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Every bike you've ever owned lists....

Singlespeed & Fixed Gear "I still feel that variable gears are only for people over forty-five. Isn't it better to triumph by the strength of your muscles than by the artifice of a derailer? We are getting soft...As for me, give me a fixed gear!"-- Henri Desgrange (31 January 1865 - 16 August 1940)

Every bike you've ever owned lists....

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Bikes: Surly Steamroller, Gary fisher wahoo

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Man you guys put me to shame.

-Old Schwinn bike (sadly stolen)
-Gary fisher wahoo
-Bianchi via nirone
-Schwinn tempo
-Mercier kilo tt
-Surly Steamroller
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Interesting question. Can't remember all the bikes of my life, but as best I can...

* Probably had a trike in my tots

* Might have had one of those with a banana seat and back bars, but don't remember it

* Jumping to my teens, I had a "motorcycle bike". Had a fake plastic gas tank, (working) front hydraulic shocks, probably spring shocks on rear, thick tires, and a crossbar on the handlebars; looked much like a motocross, but a bicycle. Didn't have it for long, it got stolen in no time after I left it unlocked.

* Had a Norco road bike; light and very fine quality for a Norco. First bike I put work into fixing up and customizing (even got some fake Columbia stickers for the frame). It got stolen in under 2 min., after I was buying some white cable housing for it at an LBS.

* Had a "rasta bike" after that. Don't remember much about it. It was probably a city type bike, not a road bike, and it was the first bike I had stripped down completely, to paint it the colors of the Ital Lion.

* Bought a Bianchi Varsity; which I recently learned was one of the first hybrids ever made. What do you know, 20 years later it still compares well to some of my more recent.

* Mongoose hybrid (forget the model). Liked it better than the Bianchi; decent components. Repainted it just the right shade of sh&t brown, and slapped "CCM Echo" stickers on it, to deter theives. It worked, because I left it outside for years in a back alley, and no one touched it. 'Course, that could have been because it was rusted to f%$#! as a result.

* CCM Excelsior. Alum. frame hybrid w/ susp. seatpost; bought it on sale at dept. store for 2 bills. Comparable to a low end LBS bike; offered a comfortable, nice ride. Couldn't find anything to complain about, other than the brakes being squealy.

* Recently bought a 2007 Giant Cypress DX right after the CCM, to replace it, as it had a front suspension. Never had anything like it. Fitted a cushy cruiser saddle on it. Rides like a Laz-Y-Boy on wheels. Weighs about the same as well.

* Minelli Mojave, hybrid. Nearly new, nice little city bike, no suspension. Gave it to someone.

* Norco ? (can't read the model name). A dark grey 18 spd steel city bike with Dia Compe cantilever brakes, SunTour derailleur and 26" city tires; probably 80's vintage (friction and index thumb shifters). This was someone else's bike that had a stuck seatpost. I had bought the Mojave to replace it, because of that. But then I unstuck the seatpost and rode the Norco and instantly fell in lust with it, and didn't want to give it back. It fit like a glove and handled like an ext. of my body, and no other bike I had, had these great feeling wide handlebars the Norco did. I convinced myself it could stand as a second bike; then bought another, older Minelli mountain bike to replace it. Unfortunately.....

* Minelli Mt. Echo: A 21 spd mountain bike from the 90's, I bought for $35 bills. No doubt because the seatpost was also stuck (this time, alum.), and the guy had bent the seat out of shape trying to unstick it (but of course, he only told me the seat's no good...). Got it unstuck in 2 minutes with a pipe wrench, and fixed up the bike. Replaced the flat bars with some riser bars, and turned the bar-end bars down to "North Road" style, for extra comfort on occasion. What I didn't expect, is falling for this bike as well. It produced a very smooth ride that made me feel like I could go on for a century at a fixed cadence, with no pain and no problem (other than in the hands, from the handlebars being lower than I'm used to) - even more so than the Giant. And like the Giant, but in a different way, it almost rode itself.

Compared it with the Norco numerous times, but couldn't figure out whether it was better or why it was better, particularly with the lowered position on the bars. Another comparison last night helped me figure out there's something about the drive train (Hyperdrive C chainring) that transfers more energy from my pedal stroke to moving the bike forward.

