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Every bike you've ever owned lists....

Singlespeed & Fixed Gear "I still feel that variable gears are only for people over forty-five. Isn't it better to triumph by the strength of your muscles than by the artifice of a derailer? We are getting soft...As for me, give me a fixed gear!"-- Henri Desgrange (31 January 1865 - 16 August 1940)

Every bike you've ever owned lists....

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Copper Tricycle
Blue fixed gear with solid rubber tires
16" Pinnacle BMX (I think it was called a Pinnacle...)
Some kind of Murray BMX
Trek SubVert 2.0
Peugeot Triathlon 105
Bridgestone MB-5
Bianchi Pista
Bianchi Pista
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moar wine!!!
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Bikes: Brigdestone RB-2 : Gunnar Roadie : Masi Gran Corsa : Gunnar Crosshairs : Specialized Stumpjumper (overseas)

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-some no-name chrome BMX bike 20" wheel that was given to me when I moved to the U.S.
-huffy coaster brake 24" wheel my dad bought me whan the BMX was no-name was stolen.
-randor 10 sp Given to me after my dad accidentally ran over the Huffy.
-Motiv MTB with rapid fire THis is whan I realized that there HAD to be better bikes out there

then I started getting into bikes and frequenting bicycle shops....

-1995 Bridgestone RB-2 (bought used for $275 and still have it as a fixed)

-1996 Masi Gran Corsa (still have...my most favorite bike of all time)

-1998 Cuevas Cyclocross (bought it used, rode it, raced it, and now its gone)

-1999 Gunnar Cross-Hairs (replaced the Cuevas)

-1999 DeRosa Giro d'Italia (still have it but my father rides it)

-2001 Specialized M2 Stumpjumper (the frame built up rigid and old-school)

-2001 Orbea Airplane Euskaltel (sold for a steel frame)

-2007 Gunnar Roadie (replaced the orbea and I'm loving it)

*the above dates reflect the purchasing date, not necessarily the model year of the bike
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-Tons of early bikes ranging from plastic big wheel to tricycle to small bikes with training wheels.
-Mongoose 26" full suspension bike (walmart present when I was a little kid) (Still am... )
-Huffy 26" mtb. 18 speed.
-Concord 10 speed.
-1960's Schwinn 3-speed (father's)
-Used to ride around on a friends Malibu Hopper?
-Huffy Camero (found in the trash)
-Huffy Star Spangler (Awesome)
-Tall bike #1 (broke rather catastrophically)
-Tall bike #2 10-speed with both brakes (Top notch job by myself, stolen 3 weeks later)
-Fuji 10-Speed
-IRO Mark V

I only have the IRO, Fuji, Concord, and Star Spangler currently However. I'm working on another tall bike since mine got stolen.
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Heck yes.
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Bikes: Saint Tropez, Shogun

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^^^^Man, I never thought someone would steal a tall bike. Seeing as there's only a handful anywhere at once, you think someone would notice you one their extremely distinctive bike.
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After talking to some people around here, They said they have seen it... but they didn't know it was mine at the time. I think its still around here somewhere but I just haven't seen it yet. Can't wait till I do.
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Bikes: One bike one gear fixed.

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That sucks about tall bike getting nicked. I hope it turns up.

Ok...let's see...

First bikes as a kid were all generic from Sears or some **** because my mom was hecka poor:
-Crappy BMX bike.
-Another crappy BMX.
-Crappy CRAPPY "road bike".
*ditched bikes completely for skateboards until 15 years old.
-Trek 820 Antelope.
-Really heinous old Mantis XC bike but it had the full Campy MTB group which was wild!
-Salsa Ala Carte with XT group.
-Flat black cruiser bar bike with ape hangers with pink grips and bmx pegs for picking up the ladies. Got stolen from my garage during some party we had.
-Bridgestone RB-1 with mostly 105.
-Old Raleigh looking frame/fork from dumpster, my first fixie conversion.
-Really old Bianchi with integrated headset from dumpster, that was second fixie conversion.
-Salsa single speed mountain bike (one of the first five made) with some pretty sick components.
-Peugeot frame/fork that I got from a roomate and was my third conversion.

Current and only bike!
-Detel (???), crappy, old, heavy, lugged frame with hella dents and chips and it's my best conversion yet. Super fast. Super fun.

edit: Oops, forgot one. About 11 years ago I acquired a ReDUMBant which I promptly sold. I did ride it around for a few days though just to see what it was all about.

