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Every bike you've ever owned lists....

Singlespeed & Fixed Gear "I still feel that variable gears are only for people over forty-five. Isn't it better to triumph by the strength of your muscles than by the artifice of a derailer? We are getting soft...As for me, give me a fixed gear!"-- Henri Desgrange (31 January 1865 - 16 August 1940)

Every bike you've ever owned lists....

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this is fun...

-various big wheels that i learned to 360 powerslide
-department store Columbia BMX
-Diamond Back BMX
-GT chrome BMX-rode it brakeless for years
-Schwinn sprint road bike. would become my first SS conversion, and eventually totaled in a wreck.
-Redline Monocog SS mtb
-Miyata 310 SS conversion...would become my first fixie.
-Various trash-rescue coaster-brake and 3-spd cruisers
-Cannondale Track
-Bareknuckle, i believe I'mOnCrank owns the frame now maybe
-1987 Atala Road
-Unknown custom Italian Track, no one has been able to identify it.
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Old enough to know better
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Bikes: On One, Surly, Gunnar, Lemond

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Green girls bike with banana seat
Blue English-style 3 speed - good bike
Huffy Free Spirit 10 speed
Red & white Nishiki road bike - did 1st century on this bike in 1987
1988 Olmo San Remo
1990 Klein Quantum - Klein sucks
1993 Bianchi EL/OS
1996 Litespeed Appalachian
1998 mystery 'cross bike from Mexico
1998 Gary Fisher MTB
1999 Jamis MTB - converted for 1st single speed
2000 Surly 1x1
2001 Cannondale MTB
2002 Giant TCR
2003 OnOne Pompino
2005 Gunnar Crosshairs

Current Bikes

1999 Lemong Buenos Aires - converted to fixed gear
2003 OnOne Inbred
2005 Surly LHT
2006 IRO Mark V - single speed w/ 650B wheels
2006 Bob Jackson Track

'bout time to get another bike!
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Bikes: Land Shark, Level Professional, Tsunami singlespeed, Giant Reign 1

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1986 - BMX coaster brake, deep red
1991 - Magna 10 speed, textured matte grey with green, and purple details
1993 - GT Performer, white with white skyway mags

<Long interlude where I rode my skateboard a lot>

2005 IRO Mark V
2006 1984 Schwinn World, converted to a fg/ss flip flop.
2006 ミステリープロジェクトS-5: Death:Rebirth - details TBA
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i don't stop
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Bikes: soma rush, giro

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-pedal powered cast-iron john deer tractor
-red bmx
-depatment store mountain bike
-diamond back mountain bike (stolen)
-gt mountain bike
-70's schwinn collegiate 5-speed
-ghost mountain bike
-ghost dual slalom pro
-unknown track bike (possibly polish)
-soma rush
-giro keirin track
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Bikes: 1984 Ciocc Designer '84, Custom Columbus EL Keith Anderson -- Ultegra/DA 10sp mix, 2019 Trek Checkpoint AL All-arounder

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1992? Huffy kid's bike
1994 nother huffy
1995 some other dpt store bike
1996 Schwinn 5-speed from when schwinn was good
1998 Specialized Hard Rock MTB
2003 started riding parent's 1982 Lotus road bike a little
2006 friend gives me a 1992 Cannondale R600
2006 I buy a Felt F80
2006 I buy a 1984 bad ass Ciocc and ride it more than the Felt
2006 buy another bike boom jap crap to make a single speed
2006 given Raleigh frame - build SS and sell it
2006 given Peugeot - probably gonna sell it
Next: selling the Felt, buying some sort of Fuji.
Next: buying track wheelset and throwing it on that cheap jap bike.
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shoot up or shut up.
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Bikes: yes please.

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i'll play.