* Univega 10 spd. Circa 82, road bike, Shimano 600 gruppo. A Japanese bike, but it seemed like it was more Chinese, because it was pure torture to ride.

* ??? (Seeing about a few more today. Note to self: stop reading BikeForum).

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Bikes: too many

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a bunch of bikes I don't remember from when i was a kid (some german bike when i was like 5, a GT outpost I think when i was up to around 10, then a GT aggressor i think until i was about 14. used a costco mojave for a year or so until i got a fisher tassajara in 05 i think. nice hardtail)

two years ago I found two bikes in the garbage, a raleigh gran prix and a motobecane mirage, both hi-tensile heavyweights. the raleigh i fixed up and still have, the motobecane I converted since the rear derailer was messed up. that got stolen in february. around april i bought a shogun kaze tt bike, sold that to a member on here though. I then bought my Lynskey, which I still have and love. after that was my trek 460, i think it's an '86. built that frame up as a fixed conversion. then i got an MBK trainer (odd name imo) at a bike auction, it's built up as a decent road commuter. finally I got the peloton track frame that I'm in the process of building up
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starting with my first real bike, in order

motebecane mixte
giant iguana
cannondale r600
cannondale delta v
specialized allez
performance bikes hybrid
cannondale f2000 with left fork
kona stinky deeluxe
ellsworth dare DH bike
specialized p2
cannondale R1000
bianchi pista
lemond poprad disc
lemond fillmore fixed
scattante SSR fixed
globe commuter bike
schwinn madison
parlee z4
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Spiderman bike (start in 1980)
Panda Racing BMX (hand-me-down from my brother)
Greg Hill Pro Freestyle bike (they only made one model)
Mongoose BMX (very briefly)
Dyno Pro Compe Freestyle BMX Bike
Haro Master Bash Guard Freestyle BMX
General Osborn Pro Freestyle Bike (end in 1993)

*insert long break from riding*

Redline Mongcog 26" SS MTB
Specialized Enduro FS MTB
Specialized Big Hit Downhill/Freeride MTB
Schwinn Cruiser with grape apes
Rockhopper FG tark build
Bridgestone FG tarck build
Jamis MTB FG
Vintage Motobecane FG
Vintage Motobecane Mixte FG
Vintage Puch 3-sp
Volume Sledgehammer 26" BMX cruiser
Giant STP SS dirt jumper
Schwinn Ultra 2 hybrid
Scattante CFR Race Road Bike
Subrosa BMX
KHE Stylus Flatland BMX
St. Martin Flatland BMX
Quamen Cypher Flatland BMX
Dyno Pro Compe Retro Build
Felt Scythe Chopper Cruiser
Red Schwinn Cruiser errand bike
Black Schwinn Cruiser Custom lowrider

*my current bikes*

Fly Tierra BMX
Vintage RockHopper Errand bike
Felt El Guapo Cruiser
Motobecane Messenger FG
Motobecane Outcast 29er MTB
Motobecane Fantom Pro Ti MTB
Surly Pacer Road Bike

I may have had more very briefly, I just can't recall. The bikes I really wish I had nowadays are my old BMX bikes (as collectors items) and my Specialized Big Hit. I'd love to hit/huck super aggressive trails with big drops again. It's the only bike I could ride UP stairs without bunnyhopping.

I may look into buying another freeride/DH bike someday in the future.

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Bikes: 1979 Nishiki International, 1989 Dahon folder, 1999 Nishiki Backroads, 2009 Dawes SST

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60s, tricycle, and of course a red wagon.

60s or early 70s, "Sting Ray" type off-brand 20" with a banana seat/sissybar... wasn't paying attention on it once and hit a pothole that drove the sissybar into my tailbone and cracked it. Just leaned forward and padded my way home on my toes... That was my most physically painful childhood memory, couldn't walk or sit (without extreme pain) for a while. That bike was used for experiments, such as the time we sawed the forks off another bike and hammered them up over the dropouts on this bikes forks and put on a 26" 10-speed wheel on to make a chopper bike. If I remember right it was a Christmas present game, with a note in a stocking and a long ribbon that ran all over the house... out the front door... around the driveway... and into the 67 Dodge van we had at the time, to reveal the prize. Sneaky Santa!