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red and white tricycle.
huffy bmx. solid rubber tires.
murray mountain bike. 10 speed, but the shifters never worked. ever.
another murray mountain bike. found in a ditch. used parts of both murrays to keep one working bike for a long time.
unknown gaspipe mountain bike. built up by me as a singlespeed with parts from:
trek 830 mountain bike with bent to **** frame.
suteki 10 spd road bike. way too small.gaspipe.
schwinn traveler? lugged ladies frame.
schwinn varsity. converted to single speed.
it gets tricky around this time, because i started acquiring so many bikes, both for parts, to sell, give away, or use for art projects. so lets ignore the ones for sale, sold,gifted, being built, and piled in my backyard, maybe i'll just list the ones i ride often enough?
nishiki citysport. 26" wheels, upright bars, 5spd grocery/cargo bike
gitane kilo track.
trek 510 usually single speed/occasionally fixed/occasionally 10spd....this is the bike i use everyday. its the bike i tour on, and the bike i get around town with. it is one of my best friends.
tall bike, made from 2 schwinn road bikes.pink.
if anyone has a higher end, early 80's trek road frame, 57cm, i would like it to be my next...
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Bikes: '00 Bruce Gordon Rock and Road Tour, '01 Breezer Venturi, '97 Specialized Stumpjumper M2 Pro, '87 GT Timberland, '82 Benotto single speed, '48 Schwinn Phantom, '71 Schwinn Pea Picker, '07 BFSSFGIRO

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little red learner bike....once the training wheels came off, I had to have stitches in my chin twice trying to wheelie off of a crack in the sidewalk

1972 20" Schwinn Sting ray... i don't remember the details, but presumed stolen.
1977 27" Murray 10spd... dunno, presumed stolen
1972 Schwinn Pea Picker...still got it. Needs full restoration

'78-'81 i raced BMX for a shop and rode various frames, Redline, GT, SE Racing..and ended up with...
1980 Raleigh Racing...stolen...I had discovered girls, beer and cars by then, so it wasn't really missed...til now..it was a sweet ride.

First bike as an adult..
1992 GT timberline...stolen...D@mn, I only ran in the store for minute...
1994 Cannondale M500..sold later to finance
1995 Cadex Carbon Tubed MTB..Marzochi (sp?) LX/XT..Stolen...somene jacked my ulock at a 311/hole show..but the next day i bought
1996 Cadex Carbon main tubed/ al rear triangle. a step down from the last but I was riding. this was stolen out of my girlfriends kitchen, during the day, while we were in the other room. damn..At least her renters insurance covered it. Full boat too, I was working in a shop and had tricked it out for next to nothing, and replacement value was 2600 after depreciation. I took some of that and bought (at pro-deal shop costs) a..
1997 Specialized Stumpjumper Pro... Still have it as my only MTB, the only original parts left are the frame, seatpost, and stem. but i am starting to feel old enough to justify the full boinger purchase to be.

I was given a 198? Benotto Modelo 2550..columbus sl..had 600 and tubies on it, but had been in a barn on teh property for 15 years. it got converted to my first ss/fg, still have it.

I bought a 2001 breezer venturi frameset from a friend who had tried to open a bike shop...unsuccessfully..and had it boxed in his garage. I still haven't seen another one. It rides like dream.

1948 schwinn phantom... it was my uncle's, and had been under my grandparents house for 40 years, needs work, but it will ride again.

198? GT MTB...it was abandoned after Katrina, and is stripped to be painted and built up as an 8sd grocery getter

2007 IRO group buy FG

Next up:
touring rig, most likely a surly Long Haul Trucker...before Memorial day
Full suspension MTB..I'm about to turn 40, can i give up my al hardtail now?
Ti or Carbon roadie.. no need, just an itch.
"Get a bicycle. You will not regret it if you live." ~Mark Twain
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Bikes: 2010 Trek Madone 5, 2009 Surly Karate Monkey, 1982 Gitane Tour de France, 1982 Takara Tribute, 2001 Spicer Track

