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Every bike you've ever owned lists....

Singlespeed & Fixed Gear "I still feel that variable gears are only for people over forty-five. Isn't it better to triumph by the strength of your muscles than by the artifice of a derailer? We are getting soft...As for me, give me a fixed gear!"-- Henri Desgrange (31 January 1865 - 16 August 1940)

Every bike you've ever owned lists....

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mid 60's - Huffy or something of that sort bought at Sears? for about $30
late 60's - Schwinn Apple Krate, bought in WVA from a combination cycle/mower shop - wish I had kept this one. I think it cost around $95 new.
1972 - Gitane Interclub, my first 10 speed (as in 2 by 5) @ $175 from Mel Pinto in Falls Church, VA. Had a head on at night with another 10 speed that resulted in a broken face and a bent fork, taco'ed wheel. Repaired it and kept this one through college and after, finally sold it to my brother in the early 80's.
1986 - Centurion Dave Scott Ironman 600 SIS equipped 12 speed bought in AL new for about $525. Just recently parted with this one.

Purchases the last few years as I'm spiraling into insanity:
2 (two) 1989 Dave Scott Ironman - one Master, one Expert, bought cheap, refurbished and sold.
a 1995 Mongoose IBOC - bought cheap as a frame, refurbished, my first aluminum frame, my first carbon fork, my first with integrated brakes/shifters, recently sold.
a 1984 Raleigh Technium 440, beater that my daughter rode more than I, recently sold.

And these I still own:
a 1984 Trek 760. Bought as a frame with some components. Have restored to mostly OE (Suntour Superbe). People wonder about me as it has (as original) pink cables and bar tape.
a 1974? Gitane Tour de France. Bought as a frame, stripped the paint, and did my first real respray (gun, no rattle-can). Also made my own decals. Mostly 1970 Campy Nouvo Record components.
a 1986? Bertoni Corsamondiale. Originally came with Shimano 600 but I liked the Columbus SL frame so much after my first test ride that I stripped the Shimano for use on another frame. Now it sports a Campy Record/ Chorus 8 speed group.
2002 Casati Challenge bought (slightly) used in '04. Deda Aluminum frame/carbon fork/Campy Chorus 10 speed bike that instantly added 1+ mph to my average speed over my usual routes.
90's? DART Tri-Techno. Columbus steel frame. Just completed building this one up. My first attempt with aero bars. I feel the need to crash.
my current project - c. 1980 mystery French frame of DB Reynolds 531 that I am converting to single speed - pimped (as many gold road components as I can find/afford) If I like it then my next project will be a fixed, so the insanity is terminal.

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pompous windbag
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-generic bmx from Roses (like a crappier K-Mart in eastern NC)
-huffy white heat
-another huffy with those shocks that had the spring in the middle
-mongoose villain
-mongoose hooligan
-mongoose hilltopper (my friends dad owned a shop that carried mongoose...pre buyout of course)
-ross beach cruiser with a sweet surfboard hanger
-gary fisher tarpin
-busted lotus road bike
-old fuji road that got converted
-mark V
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Bikes: 80's Hoffy track frame 49x15, 80's guerciotti track 47x15(destroyd by a car), '78 ross conversion(RIP, died of old age), '06 fuji track(RIP, hit by a trolley), '75 Alan Aluminum(in the works)

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-huffy front suspension bicycle
-some form of a rockhopper mountan bike or something from toys are us
-my moms old road bike, not sure what it was
-78 ross 10spd
-fuji track
-kona nunu converted to SS
-guerciotti track bike
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not a role model
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- little red tricycle
- first bicycle, styled to look like a motorcycle - solid tires
- generic BMX bike - yellow and blue theme with pads
- mom's 3-speed
- dept. store quality "10-speed"
- LBS quality low-end "12-speed"

[short break]

- GT Karakoram (first bike I purchased myself)
- Mongoose Comp SX (pre-Pacific)

[long break]

- Seven Sola 29er
- Quintana Roo Borrego
- Kona Jake the Snake
- Cannondale Bad Boy (custom build)
- Salsa Las Cruces
- Cannondale Capo

Still have the last seven, although four of them will be sold by spring. If I stick with the fixed thing I'll rebuild the Capo with new wheels and drivetrain. I'll also be adding a Surly Big Dummy as soon as they're available.