70s BMX bike, coaster brake, my first build. In grade school kids converted Sting Rays into BMX bikes, breaking loose the seatstays (that followed a bend from the rear dropout across the seat tube forward to the front downtube), bending the chainstays to make the BB higher and re-welding them to the seat tube etc... Sometime later the BMX specific frames started showing up. I found out somehow that Redline Racing, who made motocross frames for Honda motorcycles, started making a BMX frame. It was nickel-plated chrome-moly steel with a squareback slotted rear dropout, extra gusseting, high BB. They made a large diameter tube fork made of the same stuff, nickel-plated chrome-moly. The Redline Racing frame and fork. I had to have one! So it was on... I got that frame/fork, Moto-Mags (cast aluminum mag wheels), one-piece Ashtabula crank, Ashtabula stem, can't remember now what bars and chainring. It was the first Redline Racing frame in town, and any others that came later were the flat dropout, chrome plated later model. That was a fun bike, lost alot of skin on it... should have never traded it in on...

1979 Nishiki International 10-speed (chrome-moly), finally a bike you could get somewhere on. The only notable memory is how pumped my thighs were back then, and that time I got a flat (used to get them all the time, 27x1" high pressure stock tires) at dusk and had to repair it in the dim light of a church parking lot in a swarm of mosquitoes! Too bad I got a drivers license around that time, and it didn't get as much use after that. I still have it in storage, all original, but suffering from alot of degraded gum rubber parts now. I'm sure the hoods, grip tape, tires, brake pads, seat, all need replacing.

1987/88 Dahon folder 5 or 6-speed (probably hi-ten), used to ride from Walnut Creek to Concord each day after work to catch my ride back home. Wife at the time would drop me at the Tishman building in the morning. I'd fold it up, go up to the 8th floor, and stash it in the coat closet. Then take it downstairs at quitting time, un-fold it, and ride it to Sunvalley mall after work to meet her. I worked 7-3:30 and her 9-6... had time to kill. I knew the brother of David Hon who started Dahon and he got me the bike. I used to get a bit of point and laugh with the shirt and tie riding the "circus bike". It did serve it's purpose well though. Wife is long gone and the bike is still in storage... another project.

1998/99 Nishiki Backroads hardtail 18-speed (aluminum), bought 2 sizes for GF and I at the time to do some fitness and/or trail riding. Didn't get much use, and she left with hers later. It's stock and stored as well... maybe I'll put some work into it. Don't see much use in keeping it stock.

2009 Dawes SST track SS (chrome-moly), recent purchase. Got sucked into the SS/FG arena recently and bought it while waiting to get a Kilo TT Pro on pre-order (I ended up cancelling the Kilo TT Pro after seeing the Moto Team Track, and Kilo WT/Stripper). After seeing all the "Townies" and accessories available I put a Paul Flatbed on it so I could use it for grocery getting, car replacement, etc... part of the time. So far so good, will see how that pans out. I ended up going with Bikes Direct, because I used to work with the Internet webhosting company they started with back in the 90s (TABNet, that became part of Verio, where they still host today it seems)... I took tech support calls and helped them out with a few things now and then as they were starting the business, domains, cgi-bin, forms submit function, etc. They told me 10 or 12 years ago to drop a line if I ever needed a bike! I finally did... they didn't (Mike doesn't remember me. It was his partner back then I worked with, and their webmaster at the time, oh well... I guess I waited too long) I can't complain they have great bikes and great prices, so I got hooked up in a way just like tons of you all did.

2009 Eighthinch Scrambler V2 track FG (chrome-moly), group buy, still building. My second build. Work in progress... The idea was for a low geared brakeless to try and learn some tricks on and ride around with slow fat/flat tired heavy hi-ten and aluminum MTB's that the people I know have around here. They can't keep up with the SST.

I'll try and find some pics to post of any of these and edit this...