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- (Trek) Jazz Wizard
- Specialized HardRock
- Specialized HotRock
- Dyno Compe
- Nishiki Backtrails (or some model name close)
- 2005 Raleigh M80
- 1999 Schwinn Super Sport
- Takara Tribute
- 2006 Gary Fisher Cake 2 DLX
- 2005 Specialized Allez Comp Double
- Takara road bike
- 2007 Surly Karate Monkey
- Bianchi Folder
- 2002-2003 Spicer track bike
- 2007 Gary Fisher X-Caliber

I think that's it. Soon to have a Surly Pacer as well.
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Bikes: 2008 Mercier Kilo TT

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- Murray mountain bike, 1980s (purple)
- 1976 Raleigh Record (white and orange)
- 2008 Mercier Kilo TT (black)
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Bikes: nagasawa, fuji track pro

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huffy mtn bike (middle school)

trek mtn bike (fr college)
nagsawa track x 3 (jr college)
fuji track pro (jf college)
nashbar road bike (jf college)
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Kids bike I can't remember the name of
Some hideous looking huffy thing that looked like it was from space
Dino BMX(I think, my brother and I shared it)
Giant Rincon
Specalized Stumpjumber(in the process of converting to ss)
Azuki 10-speed road bike from like 78 or something(used to belong to an aunt or uncle or something)
IRO Mark V

I only really got seriously into biking like a year and a half ago after all my friends were riding in college, so I went 4 years without really riding(except when i lost my driver's license for a few months after an accident when I was 16)
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Bikes: Iron Horse Warrior Team (tricked to high heaven), Jamis Coda Sport (frame and fork, built into CX commuter), Gary Fisher Opie Dirt Jumper,SE Lager tarck bike

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Some fixed-gear thing (said NO BRAKES on it!)
Junker 16" BMX thing w/ coaster brake
Huffy BMX w/ coaster brake
24" X-Games Airstrike 16-spd, full suspension
26" Schwinn Full-Suspension (the first Wal-mart bike with a mullet disk brake setup I'd ever seen), front wheel catastrophically tacoed in 2 hours, brought it back for refund.
POS Rigid 10-spd 26" MTB, 5-spd after the FD ate itself
Columbia Trailhead Disk (my brother rides that now and gets my trickle-down upgrades)

-----And now the serious bikes begin-----

Iron Horse Warrior Team SE (now a 21-lb race machine)
Jamis Coda Comp (converted from flatbars to a rather long top tube CX/touring/commuter)
Gary Fisher Opie dirt jumper (won at after-prom last year, drivetrain, cockpit and brakes were upraded within 24 hours)
SE Lager (was planning on doing a conversion, got a bunch of parts, couldn't find a decent frame, got a killer deal on a complete bike and slapped parts on during the build)

Geez. That's a ton considering I'm still 17 (but for less than a month now!)
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Hardly remember any from my childhood. One that comes to mind was an old german 3 speed.

As an adult,

A Murray POS, which inspired me to get rid of it and get with the program.

A nice 90's vintage Raleigh MTB (robbed the parts off of it for the Cannondale)

A Cannondale Super V (sold it)

An 89 Univega Viva Sport

A Cannondale Super V DH4000 (the first production DH bike) which I still have.

Another Cannondale Super V which I still have. The original with carbon fibre swing arm.

A Raleigh mountain tandem, with a Cannondale Freeride fork

Closing the deal on a Centurion Triathalon today

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Get on your bikes & ride!
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Bikes: See signature (it varys day to day)

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Some cheap little 16" bike
Sears 20" with banana seat and ape hanger bars
Sears 27" Ten speed
Huffy BMX
SE PK Ripper BMX
Schwinn Caliente Ten Speed
GT Tequesta Mountain Bike
Cannondale SM-700 Mountain Bike*
Specialized Allez Road Bike
Trek Fuel Full Suspension MTB
Karate Monkey 29er MTB
Niner Air-1 29er MTB*
Klein Q-Pro Road Bike*
Witcomb Road Bike
Salsa Casseroll
Masi Speciale Fixed LTD
Cannondale Capo Fixed Gear
Surly Steamroller Fixed Gear*
Eddy Merckx Corsa Extra*

*Still own
Litespeed Classic
Soma Double Cross DC

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means go
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Bikes: '06 Pedal Force RS

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Not as many as some of you folks...

