Blue Schwinn Stingray 2-Speed (Really wish I still had this bike)
1973-ish Brown Schwinn Collegiate
1975-ish Red Raleigh Super Course (God I loved this bike with the Huret Jubilee rear derailleur)
1979-ish White Peugeot
1980-ish Light blue Gitane
1982-ish Red Austro-Daimler

Still have:
1989 Nishiki Ariel
1987 Pinarello Montello
2016 Wabi Special
1985 Raleigh Wyoming
2016 Wabi Classic
2014 Kona Cinder Cone


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Bikes: (2) ti TiCycles, 2007 w/ triple and 2011 fixed, 1979 Peter Mooney, ~1983 Trek 420 now fixed and ~1973 Raleigh Carlton Competition gravel grinder

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Every bike you've ever owned lists....

None of the bikes I can recall listed. (list, v 2. Naut. a) to careen; - said of a ship b) to heel. Naut. to cause to list

Actually, not true. My old UO-8 used to take on new geometries and alignments after every crash (it spent years as my winter bike in Boston and Ann Arbor in my no-car days; down five times a winter was the norm). With many of these "configurations" I had to lean it to make it go straight. (That wonderful mild steel you could bend and re-bend almost forever.)
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