Lately, I've been "sampling" a lot of different bikes, determining what my likes and dislikes are. Once I get the styles and dimensions nailed down I'll likely pare it down to about three bikes - at least one an all-out custom frame. Something like Vanilla is really calling me... I should probably go get on the list now. Maybe I'll know what when my name comes up in two years
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fixed rider soon :)
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Bikes: Dobermann Molosse

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started with the red & white tricycle
then a fixed yellow bike with plain rubber wheels (12" wheels)
a blue ccm 16"
a ccm bmx, black and orange
arashi explosiv, rigid xc bike
peugeot nature, entry level xc bike
miele ua150, rough xc/jump bike
24toyIII, jump/street
planet-x tibo, trial (still have it)
dobermann molosse, street/jump (still have it)
specialized langster, (should have it soon )
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rebmeM roineS
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unknown hand-me-down child bike
Schwinn Corvette
Schwinn Continental
Schwinn LeTour
Schwinn Super LeTour
Jamis Gentry
Cannondale H300 - currently a single-speed
Novara Big Buzz - current
Rans Tailwind - current
KHS Tandemania Comp - current
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Bikes: Custom S&S coupled cross bike and a custom S&S coupled 29er single speed

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White and orange, small wheels, late 50’s
Balloon tired, too-big hand-me-down coaster brake single
Stingray 5-speed
Schwinn Collegiate, metallic brown late 60’s
Peugeot U08 10 speed 70’s
Univega hybrid 80’s
Cannondale F500 90’s
Schwinn Le Tour
Giant beater
Dahon 5 speed beater
Bilenky S&S coupled hardtail 29er, currently a single-speed
Bilenky S&S coupled Cross
Swift Folder single speed
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Bikes: Fly Estampeda BMX and KHS Aero fixed

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Murry:white with black splatter and bright orange lettering
Huffy: 21speed mountain bike.
Mongoose Villian
Haro Supra
Federal Division
Kink Fiend
DK Legacy
Fly Estampida
Fly Pantera
Giant OCR 3
KHS Aero
Schwinn Le Tour Beater
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i'd leave the sweet stuff
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Bikes: BCA ten speed / 2007 bfssfg group buy IRO

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Originally Posted by joshuastar

-light blue Schwinn 1984 World (with yellow and white decals). it was my aunt's bike back in her college days. we're about the same height so she gave it to me. all it needed was new tubes and tires. taking it by car to my LBS, the car rack came undone around a sharp corner and the bike swung under my car and i crushed the rear wheel. bummer. i bought a cheap new wheel, a SS freewheel and a new chain and my SS days were alive again. just recently, i got a nicer set of cranks (fsa) and got rid of that original road double. the paint is chipped in places and it's not the best bike in the world, but i love it to death.

[edit:] you know what, screw that. it's a great bike and if you say "beater", i'll beat you.

give me more money and i'll try to add to this list.

[edit:] i forgot that i have a couple other things: 1) a dumpstered huffy santa fe. brown beige and orange. a crappy bike but it could be fun for the whole family. 2) a random no-name black lugged frame.

to add:

-black BCA fixed gear. bought from a guy here in town for $80 three days ago. 170 sakae cranks, shimano hubs laced to sun rims. 40x12. bullhorns. front brake. my first fixed gear. i'm enjoying it.

-white with "blue webbing" (read: splatterpaint) 1991 cannondale SH400. "hybrid" taken from a trash pile down the street. needs new tubes, but other than that, it's a complete bike with all the original equipment, except for the rear wheel, with the addition of a cateye computer. AL frame, chromo fork, paint chipping all over. wierd thru-the-stem centerpull canti brakes. free and sheels are still in decent shape.
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not in any real order
-huffy toy bike with removable top tube.
-diamondback bmx.
-POS sekei mtb.
-some other trek
-khs john howard turbo
-trek 900
-bianchi nuovo racing
-giant 980c
-bianchi martini racing edition
-redline monocog
-trek 6000
-early 90's miyata
-miyata 912
-fuji track
-fetish sac
-pista concept
-schwinn cruiser
-some POS for polo(univega?)
-various other POSes for silly projects.
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Murray "Black Cat"
Redline MxII
GT Pro Performer
Hutch Trickstar
Haro Master
Numerous other Freestyle Frames
Cannondale "Beast of the East"
Mongoose Supergoose
Gunnar Rockhound
Shogun Tange steel Conversion
Schwinn Le Tour
Schwinn Mag Scrambler
Norco MTB
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make way for the MGL
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Bikes: khs aero track