'89 Big Wheel (broke)
'94 Mongoose BMX (stolen)
'99 Raleigh Hybrid (sold)
'02 Specialized Allez Pro (too big, sold)
'06 Pedal Force RS custom build (see sig)
'84 Fuji del Rey (undergoing conversion)
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Peugeot BMX
Raleigh mountain bike.
Murray, also a bmx.
Redline, bmx
GT Voelker
Fit Series 1
Surly Steamroller
Gazelle Populaire
Bianchi Pista
1978 Peugeot
Random "oma fiets" or grandma bikes. Lots of them.
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Excellant Spellur
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Bikes: 2008 Specialized Stumpy XC Pro, 1993 Specialized Stumpy, 2008 GTR Pro, 2009 Mercier Kilo TT

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Schwinn Bantam
Ross (don't know the name, some banana seat bike from '76--red/white/blue, obv)
Nishiki 10 speed
Early Bianchi mtn bike
'90 GT Karakoram

* Current
'92 Specialized Stumpjumper
'07 Specialized Stumpjumper Pro
'08 GTr Pro Carbon
'09 Mercier Kilo TT
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Ride for Life
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lets see...

radio flyer tricycle
knight rider big wheel
some huffy 20" bike
huffy stone mountain 26"

~~gap in bike life from about 15 to 22~~

Fuji Gran Tourer (SS/fixed conversion)
Gary Fisher hardtail (MTB)
Rocky Mountain Turbo (road)*
Schwinn 20" cruiser
Rock Lobster hardtail (MTB)
Raleigh pursuit (road)
2 Huffy kids bikes *******ized into cruisers
Pake (fixed)*
old Jeaneot (fixed)
IRO group buy (fixed)*
Giant Two-2-One hardtail (MTB)
Gary Fisher "hybrid" (turned CX)*
old Mercer (road)
Haro Response (trials)*
Specialized Hardrock (SS)
Planet X (trials)
Kilo TT (fixed)
Raleigh Record (SS road)
Giant TCR-2R (SS road)*
Meta VTT (trials)*
old Raleigh coaster-brake cruiser*
Cato carbon hardtail (MTB)*

* still own

i might be missing a couple somewhere, but i think that's it, other than some junk bikes i snagged for parts.

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Bikes: , Jury Bike, Moto Outcast 29, Spicer standard track frame and spicer custom steel sprint frame.

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Originally Posted by Retem
blue unnamed bmx
magna bmx bike
freespirit ten speed
haro group one
specialized hard rock
my dads old kobe cobra
my grandpas old free spirit townie
my grandpas old schwinn
mercier kilo tt x2
khs flite 100
EAI Brassknuckle
Motobecane Outcast 29
SE OM flyer
GT avalanche 92 daktari white
GT timberline 88
Dahon Boardwalk
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Bikes: '07 Pista, '09 Fantom Cross Uno, '8? Miyata, '67 Stingray, '0? Zoo mod trials, Tallbike, Chopper, '73 Schwinn Collegiate, '67 Triumph Chopper, '69 CB350, '58 BSA Spitfire, '73 CB450

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Early years (ages 3 to 10):

2 bigwheels that got trashed due to living on hill.
16" bmx
20" bmx

Getting the bug (age 10-18):

Spalding Hybrid
Scott Mohaka mtb*

(insert couple years being dumb)

Addicted (age 23-28)

196? Peugeot*
1983 Peugeot
198? Miyata Road bike*
1966 Schwinn Continental*
198? Electro-forged Schwinn (x2)*
1984 Schwinn World (fixed)*
198? Bianchi (fixed, old winter beater)*
1967 Schwinn Stingray*
198? Sekine (in rebuild phase)*
197? Chapparalle (in rebuild phase)*
Tallbike (Pat V1.0)
Tallbike (Pat V2.0)*
Al Frankenstein (chopper)*
Foghorn Longhorn (chopper)*
Splinter (chopper, stolen)
Gazzhell (chopper)*
198? Ross road bike (being built up)*
2007 Bianchi Pista*
2008 Motobecane Fantom Cross Uno*

Probably forgetting some, plus have a pile of cruddy frames that I weld up into whatever I feel like.

*still own.