-tricycle. duh.
-a few big wheels... including a CHIPS one and a dukes of hazzard one
-20" huffy bmx coaster brake bike - first real bike when i was 7
-20" huffy bmx with a freewheel... i snapped the headtube off dirt jumping it
-26" huffy mountain bike. i rode the crap out if it during jr. high.
then i didn't ride bikes really in highschool. i played lacrosse instead. gross.
-20" redline 340 comp at the start of college. my first nice bike. i was car-less and commuted on it like an idiot for two years. too bad i didn't realize how fast road bikes were.
-some old 26" women's cruiser i welded a curved top tube onto and painted sparkly blue, threw on tiny cranks and 20" wheels and fenders, a banana seat, sissy bar, and big handle bars... (all parts off of a kid's huffy "sea princess") bing! low rider, foo. it rode like crap and sort looked like crap too. hahaha
-schwinn continnental turd that was waaay too small for me and was prompty replaced with...
-70's peugeot u08. the bike that got me really into riding and into the speed that can be had on a road bike. i turned it into my first fixie in 2002. i still have it and ride it and love it.
-iro jamie roy fixie fgg #738 sold it last winter.
-60's jc higgins cruiser. equipped with streamers and basket.
-then i got into mountain biking and pieced together a 16" hardtail with a triple clamp 4" sid (hahahaha) this bike was waaaay too small for me. it was made completely out of multiple friend's donated spare parts. appropriately, i called it the ****.
-then i got my guerciotti sl for 5 dollars from a goodwill auction and restored it and built it up geared. yet another bike that was too small for me. i sold the frame and fork to a friend recently.
-86 bianchi pista. i got it at the 2004 master's nationals for 300 complete. poor me.
-norco "wolverine" geared hardtail. i still have it and is the loaner bike for visiting friends that want to ride trails.
koxx level boss 1100 stock trials bike. my friend gave me this frame after getting a ground up trials frame made. this bike is so rigged and never runs well, so it's sitting in pieces at the moment. i think every time i ride it i break something on it. i'm not too good at trials.
-a friend and i build up a women's schwinn varsity as a chopper. i have it set up with a 26" wheels, banana seat, sissy bar, ding dong bell, big bars... it's fun.
-iro highlander. rigid ss. i loved this bike soo much. i just sold it to a friend due to my acquisition of a 29er.
-douglas cyclocross bike.
-88 de rosa with slx. my absolute favorite bike i own.
-on-one inbred 29"er. it is waiting for my wheels to be built and then waiting for me to ride the piss out of it.

my next bike might be more of a townie track bike or maybe this oooold path racer (i guess) from the early 30's that my friend is holding for me at his shop. i want to build up new 700c wheels for it, attempt to keep the skip tooth drive train, make it rideable again. we'll see.
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back to the front
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1- something small with training wheels
2- (1980?) raleigh bmx
3- (1984?) shwinn sierra
4- (1987?) trek 950 singletrack
5,6,7- various (ladies / mixte) 3-speed frankencruisers

8- 1989 klein pinnacle - orig. all deore XTII now SS
9- (1978?) shwinn traveler SS (ladies) - (fixed wheelset being built)
10- fixed lugged steel (tasteful) conversion
11- (1988?) fixed steel rigid MTB

nice geared cx (any material, any era)
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Bikes: surly steamroller w/coaster brake, electra single speed cruiser, specialized rockhopper commuter, no-name single speed folder, 700c ultimate wheel, 24" unicycle, specialized bmx lsd, single seat single speed huffy tandem, pink upsidedown parade bike

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-red tricycle, 12" front wheel, fixed gear
-pedal powered fire truck, also fixed
-1950's coaster brake something or other with training wheels, solid rubber 20" tires and a removable 'boy-bar' that every member of my family learned to ride on before they got their own bike
-20" bmx-er with mag wheels and a banana seat
-terrible chrome frame mountain bike I rode once and gave up on
-not-quite-as-terrible green Raleigh 26" commuter bike
-really terrible no-name, no suspension mountain bike
-crappy full suspension mountain bike from a sporting goods store
-Electra 26" cruiser w/ape hangers, single speed coaster brake
-Specialized Rock Hopper converted into commuter
-Electra 26/24 cruiser, 3 speed coaster
-Surly Steamroller, single speed coaster brake w/drum front
-no-name 1970's 20" U-frame folder, single speed coaster brake
-Nimbus 700c ultimate wheel
-Specialized bmx-er (40% off at the LBS annual scratch and dent sale)

next: 3 stack kids frame coaster brake tall bike if my friend ever gets his welder back from whomever he loaned it to
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Bikes: Iro Angus, DeBernardi project, Bianchi S.I.S.S.