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knight rider big wheel (pulling 360 skids on this was ****ing sick)
huffy w/ training wheels
huffy nitro piece of garbage... died when i rode it at the bmx track and tacoed the wheel and broke off the dropout
... the skateboarding years ...
nishiki olympic 12
same nishiki olympic 12 converted
khs aero track (current steez)
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some weird learner bike. I didn't ride it because I'd rather be on my skateboard and walk around.
fast forward a few years..
some crappy huffy 20" bike
schwinn bmx something
dyno vfr
hoffman taj (totally chrome, 1" threadless)
schwinn superstock (for racing)
schwinn hydramatic
standard shaman
2-hip stout boy
infinity alter ego
some schwinn road bike I converted
fuji road frame I converted, then wrecked
another schwinn conversion
mercier kilo
fly mosca
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Bikes: Surly Cross-Check, Specialized Langster Pro

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Hmm... Let's skip the unknown bikes I had as a kid (maybe 4 or 5 bikes) and go right into what I can remember:

-Robinson Missile BMX (wish I hadn't sold this amazing bike)
-custom built Hoffman Condor BMX
-Surly Cross-Check in a flat-bar setup
-Specialized Langster Pro
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Dismount Run Remount etc.
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Bikes: A couple customs and some beaters.

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I guess I'll try this. I never rode BMX as I was a big nerd as a child and have only very recently gotten into mountain biking. Thus, aside from a few forgettable kids bikes, the list starts a mere few years ago:

Specialized Rock Hopper (sister's bike, now back in her possession)
Beater Nishiki found sans chain on campus (added chain, changed to SS since it wouldn't shift)
Bianchi road (built up as fixed, but the dropout broke and it's awaiting a repair)
Mercier Kilo TT (the same frame in signature)
Trek 5200 (sold on eBay to fund Waterford)
Mongoose "goofer" (similar to the Little 500 bikes, but for a local collegiate race)
Raleigh Technium (first a fixed, now a road bike consisting of cast off parts and which I never ride)
Basso TT (in signature)
Mercian Super Vigorelli (currently disassembled, awaiting a new fork)
Wateford Adventure Cycle (touring/cross beauty...no pictures online until I get a new wheelset)
Surly Karate Monkey (dinglespeed 29er, which promises to be an insanely wonderful ride)
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Ride simple.
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Bikes: vitus 979, g fisher, specialized, trek, bridgestone rb1, Trek SS, Hiawatha SS, 54' Schwinn SS, Trek SS CX conversion

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cool thread.
schwinn 24" cruiser, first new bike.
American Flyer 10 speed. Took it to all four borders.
Raleigh 10 speed. Took it everywhere.
Specialized hardrock. Took me everywhere.
Specialized Globe 3 speed.
Vitus 979.
Gary Fisher X-Caliber, steel.
Schwinn single speed racer frame.
Centurian fixie flipflop.
Bridgestone RB1.
Haiwatha 24" cruiser, no frills.
Trek 700 cross.
Mostly I miss the Flyer, such a view it gave me.
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Firm but gentle
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Bikes: 2005 Litespeed Tuscany, Soma Pescadero, Pure Cycles disc road, Jamis hybrid

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Mattel varoom bike w/ battery operated noise maker in gas tank
Huffy stingray ripoff
Huffy 3 speed stingray ripoff
Schwinn Colligate Sport
Raliegh Super Course
Bottecchia Professional All campag Super Rcord...Niiiiice (Beeeene)
Assenmacher 531 sl tubing w/ afforementioned SR
Centurion Prestige
Le Mond Coors light Team Replica
Breezer Venturi
Soma Rush
DIRT: Ross high tech Mt. Hood
Schwinn High Sierra w/ stubbie brazed in fork and custom stem
Stumpjumper comp
Ritchey Ultra
Pro Flex 757
Kona Blast
Santa Cruz Blur
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little 16" yellow bmx bike
crap huffy mtb
schwinn preadator
schwinn pro stock 2
hoffman taj (1" threadless)
kink fiend
mutiny something i dont remember
fbm night train
fit aitken s2i
converted custom road frame fixed gear
late 70s/early 80s fuji track..

probably some more bmx bikes in there, and proabaly another little kid bike... i know ive forgotten some
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Bikes: Univega conversion and a Bianchi Pista.

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Well, I had the little BMX that I learned on with training wheels.

Then I got the black and neon green Huffy 10 speed that every baby of the 80's owned at some point.

Years later, I got into BMXing with my Schinn Predator Pro.

Stopped riding for about 6 or 7 years, until I got into fixed. Then I got a Schwinn Varsity and converted it.

After that, A Univega Viva Sport, which I converted, then got hit by a car on. Replaced it with another Viva Sport.

My latest ride is a Bianchi Pista.
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Bikes: '07 Pista, '09 Fantom Cross Uno, '8? Miyata, '67 Stingray, '0? Zoo mod trials, Tallbike, Chopper, '73 Schwinn Collegiate, '67 Triumph Chopper, '69 CB350, '58 BSA Spitfire, '73 CB450

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Off the top of my head...