**edit, just realized I posted in this thread a couple years ago...

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a blue, banana-seat, coaster-brake gimmick--my first bike
an english three-speed
a bunch of coaster singles and three-speed uprights in japan, none that i remember the branding because i didn't care
an early 80's diamondback bmx
a late 80's trek road
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i'll probably break it
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Originally Posted by jet sanchEz
1) Some old school vintage bike my mom bought for 20$ when I was five years old
2) Sears BMX when I was about 10-----loved it.
3) Talisman mountain bike I bought with money from my paper route---it is a Canadian company, junky
4) Kona Hahanna I bought when the Talisman got stolen----good bike for the money
5) Fell in love with a GT Karokaram and traded the Kona plus cash for it---still have it
6) Marinoni road bike with full Dura Ace---purchased from a messed-up co-worker of mine, I had no use for it and only bought it out of sympathy---it is long gone, sold for $400, I had no idea of it's value then
7) Miele Una LS---bought used for $80, I wanted to see if I would like commuting on a road bike; loved it
8) Gardin road bike---very nice bike with full 105 but too small for me; the parts went onto the Miele
9) Ciocc road bike---wicked bike, abandoned on a post and stripped of everything, it lay rusting for months until I got up the balls to take a blow torch to the lock; still have it and it now has the 105 on it
10) Colnago Sport road bike---purchased with making a fixie out of it in mind, I still have the frame, pics are in my sig
11) Miyata 912 road bike---top of the line Miyata with full Shimano 600 group came my way, I only bought it for the groupo; nice though, pink/pearl colour and it was damned fast
12) Concorde road bike---picked it up for a great price and rode it as a commuter; loved it but sold it after a year as I had no room for it
13) Specialized Roubaix Elite Triple---I decided it was time for a really nice bike and I bought this bike for a great price; Al/carbon fibre frame with full Ultegra, it is an awesome, awesome bike
14) GT GTB track bike---I liked riding fixed enough to get a true track frame and this one came to me at a great price; pics are in my sig
15) Razesa road bike---beautiful Spanish road bike made of Columbus SLX tubing with a full 600 groupo, this bike is very fast and tight
16) Bianchi Trofeo road bike---purchased cheaply on CL just because it was a good deal; I decided to make it into a hybrid and I gave it to my friend for his birthday
17) Bianchi road bike---bought to be my winter beater fixed ride, so far it is nice but the frame is really sluggish compared to my other bikes, I may sell it in the spring

I currently still own the Ciocc, Razesa, Roubaix, GT Karokaram, GT GTB and the Bianchi plus the Colnago Sport frame----I have way too many bikes.
great bike history above.

i cared mostly about skateboards and cars so my bikes have been few and far between.

1. i remember an orange tricycle.
2. german ketcar[do a search if you dont know]. it was yellow and black.
3. red BMX on white mags with yellow tyres and yellow bar pads.
4. first 'real bike' dyno detour. hi-lighter yellow. black mags. i was ballin in the burbs
5. haro air master. flourecent orange.
6. first geared bike - some red CCM MTB from canadian tire. i started skateboarding seriously at this time so this bike got abused when it was used. left outside in the backyard one winter, etc...
disease transmitted via father to son and i became obsessed with cars. american V8s first, then turbo VWs.
7. jump forward like 14 years. bought a metallic gray free agent dirt jump bmx to rip around on downtown toronto. instantly destroyed the black mags i put on for nostalgic reasons. realized i am over 110lbs.
8. 2 years ago wifey tells me to figure out how i am going to keep in shape now that i am getting older. we go on a trip to visit my family in holland. i get a tattoo by mike giant and notice his bike has no brakes... get home and start buying parts and assemble my first FG. 06 langster comp frame painted white/black fork. veep dees, etc...
9. try co-workers giant OCR A0. i need gearzzz too. CL purchase 1990 cannondale SR600. love it.
10. discovered i disliked langster comp compared to traditional geometry after trying others bikes. sell langster frame for ridiculous amount of money - thanks random CL guy. buy old vicini road bike and convert. loose hipster points[if i had any - ewww langster sloped top tube].
11. vaca in bay area right now. buy 1991 cannondale SR600 because i miss riding that much.

thats it.
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sears brand mountain bike. green.

GT aggressor, red. still own.

Ross 80's road touring bike, hunter green. appagio or some crap. probably 40 lbs.

nishiki sport, white pink pearl fade. beautiful. wrecked.

mercier kilo tt, black. still own.

scattante xrl, silver- then white- then bare alu. still own.
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-Skeletor big wheel (that's right!)
-Some black and gold BMX
-Specialized Hard Rock (stolen)
-Ross Mt Washington
-Concord Freedom Deluxe
-Surly Steamroller 2008
-Schwinn Twinn Deluxe

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