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Butt load of bikes...sheer profundity!
Red tricycle with wheelset replacement x2
Montgomery Ward tank x2
Murray banana seat bike
Colnago when in high school in Spain
Pinarello when in the Air Force in the 70's
Motobecane Mirage when in college
mid-80's Masi Gran Corsa x2
Cannondale F700 x2, F1000, F2000, F3000
Cannondale R1000 x2, R2000, R3000/Optimo
Cannondale Bad Boy x2
Specialized Sirrus x2
Specialed Allez [E5 tubeset]
FIsher Wingra
pre-Pacific GT Avalanche
Specialzed S-Works hardtail
BikeE CLWB bents x2
homebuilt [by me] long wheel base bent
ActionBent SWB
Lightning SWB
vintage Bianchi steel
Bianchi 928L carbon lugged rocket
& probably left out a dozen more...had 7 bikes at 1 time and each had a purpose and i rode them regularly [mtb, bent, commuter, racing bike, etc.]
...bought and sold on ebay over the past 8 or 9 years...get a bargain, ride it, sell it for a great profit and buy another...able to wind up with the Bianchi carbon rocket [$3200] and a Specialized Ruby [$2100 carbon rocket] with only $250 of my own money and the rest in profits on bikes...

and since my carpal tunnel release surgery a few weeks ago along with bored road riding and ditching the computer for freedom, I am down to a Motobecane Messenger [orange] I bought from a physics professor a month ago [bb shell scraped up a lot as there was so much chain suck from the sagging chain]...irony is that it's one of the cheapest bikes I've had as an adult and one of my favorites [only behind the vintage Masi Gran Corsa, Lightning SWB bent and Cannondale R3000/Optimo...the Bianchi was smooth but not a great fit at 55c which i ride 54-56 depending on tt length...through buying and selling on ebay as it's no longer a seller's marketplace...1 gear, 1 front brake and 1 big grin...i'm a recovering bike snob who dropped the local bike snob club, so any denegrating comments about a coaster and brake is of no importance to me, take a shot and have fun...only have 1 hand post-op until the right wrist heals and gets strength, thus no fixed gear right now...and in the end, why did I have all those great bikes only to wind up with a low end Motomess?...because at age 54, I do what I want to do [if you think I should have something different, then contact me and i'll let you know where to ship it once you buy it for me...live well, ride your bike!

p.s. the earlier comment about who cares is so true...I don't even care about what I have owned...I live in the here and now, so what I had is moot...put some fun between your legs, ride your fixie!

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After some trikes...

Western Flyer Buzzy Bike (stolen the day after Skylab fell)
Schwinn cruiser (in parents garage)
Giant something or other (gave to BIL)
Giant Iguana w/ springer seat from the Scwinn (in basement awaiting resurrection)
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Bikes: LHT + FreeRadical

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in order of ownership:

late '70s sears (unknown model)
early '80s bmx (unknown make or model)
early '80s huffy (unknown model)
late '80s mongoose decade
early '90s raleigh m30*
early '00s giant cypress#
2006 scott sub 20*
2008 surly crosscheck*
early '80s bianchi (unknown model)*

* still own
# stolen
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Since my last list of a few days ago, I now also have....

Giant Cypress ST: (The ST stands for "STEEL"). For a bike that weights like a boat, it's not a bad ride, so long as you don't gotta get anywhere too fast (21 speed...). Not as comfortable a ride as my Cypress DX with its front shocks, but as much as the ST weighs, its actually lighter than the DX.

Specialized Crossroads Cruz: Like this hybrid better than the Cypress ST hybrid. CroMo, so not very heavy. Not the usual Shimano gear, but Suntour XC derailleur (possibly "Expert" or "Pro" model). Unusual Suntour "wishbone" thumbshifters, that go under the bar, and allow shifting without taking your hand off the grip. Not sure why yet, but while the bike is very similar to a Bianchi Varsity hybrid I had, with the same flat 90's hybrid atb handlebars, the riding position is very upright on the thing; not so hunched over as on the Varsity. I might just replace the Cypress DX with it.

Add also a couple o' road bikes (too boring to mention....).
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K2ProFlex baby!
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Bikes: to many to list

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There is no way I could ever post a list of all the bikes I've ever owned, seriously.
You see, their morals, their code...it's a bad joke, dropped at the first sign of trouble. They're only as good as the world allows them to be. I'll show you. When the chips are down, these...These "civilized" people...they'll eat each other. See, I'm not a monster. I'm just ahead of the curve
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Bikes: '85 Univega Safari-Ten (fixed), '84 Univega Supra-Sport, '85 Univega Gran Turismo, '86 Bianch Giro, '93 Cannondale R300, '68 Raleigh Gran-Prix (S3X fixed), '74 Schwinn Sprint (fixed), '5? Raleigh Lenton, '73 Raleigh Sprite, '36 Three Spires... etc.