16" huffy
20" murray
Spalding cross bike
Scott Mohaka
60's Peugeot
1983 Peugeot
1971 Schwinn Collegiate Touring
1966 Schwinn Continental
1987 Schwinn Stingray
198? Schwinn Super Sport #1 (fixed)
198? Schwinn Super Sport #2 (fixed)
197? Schwinn Varsity
Pat (tallbike)
pat v2.0 (tallbike)
Foghorn-Longhorn (homemade chopper)
Al Frankenstein (homemade chopper)
Gazzhell (homemade chopper)
Bruce (homemade chopper)
197? Chaparrelle
198? Miyata
198? Open Road (fixed)
198? Schwinn World (fixed)
198? Pinnacle miniature road bike (20" wheels)
198? Bianchi (fixed)
2 Sears 3-speed cruisers
2 Free Spirit 3-speed cruisers
196? Columbia Thunderbird

26 years old ... 29 bikes so far

+ a big pile of scrap huffys and murrays that I use to build choppers.
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damn, you guys have had a lot of bikes.

-198? trek mountain bike, It was bright orange. I rode this thing for a long time, then started skateboarding to get around.
-some schwinn mountainbike, probably from mid to early nineties. I got this thing about two years ago, for painting a bike coop a sign. I hadn't ridden a bike in years. This bike was kind of a turd, but it got me really into riding bikes. I let my roommate ride it after I built my fixed, and it got jacked when he left it in front of someones house.
-1981 schwinn varsity singlespeed, bought for $30 bucks at the aforementioned bike coop. This bike was/is nuts. The person who converted it hooked up the brakes to the stem shifters. I rode this turdbucket for almost a year while I built my fixed gear up. It almost killed me a few times.
-Volkscycle road conversion- the first bike I built up and maintained myself. so much fun. I'll probably be riding it for a long time.
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Bikes: 2010 LHT, 2019 Kona Rove NRB, 07 Nashbar 853 Signature, Sundeal V2 mini velo, 1991 Fisher HKII

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learned on a 12" ? with solid tires
1980 Schwinn Tornado - Still have the plastic number plates that hung under the top tube
generic 16" bmx - stolen off a car in Chicago
1987 Schwinn Sierra - Still have it and ride it, converted to touring commuter
1993 Trek 850 - Broke frame at derailleur hanger
1993 Giant Cadex ALM-1 - Stilll have it and ride it
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love this thread
huffy neon green bmx with trispoke purple plastic rims and eightball valve caps(in parents basement)
schwinn Mtb (chillin in parents basement, future ssmtb?)
marin hybrid (stolen)
yellow schwinn supersport road bike(2nd fixie now fenderedracked commuter)ride regularly
blue huffy roadbike(1st fixie circa2004,currently in reserve gathering rust in parents backyard)
blue Surly pacer road bike(shim105 fast bike)ride regularly
red06 fuji track(heavily upgraded pretty bike framefork only original parts)ride regularly
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Bikes: GT Pulse Track, 93 Bridgestone XO-1 & 93 RB-1, Ritchey Swiss Cross, Ritchey Road Logic, Yoshi Konno/3Rensho Specialized Allez, Cannondale Slate, Cannondale SuperSix EVO/Disc and Cannondale Hooligan

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Originally Posted by sloppy robot
i did it before... and it came up on a google search today which made me think of it.. heres that list

tricycle (got run over by a car)
light blue schwinn 1 speed with training wheels
schwinn stingray 1 speed (later bmx-ified and painted all gold)
schwinn stingray 5 speed
huffy blue thunder (with grip shifter)
s.e. racing mini-ripper (my race bike.. my dad chromed it at some point.. i still have it)
panda 26 inch cruiser
fuji 16 inch that i put big bars and a tall seatpost on
fuji touring bike..jr sized (just spotted this one in the back of my parents garage..)
specialized allez (ya know.. american flyers style..)
specialized stumpjumper
bridgestone mtn bike
novarra mtn frame designed by ibis, singlespeed with road tires and bull horns.. (bought this out of the window of a shop in seattle in maybe '94... i was over messengering with gears that kept falling apart in the rain)
gt bmx bike
marin quake mtn bike
klein aura road bike
redline 24inch cruiser (2 of them)
schwinn madison
iro mark v
hoffman bmx
ciocc designer 84 that was a little too big
ciocc track bike
cannondale track
kanai road bike
ciocc designer 84 road bike
pista concept on its way

a concept huh... interesting

gonna hit the boards with it?

did ya get from ben?

i just picked up a nos/1985 bianchi pista - so now i've been entertaining selling my fuji pro track (road geometry sucks) and building up a concept. make it a celeste family affair as it were. please let me know what ya think after the build. especially if /after ya toss her up against the banks.
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hateful little monkey
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Ah hell, here goes. I'm sure I'll miss some.