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kent bmx (pedal brake, super small)
murray mtn bike (yesss)
skykomish mtn bike (costco special)
gt timberline fs (later converted to ss for a girlfriend)
gt zaskar (kinda miss it)
bianchi siss (probably should sell it, but then i would miss it)
DeBernardi road bike (the never ending project...anyone selling any 7sp dura ace? stuff)
Iro Angus (stole a lot of parts from the debernardi)
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Bikes: Iro Angus, DeBernardi project, Bianchi S.I.S.S.

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[QUOTE=isotopesope]i'll play.

-a few big wheels... including a CHIPS one and a dukes of hazzard one

almost forgot, I also had a dukes of hazzard big wheel too, complete with the brake that would spin you 180
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Bikes: Custom Holland Ti road bike, Custom track bike I traded a painting for.

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fixed gear 3 wheeler (plastic)
strawberry shortcake- banana seat
blue SS coaster brake banana seat
(some more i cant recall)
sheety specialized MTB
bertoni road bike- full 600
vivalo track- mixed parts
pinarello road- ultegra/ DA mix
'76 schwinn paramount track- full record pista
Spicer- Out of town Chicago bike- mixed parts
custom track frame built by william mills- mostly campy record parts (still in progress)
Colnago road- full 600, soon to be replaced with chorus or record if i find a million dollars on the street.
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Ode to the nap
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But you do not.
Do not succumb
To the evil, evil nap

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16" Kent Ambush - black/gold
Huffy - red/blue/white
random yardsale "BMX" - weighed 2,000 tons
early 80s Diamond Back BMX - chrome/anodized blue
Murray mtn. bike - spray-painted black / died in an epic battle against a drunk driver
Mongoose Supergoose - alum.
Fuji Sagres - $0.00
used Mark V frame + random parts - finally "done" no more spending money on bikes for a while...
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Bikes: Cinelli 84, Masi 83, Bareknuckle, GT Mach 1

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My first bike was a killer blue & yellow Schwinn Stingray my folks got at a yardsale for my seventh birthday or something. I still have the facial scars from trying to ride that pup off a curb a few weeks before I should've.

I then procured a Diamond Back Super Viper and got heavy into BMX racing, age eleven, before putting it all on the back burner in favor of many radical years of skateboarding. My brother had a wicked GT Mach One at the same time - she will make a repeat appearance. Be patient.

Somewhere in here I had a Giant Iguana, a Nishiki MTB held together w/ duct tape, a Miyata or some s**t (stolen from my Vancouver front porch while I slept three feet away), a goofy little kids' bike I found on the street (which had like 110 mm cranks and was my 10-mile-a-day "commuter" for six months. stoops.), and a Schwinn Varsity...

At 21 I resurrected the Mach One and fully shredded the streets on that for a couple years before buying a suspiciously hot Peugeot off the streets of Brooklyn for $30. I didn't feel so good about this, but c'mon, someone else would've bought it and I probably ended up putting 25,000 miles on that old thing. It got me into road biking and paid my bills for a year. A few years after that I built a sweet Trek 1100 at the SF Bike Kitchen which made another cumulative trip around the Earth and earned me a pittance as well. Not to mention helping me quit smoking. It was sexy too. Yay Trek 1100!

Now: 1984 Cinelli SC road bike and Bareknuckle track bike. Everything else is gone except for the 1984 GT Mach One which you can have when you pry it from my cold, dead hands.
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Tricycle - red, details long forgotten
Training wheel bike? completely forgotten
20" blue Columbia(?) bike, later upgraded with a banana seat and extended forks
Genuine English Raleigh 3-speed with Sturmey Archer gears. Added a (Steel) drop bar later on. Black
'73 Mercier 10 speed - Blue, promptly stolen.
'77 Motobecane Mirage - Silver - My college years ride
'82 Univega Sportour - Converted to FG in 2004
'86 Trek 1000 Road Bike
'89 Panasonic hardtail MTB
'03 Marin Argenta - Road bike
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You want to know something that's REALLY messed up? I can't name 5 ex girlfriends but I can name every bike that I've ever owned. Wow.