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I wrote up this list for my own enjoyment a few months ago, and then I accidentally found this thread, so I figured I'll contribute. Because I wrote this for my own reasons, there are long winded explanations behind a lot of these bikes, some of which involve names that you don't know, etc.

01. 16" white BMX (vanished, probably sold. my first bike)
02. chrome BMX, unknown brand (sold it to my neighbor in high school, who spraypainted it red. I somehow ended up with it again. it's hanging in a shed at my parents' house)
03. 20" 1968(?) Grants girls bike (my mom's childhood bike. I built several incarnations of this bike, and it eventually ended up as the basis for my lowrider)
04. 24" Murray Mountain Climber (my first gear bike, a 10 speed)
05. 26" Murray Mountain Terrain (my first full sized mountain bike)
06. Royce Union Static FS BMX (my first freestyle bike. piece of ****. gutted it for parts. the frame is hanging in my parents' basement)
07. Trek SubVert 2.0 BMX (my first bike-shop quality bike. I put a LOT of money into this thing)
08. Mossberg Tourist 5 3-speed (I found this in my neighbors barn and for some reason decided to keep it? Don't remember. Rode this for a while a few years ago. Converted it to single-speed. Retired it after I determined it was terrifying and deadly.)
09. Columbia lady's 3-speed (My dad found this at the dump with a broken frame. He brought it home and welded it. Never really rode it in this form. Subsequently parted it out to fix my Mossberg. Various parts of this bike have been used on a number of subsequent bikes, most prominently the Roadmaster Scorcher. I believe this frame is still hanging in my parents' basement.)
10. Peugeot CPX-100 BMX (Dad picked the frame and fork from the dump. built it up with parts from the Royce Union)
11. 20" cruiser style bike (possibly a Murray. bought from a kid downtown in Sherman for very cheap. Briefly built it up as a chopper using the fork from the Mossberg. I think this frame is under the deck at my parents' house.)

(all of the above were acquired before I graduated high school. during my college career, there is a prolonged period of inactivity where I stopped biking regularly.)

12. some weird 20" mountain bike my mom found. I cannibalized it for a rear axle, and otherwise never did anything at all with it. currently rusting in my parents' back yard.