Pre-highschool :
Huffy BMX, "black lightning". Broke the fork, which I found out about when I went to do a wheelie and the fork dropped out of the head tube.

Weird-ass Ross MTB with 20" wheels, cantilever brakes, and ten speeds. Stolen from my parents' basement.

Sekai "Rockhound" MTB, full-on cheapo beater. Got it through some weird family deal, took it on a bike trip at summer camp. I'm not sure what the hell happened to that one, it's long gone.

Highschool (I got a job at a shop freshman year, so things got interesting) :
Fuji Roubaix. First race bike, low gears for my uscf junior knees. Sold it eventually.

Ugly brown Italvega - went through a number of permutations, eventually it died while riding down stairs.

Bridgestone MB-1 : '88 or so frame, before bridgestone left the slack geometry behind. Built up with the all-important shop employee discount. Campy BMX cranks, pedals, and hubs. Cut-down Bontrager MA40 rims, silly red/green/gold spoke nipples. Big ol' salsa stem, WTB dirt drops, campy barcons, and fly-ass Mafac levers. Stolen from school within two weeks of build completion.

My dad somehow got his homeowner's insurance to cover it, which subsidized a Wicked Fat Chance. EAI didn't want to sell me any more campy BMX parts, so it got full mavic wheels (those nice old paris-roubaix hubs), cook bros cranks, suntour XC pro pedals. Also got the dirt drops, but with those freaky suntour command shifters. Eventually got converted to flat bars and then sold when I needed money in college.

My Pogliugly : It had been a perfectly nice Pogliaghi frame until some racerboy had crashed it. John Slawta welded a sleeve over the crease in the top tube, and while he was at it he pulled the downtube braze-ons and front derailleur braze-on, added slotted cable stops on top of the top tube, and added canti bosses. I loved that bike, rode it everywhere, and eventually it broke right at the end of the collar over the crease. I left the frame hanging up in the old shop and moved the parts over to..

KHS Team Race frame. Built out of some fairly nice tubing, lugged, and with a hideous paint job - head tube and seat tube were kind of a metallicy purple, rest of the bike was this hideous powdery pink. I covered as much of it as I could with zo bag and velo-city stickers, but the ugliness shown through. Sold it, saw the front wheel not too long ago on someone else's bike.

Nishiki conversion : erik zo brought some fixed hubs back from japan, so I snagged one to build up the urban death bike. Crappy nishiki bikeboom frame designed around 27" wheels, so it was perfect for big fat 700c knobbies. Started out with track drops, but quickly ended up with cut down flat bars and the massive wald full metal basket. Left it at a house I quickly moved out of, never saw it again.

Kona Explosif : The workhorse MTB. It's been everywhere with me. Rode it to seattle and back in the early nineties, and now I can't bring myself to get rid of it.

Kona Humu : First production singlespeed. Loved it, sold it for beer money.

Kona Keiki : 3sp w/ coaster brake, cantis, 24" wheels. You've all reveled in its glory. Gave it to a girl who needed a bike, she promptly got the front wheel stolen and stashed it under her porch. I reclaimed it last year and brought it back to life.

The cherrybomb : Red SS/fixed MTB. My old boss showed up at my door with it, said I needed it. He was right. You'll have to pry it from my cold dead hands.

Karate monkey : Found it in the mtbr classifieds. Still needs a lot of dialing in, but I like it.

3rensho : You know it, you love it. Another cold dead hands pry-a-thon.

The holland : Came from gravityhurts with bullhorns and some kind of insane like 750mm stem (ok, yeah, I'm employing hyperbole. sue me.) It's got jitensha bars and a short stem on it now, and it's another bike that I'm not giving up anytime soon. If I do, it's going right back to gravityhurts, so the rest of you shouldn't even consider asking.

Kona A'Ha : Another kona production SS, with an amazing/appalling 'stars and bars' paint job. Also notable for the red white and blue crankset. Up for sale.

DBR ti : Picked it up at a swap meet, threw some parts on it, it's not really for me. Also up for sale.

Keiki II : before I rediscovered my old keiki, i was over at a friend's house and bemoaning the loss of my keiki. He'd bought one of the other ones to come from the bay area, and had just bruised the hell out of himself in some sort of wheelie incident. It's mine now.


That's all I can remember right now, I'll append as things come back to my poor scattered brain.
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