Schwinn Bananna Seat
Schwinn Sting Ray
Sears BMX
Redline BMX
Raleigh 10 speed
Schwinn MTB (Model = ?)
Cannondale MTB (Model = ?)
Haro Backtrail BMX Cruiser
Standard Tao BMX
GT MTB (the V shaped one)
Trek Carbon Composite roadie
Standard Shaman BMX
Standard STA R Model BMX
80's Trek 1000 fixie conversion
Moser fixie conversion (very sweet)

Hoffman BMX (the Day Smith flatland bike)
Dividual BMX
Trek 1000 SS conversion (aluminum)
Univega fixie conversion
Standard Shaman BMX
Standard STA R model BMX
Cannondale Saeco roadie (full Dura Ace)
Bianchi Pista
Bianchi Pista Concept
Bianchi Pista Concept
Surly Steamroller
Bianchi Pista Concept

Can we list Volkswagen's next?! ... Pleeeeze

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Bikes: Steelman eurocross, Surly CrossCheck, IRO Rob Roy...

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Big Wheel (1973-1974)
Schwinn kids bike (1974-1977)
Open Road BMX (19771979)
Mongoose BMX(1979-1981)
SE Ripper BMX (1981)
Hutch Pro BMX (1982)
SE PK Ripper BMX (1983)
Diamond Back BMX (1983)
Red Line Team BMX (1984)
Schwinn road (1982-1985)
Raleigh road (1985-1987)
Schwinn Paramount road (1987-1994)
Mountain Goat MTB (1989-1993)
Romic track (1991-1996)
Bontrager MTB (1993-1995)
Schwinn homegrown MTB (1995-1999) (Now a SS... owned by same friend that has my old schwinn fixie)
Bontrager road (1994-present) (still have, will NEVER sell)
Gt track (1997-2000)
Schwinn World fixed/ ss. (1986-99) (Gave to a friend in TX who rides it every day)
Surly crosscheck (1999-present) (Has been used as MTB, cross, ss, fixed, and road. Still have and ride daily)
Schwinn beach bike (2005-present)

Saving to have a Vanilla cross frame built next year. Just typing that makes me want to touch myself.
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Bikes: IRO Mark V & Don Walker Custom

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Ok, I'm gonna give it a shot:

- big wheel I got from the thrift shop, it was awesome until the front wheel split.
- murray bmx bike - it got all rusted out after a few years in the WI weather.
- blue freestyle bmx bike I traded some toys to a kid for, it had pegs, wheeee - I traded it away for legos and gi joes after I got the:
- old '70s gitane 10 speed with ghetto-fab faded purple rattlecan spray job. all campy, with suicide levers haha - got stolen from my front porch in madison when I was 11, boooo!
- '87 or '88 Gitane Defi - my first bike from a bike shop! Stolen from in front of a museum in Chicago, boooo!
- '91 or '92 mongoose iboc comp - it had the sweet splatter paintjob, and I put farmer johns on it and wrecked the trails in tucson for years - my mom probably donated it when she moved from AZ.
- '92 Fuji funny bike - it had a 650c front wheel, a really cool curved sloping top tube, and a blue and white crackle paint scheme. my dad got really into triathlon and I got his old bikes after he was done with them.
- '91(?) nishiki funny bike - a frankenstien, it was awesome. I want to say it had a 24" front wheel. It was a brutal bike, but it was fast and all my dad's racing friends thought it was cool, so I took it when he offered it.
- '80s Cilo/Vitus bonded aluminum bike. frankensteined all to hell, one shimano lever, one campy, campy front derailer, shimano 600 rear with nukeproof carbon fiber hubs. had this one for about 7 years, the longest of any bike I've had. I gave it back to my dad in 2003 with a full 8speed dura-ace sti group.
- '80 Specialized Allez conversion - good times. sold to a friend
- '93 DW track bike - back to the sloping top tubes. got it from a VP at the company I was working for, total score. I'm gonna fix the rear wheel and ride it to class tonight, it's the fastest bike I've ever owned.
- IRO MarkV - green, 3-speed sturmey-archer, cetma rack. it hauls.
- KHS Aero - the orange one with the sloping top tube. it was fun, but flexed too much when climbing. sold to a friend.
- '99 Kiyo Miyazawa keirin - I could write a love letter to this bike.