13. 1973 Raleigh Sprite 10-speed (bought from Jim Rose for 5 dollars. Beautiful beautiful bike and my primary ride for a few years.)
14. 1968 Sears and Roebuck 5-speed (Austrian built, bought from the original owner at a yard-sale for 5 bucks)
15. Nishiki Century mixte (bought for 10 dollars, sold for 20 on the same day to my old Roommate.)
16. Free-Spirit Lady's 3-speed (eventually sold to Aimee, who I hope enjoys it.)
17. Trek 7.3 FX (my first new bike since high school. expensive bastard.)
18. Diamondback mountain bike (My first Washburn apartment dumpster find. great bike, but the frame was too small for me. I gave it to Angie.)
19. Raleigh MT-200 ($20 yard-sale find. good mountain bike with half-cromolly, half-aluminum frame. Love it.)
20. Savoy Granite (found it for free and stripped it down to the frame. I had intended to rebuild it, but was disheartened to find that it took 700c wheels, which I didn't have access to for cheap. Eventually threw it in the dumpster at Washburn.)
21. NEXT mountain bike (got it for free from the trash-heap behind Rose's Bike Shop. Poached the wheels and the brakes from it, with the intent to install them on the Savoy. Threw the rest away. Eventually threw the wheels away too. I owned this bike for about an hour and a half.
22. Roadmaster Scorcher (Dad found it at the dump. Originally a ten speed. dumped a whole ****-load of money into this thing, converted it to a single speed. Swapped the bars for uprights. Sold it to Laura, who I hope enjoys it.)
23. Free-Spirit 10-speed (another dump-find. converted to single-speed and sold to Mario, who I hope enjoys it. Only my second conversion, and for his sake, I wish I would have had more experience at that point.)
24. 1979 Schwinn Continental (Orono Bike Swap find for 5 bucks. Converted it to single speed, subsequently painted it blue and pink, screwed up the back wheel trying to reassemble it, bought a track wheel, and now I ride it around Portland as my primary bike.)
25. 1968 Schwinn Varsity (also from the bike swap. 15 bucks. heavy as a mother****er. Rode it up to Rose's the day after I bought it. Jim immediately recognized it as a bike from his own collection that he'd submitted to the swap. He subsequently gave me an envelope with the original owners manual and catalog that came with the bike. I guess he knew the original owner. pretty cool.)
26. Univega that was too big for me (bike swap find, sold it on craigslist for 35 dollars profit.)
27. Trek 830 Mountain Track (found it parked next to the dumpster at Washburn.)
28. Iverson 10-speed (Given to me by Rose's bike shop after I commented on it. I sold it to my current roommate Amanda, who subsequently traded it back to me for a different bike.)
29. 1980s Murray lady's 10-speed (bought this at a yard sale within an hour of acquiring the Iverson. The Iverson needed a new wheel, and this one had the same 26 3/8" sized wheels. The frame is currently sitting unused outside of my parents' house. This bike has an Ames price-tag on the bottom of the seat. I love Ames department store.)
30. late 60s Peugeot mixte (the first of a few bikes I've gotten since moving to Portland. converted it to single speed with the intention of selling it, before realizing that the frame was damaged and not marketable. I traded this to Amanda in exchange for the Iverson I had previously sold her.)
31. Fuji Sandblaster (Courtesy of Steve Turner. Everything done on this bike is referred to as "Sand Blasting." You can be on either side of that verb's wrath. If you get injured in any way by the Sand Blaster, you've been "Sand Blasted." If you use the Sand-Blaster to your advantage, you've "Sand Blasted". In the future, I may convert this bike to single-speed and use it as my around-town beater.)
32. Schwinn Bantam 20" bike (also courtesy of Steve. this thing looks so cool, but I have so little use for it. No idea what I'm going to do with it.)
33. Univega 700c lady's hybrid (salvaged by Amanda upon my request. There is literally not a single salvageable part on the entire bike. Even the pedals are broken.)
34. Murray lady's 3-speed (found tonight, for free on the side of the road in Belfast! I describe the color as "brutally pink". I have plans for this bike. Do they involve you?)
35. Univega Safari Ten
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Bikes: Bakfiets, 1999 GT Nomad Hybrid, early 70's Schwinn Cruiser 5, Bridgestone MB-3, Trek 520 Disc, Electra Ticino 8D, Ochsner blue Road Bike

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Kent Geoffrey the Giraffe Orange Toys R Us bike (3-6 yr old) that I rode along with my Cobra Big Wheel, Tractor, and Green Machine

Huffy - Yellow Coaster Brake Bike

Huffy - Blue and Gold BMX

Schwinn burgindy banana seat bike. SWEET $20 garage sale find in Santa Clara when I was around 9.

Then the NICER Bikes happened at 12

JMC Shadow (light and $$) great for sweet ramps!

Peugeot - 1985 ish Red 10 Speed. LOVED this bike. It was a nearly low line Peugeot, too. Rode from 5th-10th grade...school, friends homes, etc. I am still pissed that my buddy left it as his Mom's home when the brakes had issues one day that he borrowed it...and he does not know what happened to it.

1992 Specialized Hard Rock -Won from a Volvo/Nissan Dealer promotion in 1992. I test drove a new Senta SE-R and filled out a card to win this white Hard Rock on top of a Volvo 240. Received a phone call 2 weeks later that my name was pulled and they asked if I still wanted the SE-R...I told them know...I bought a VW GTI instead (much cooler picked up the bike and enjoyed it until we moved to Portland. Wish I had been more bike crazy and new that I could have commuted it out with slicks and new bars/stem....oh welll...a happy college kid bought it for $35 off CL..

1999 ish Hard Rock. This one was bought off a neighbor. Alluminum, low line front shock...I never liked it as much as the solid front fork/steel one I had sold.