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Bikes: IRO Jamie Roy, Beater1, Beater2

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Originally Posted by carleton
Can we list Volkswagen's next?! ... Pleeeeze
1970 beetle
1976 poptop automatic camper, lime green, 2000cc
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PBR Pimp.
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Bikes: Giant DH Team, Cannondale Chase, Santa Cruz Heckler, Redline 9.2.5.

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In my youth
Roadmaster something (stolen when i was 9 i was traumatized)
Specialized Hardrock (way way gone)
Gary Fisher BMX (long gone)

Since my passion for mtn biking and cycling in general kicked in at 17
2003 Trek 6700 (in pieces)
2003 Giant AC1 (sold)
2003 Specialized Big Hit DH (sold)
2004 Santa Cruz Heckler (still have but selling)
1992 Bianchi Steel road bike (my dads old bike but gave back)
2005 Cannondale Chase (my slalom/dj bike i love)
2006 DK 8Pack (Sold)
2005 Giant DH Team (my dh race bike)
2006 Redline 9.2.5 (my road/commuter/street machine)
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In chronological order:

Used Schwinn Stingray in metallic orange -- my first bike
Used Vista 5-speed -- with stick shift and banana seat
Used Weber 10speed -- stripped it and painted it matte black with red trim around the lugs.
'82 Trek 613 12spd bike -- first new bike, now fixed-gear
'92 Bridgestone MB-5 -- first mountain bike, converted to ss, and later donated to charity
'96 Bianchi Grizzly -- recently converted to singlespeed
'00 GT ZRX cyclocross
Old Phillips 3spd -- found in dumpster, restored and donated to charity
'05 Bianchi Pista
'05 Bianchi Pista Concept

Some bikes I'd like to own:
SS 29'er mtb
Old English 3spd (of better quality than my dumpster find)
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If in doubt Fix it
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Bikes: All Hand built: Raleigh Record fixed conversion, On-One Pompino, Felt TK2, Look KG451, Rychtarski Lo-pro, Orlowski Lo-Pro, New Hudson, Haro X2

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This is pretty cool, there's some major bike P*rn here.

Tried thinking back but i've obviously forgotten a few nams for good reason as they were so bad:

1st bike, can't remember the name but do remember crashing into a fence on it.
2nd bike, Puch Super Invader BMX, had to go to the tip last year as it was unsaveable at over 20yrs old and well abused.
1st mtb - rigid purple thing that was real cheap
2nd mtb - rigid silver thing that was real chaep with huge tubes
3rd mtb - rigid black thing that was cheap but pretty cool sold to a friend who never paid me for it 2yrs ago, bike was pretty old.

All my more recent bikes can be seen here www.skunkcycles.co.uk

Fuasto Coppi Treviso with ultegra/105 groupo (about 7yrs old now) loved it and mainly ridden road ever since just sold frame to a friend.
Look KG451 (still being built)
On-One Geared Inbred, just finished the build
On-One Pompino (Fixed)
Haro X2 bmx
Raliegh Record converted to fixed
Raleigh Quasar I nicked off my dad and converted to a fixed then it got nicked and my insurance replaced it with the Felt.
Felt TK2
Rychtarski Lo-Pro, some polish thing i got off e-bay that looks really cool
Orlowski Lo-Pro, another polish thing off ebay won by mistake as i bid on both not expecting win either, I'm undecided whether to sell it or FIX it to be a bit different.
New Hudson (being built into a fixie)
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Ken Pickles is dead.
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Schwinn Banana seat

Schwinn 10 speed that could shift while coasting

Panasonic RX-4000 (ran it into a car)

Performance Superbe Pro (bought with car accident insurance money)

Cannondale Road bike (from some Ironman guy our shop sponsored)

Miyata with old Shimano 600

Tommasini Super Prestige (wrecked into a signpost at 35 mph)

Marushi mountain bike with 6 speed Deore XT.

Fat Chance Wicked

Redline 24” cruiser

Trek 930 with Funk Big fork

............Looong break with no bikes when I smoked cigs and ate too much junk food....................

Raleigh M-400 (got me back into riding, thank you! )

Tommasini Prestige (too small)

Marin Mount Vision (I hated full suspension so much that it started me on singlespeed)

Surly 1x1

Phobia Anxiety fixed gear mountain bike (bad name for a fixed gear mtb)

Raleigh Technium townie singlespeed with wicked witch of the west handlebars (still have)

Oschner fixed gear

Tomasso fixed gear

Mountain Cycles Zen (still hated full suspension, why did I build this bike?)