Schwinn - Cruiser 5 from the early 70's. Feels more like a 3 speed to me as it hunts a bit for gears/guess I am spoiled with the Breezer I will get to. It is a nice around town bike that I have had for about 5 years. Use it mainly in dry summer times. My Bro In Law is a Schwinn freak that bought and sold Schwinns in Davis CA before he also moved to P Town. He built it up for me with new line chrome fenders. Check out his site: https://www.greenephantom.com/

GT - Nomad - Solid Hybrid Commute Bike-Purchased pre owned from a gentleman off CL who lived in suburban Hillsboro 3.5 years ago when I moved from San Jo CA to PDX and wanted a all weather commuter. Was like new from 1999 with all the orig paper work and I have added all kinds of handy commute stuff to it. $200 for the bike, and $250 for the fenders, Planet Bike Lights, Salmon Pads, Coffee Cup and Holder, Rear Planet Bike Rack, Schwalbe slicks, etc.
Lost the pedal straps because I hated them.

New model Breezer Uptown 8 - Been a lust since they were 1st introduced Pre Owned 08 that I bought on another bay area trip in San Jo.
It is one size too big, but the cadence seems un-interrupted. Just keep the seat all the way down to the suspension beginnings. I have it on CL so I can buy a Medium Frame model. It is like new with less than 100 miles....just has 2 scratches from locking up to racks.
Let me know if you are interested in saving $300 over a new one. : )

Batavus - Blue Dutch style bike from people who moved to Los Altos CA from Sweden. No need in their new suburban cookie cutter hood. $80, just needed a new rear wheel/I put a Sun rim that my bro in law built to the orig hub. Seems to be about 4 years old. Also one size too big....but my best friend that is 6 foot fits it perfectly so he might buy it.

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Bikes: 2007 Masi Speciale Fixed

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generic sears bike
mongoose BMX (won thru a KFC promotion)
vintage mid-70's miyata MX-E
masi speciale fixed
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Bikes: 70's Fuji Sport 10 SS Conversion, 70's Raleigh Gran Sport Fixed Conversion (in progress)

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1. Primary colored rusty tricycle.
2. Little red walmart bike, began its life with training wheels.
3. Some black banana seat contraption with solid rubber tires.
4. Silver crappy BMX frame with no brakes, red tires, and a solid plastic seat. free from the neighbors.
5. DiamondBack BMX bike, First bike I ever bought, all 4 pegs. Stolen not once but twice!
6. Giant 90's mountain bike, rack and milk-crate, zebra-striped. My beater.
7. Fuji Sport 10, SingleSpeed conversion, red and white and beautiful, my current ride.
8. 80's Raleigh Gran Sport frame, being built up into a Fixed-Gear currently. Gonna be brown with red, orange, and yellow stripes diagonally across top tube and seat tube, all silver components and probably cream coloured bar tape on Flop-n-chop bullhorns.

I still own the last three.
I miss that double-stolen BMX though.
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I don't recall my first bike

Schwinn Stingray fastback-blue. Damn I loved that bike.

Gitane 10 speed road bike.

1999 Kona Hahanna

1999 Kona Caldera

Kona Explosif-98 Reynolds 853. Loved that almost as much as Schwinn Sting Ray.

Gunnar Rockhound-meh

1992 Kona Explosif Pro. Funky rasta retro.
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Bikes: 2009 Schwinn Cutter

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ghetto plastic fisher price tricycle
5-10 kmart/walmart targat bikes threw my childhood
Iron horse maverick, WHICH ENDED UP TO BE A TEEN BIKE!!! sports authority...
Scwhinn Cutter (Best bike ever as you have seen my history)

In the future I hope to get a good road bike, and a kilo tt pro.
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Darren, Bokor voodoo, and before that just usual kids bikes while growing up.
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Bikes: R. Sachs Road; EAI Bareknuckle; S-Works Enduro

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Let's see off the top of my head and not going too back that I have to give thought about it... don't even ask about years if i didn't list them...