Surly Karate Monkey singlespeed (still have)

Bianchi CUSS singlespeed

Specialized Stumpjumper singlespeed

Indigo Cycles road fixie (still have)

Indigo Cycles cyclocross fixie (still have & my favorite bike ever)

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Bikes: 1985 Pinarello Catena Lusso / 1983 Pinarello Montello / Raleigh Marathon / Camel Cigarettes conversion / 1957 Worksman cruiser / Puch 140 / Raleigh Grand Prix

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-Schwinn scooter
-Schwinn cruiser
-Schwinn 18-speed mountainbike

...move to city...

-Workingman cruiser
-Raleigh Marathon
-Pinarello Treviso

A pretty nice steady upward movement...what the hell is next?
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My Dad was a stingy bastard.
My first bike was a wee-lad's fixie. No brakes. No training wheels. Solid rubber tires. Much blood on asphalt.
An "Open Road" steel BMX. It was a tank. It had solid aluminium mags which I cracked (along with some teeth) on a quarter-pipe. Gift to the neighbors.
Mongoose Californian BMX (back when they were decent bikes) - stolen
Mongoose Supergoose Al BMX Cruiser
Trek 560 (wrecked)
SR ProAm frame (made by Suntour) Singlespeed. Dad cured me of any desire to ride fixie.
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oh dear god....

red tricycle
black tricycle
blue Pierce Arrow banana seat (girls, hand me down form older sister)
KoKo Sport 10 speed 24" wheels
blue banana seat bike (painted over, found in trash)
Raleigh Chopper (found abandoned, prolly stolen)
black three spd (trash again)
yellow three spd *trsh
Corso giro d;Italia 10 speed (another hand me down)
Aspen 10 spd, 26" wheels Seamed down tube started opening up as i rode home from work one day
Kent 10 spd 26" wheels
Schwinn Varsity 10 spd
Schwinn Columbia 24" whl banana seat *
Schwinn Stingray - coveted since 1969, bought in lawnmower shop 1993, sold unused 1994
peugeot 10 spd hi ten tubing
Saint tropez 10 spd *
St Tropez mtb*
Ross three spd* (eventually frankensteined w/St Tropez mtb frame for ultimate city bike. Stolen in 2 days)
Ross banana seat bike*
Fuji BMX freeestyle
Fuji city bike*
Peugeot city bike*
Fuji 10 spd*
Rapido 3 spd *
5 or 6 Raleigh Sports 3 spds (all *)
Blue girls paperboy cruiser with rear carrier rack, painted over*
Blue three spd, no label*
Foster's ale Mountain bike*
Dunelt 3 spd*
Rollfast 3 spd*
Ross three spd*
Ross 10 spd*
Frejus Track bike*
Rollfast 10 spd*
Columbia 10 spd*
Nishiki 10 spd*
Rudge 3 spd*
Silver BMX cruiser 26" whls*
Specilaized Hard Rock mtb *
Iron Horse MTB*
Bianchi 10 Spd*
Royce Union 10 spd*
Puch mixte frame 10 spd*
Sears (Daimler Puch) 3 spd*
Tommasini racer w/ Columbus SLX
Miyata 110 10 spd*
Columbia Cruiser*
Royal Enfield Balloon tire cruiser* sweet ride! prolly had 66 degree ST and 60" wheelbase!
Raleigh hi-ten 10 spd*
Bianchi boardwalk hybrid - first bike I ever bought - age 27, 1991, sold (too big)
Marin MTB - bought to off road in 1993, now my commuter
KHS Wedgewood - bought used and built up as SS for commute, since sold
Bianchi Track bike, 80s Columbus CroMor, sold, too small for me
Redline BMX racer - bought new in 94 (midlife turnin 30 crisis), sold when I got over it a year later
Cannondale Al racer, late 80s - bought used in 2001, sold a year later - too big
Trek 1986 500 - bought last year on CL....love it and may have to sell need more space and the money
2002 Orbea, DA 9 spd my current "nice" bike

Of course I may have forgotten a few

If there's a dumpster, I'll bloody well dive in it
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People whose sig line does not include a jsharr quote annoy me.
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