'92 Cannondale Track
'10 Leader 727tr
'09 Kona Paddy Wagon
'05 Bianchi Pista Concept
'09 & '10/11 Cinelli Vigorelli
'07 Specialized Langster (polished and carbon forked)
'08 Specialized Langster (tokyo)
'09 Orbea Orca
'08 Fuji Track Pro
Bianchi Pista
Ibis Mojo SL
'74 -75? Schwinn Paramount in chrome
'06? Bianchi Nirone
'82 Chicago Schwinn World Sport
'76? Peugeot PX10_ (yes I'm a sucker for nervex...)
'84 Peugeot Avoriaz
'84 Peugeot Iseran; found the frame is identical to Avoriaz... just diff. group lol
Mercier Kilo TT; got this cheap and let it go cheap to a long time friend
'97 Nagasawa track; sadly sold with nail pulling deep regret during a crisis; was a half size one too!
'80's or late 70's Raleigh Grand Sport
Volume Bicycle Cutter
Late 80's Colnago Master X Light
pɐǝɹ oʇ sᴉ sᴉɥʇ ƃuᴉʎouuɐ ʍoɥ ǝǝs

Originally Posted by veganbikes
Pound sign: Kilo TT

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Oscillation overthruster
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Bikes: Cinelli Mash / CAAD9 5

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Toptube removable CCM kids bike
CCM sting ray type bike
Sekine 5 speed white
Norco Spitfire
Norco Starfire (so bad ass)
Norco freestyler
GT Performer
GT Pro performer (had a couple of these)
Skyway street beat
General RL Osborn Pro
Haro Master
Dyno Slammer
Redline RL-20 II (I had over 10 of these)
Basic Bikes custom (had a couple made for me)
SE Assassin
Haro backtrail 24
Infinity mtb
Terrible One T1
Macneil Whitton
Schwinn Seneca
Schwinn Ruler (still have it)
Nishiki Royale (craigslist flip)
Trek T1 58
Trek T1 54 (ride the piss out of it still)
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80's Raleigh Burner
Diamondback Topanga
Eastern Alu self build - still own
Charge Plug
Surly Cross-Check - still own
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calm down its just a bike
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ok fine ill play

oldest bike i could remember owning was an all blue mid size BMX with blue frame, pads, plastic wheels, tires etc. all blue (wtf was i thinking i HATE blue), but i always placed 2nd place in our neighborhood race with older kids and full sized BMX's

then finally got to build my 1st fullsize BMX with mostly japanese BMX parts, completely forgot most items but i remember getting me some ARAYA wheels

dad went to HK and brought me back a Bridgestone Blouson, yea it was a girls bike that i shared with my older sister but i still raced all the neighborhood kids with it, fast and smooth (to my own standards )

moved to the US and immediately went to a schwinn road bike (mind you i was only in 7th grade) always rode around the neighborhood flying with my matching GIRO helmet (yes it was BLUE again...wtf was i thinking, im serious, i dont like blue)

started hangin with the "cool" kids so i got me another BMX this time a Dyno VFR in black, pretty much got me thru middle/junior high til it got stolen then i got my drivers license

after a 15yr absence, decided to get back on the saddle so heres the recent stash
2008 or 09 GT Passage converted for MTB purposes
2010 SE Draft converted to fixed gear - rebuilt and gave it to my GF
1970's dutch vintage folding bike Valentina
2010 Retrospec fixed gear - returned for a recall
2010 Felt Z5 - pure awesomeness
2009 SE/DC PK ripper FG - on its way...time to tarck it up

for pics and more bikes i built and/or owned click the link on my sig

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Bikes: Too many bikes, too little time to ride

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1980's black huffy bmx bike
1996 giant boulder 520
1991 specialized s-works m2
2001 schwinn moab 1
1997 proflex 955
2006 bianchi san jose
2008 windsor hour
2008 mercier kilo tt
1997 lemond tourmalet
1996 specialized allez sport
1993 cannondale r900
2009 xootr swift
1997 gt zaskar
1999 mongoose r10.9
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Bikes: Crosslake Aluminum Track

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Huffy BMX w/training wheels(destroyed)
Huffy BMX (destroyed)
Sears MTB (destroyed)
Sears MTB (destroyed)
Sears MTB (destroyed)
Wal-Mart MTB (destroyed)
Sears MTB (almost destroyed)

Free Spirit 12spd (deraillers borked)

Crosslake aluminum track (perfect condition)

wow look at that the single speed is the only one still working (and probably has more miles than all the others)
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Bikes: Torelli Tipo Uno (stolen), Peugeot Nice, Mercier Kilo TT

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no name hybrid
2004 K2 BMX (stolen)
2009 Torelli Tipo Uno (stolen)
2009 Mercier Kilo TT
1990 Peugeot Nice
1997 3rensho
2010 Nabiis Alchemy
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