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eldouma 08-30-06 03:59 AM

A frame that kills the fixie spirit?
I ride to work and school and I've been planning to build up a fixie from an old to me free (1999) aluminum trek roadie frame with a bunch of extra parts I've got. I'm full-on fixie stoked after riding a friend's Pista for three months. Things is, I like how steel feels, I like versatility and I'm a utalitarian kinda guy who rides in the rain, snow, mud etc, rides hard in traffic and on urban trials. I really need fenders and want to run knobby tires too. Does the Surly cross-check's burly looks, functionality and practicality kill the sleek look, sexiness and simplicity of the fixie spirit? Got a better frame choice? Have a bike that does all this?

I know everyone should ride what they like/want and not care what others think, but I'm throwing this out there for some feedback.


mrRed 08-30-06 04:01 AM

the surly is a great bike, pretty much end of story ... what is this fixie spirit you speak of though, is it anything like Teen Spirit, or school spirit, or having the spirit of juvi-kyle in you?

eldouma 08-30-06 04:26 AM

I was thinking this spirit, perspective, or outlook (the reason we love to ride fixie or ss) is either an 'ubber light minimalist no brake, track inspired', a 'do it yourself, by part recycling' or a 'counter culture' kind of spirit and perhaps this frame doesn't fit. I bet it does but I thought it was worth checkin' it out on the

Teen Spirit eh? Reminds me of a ex-girlfriend in high school...

dobber 08-30-06 04:52 AM

You decide

I'd say the spirit is alive and kicking inside the Cross-Check. A lot more individualism and adoption to specific needs.

Sammyboy 08-30-06 05:25 AM

I don't specially like them. If YOU like them, however, well surely that's the point? If what you want is an ultra sleek trackbikealike, then this isn't it. If what you want is a reliable, inexpensive, useable frame, and you don't mind a bit more chunk, then this IS it.

summerinside 08-30-06 09:59 AM

The other thing that's rad about the crosscheck is that you can fit HUGE tires on it - Here's a photo of mine when i was rocking 700x43s (which is the closest thing i've found to the perfect cx/ss/29er ultimate all-around bike)

marqueemoon 08-30-06 10:10 AM

No it will not look like a track bike. Yes it will be fun as ****.

youth 08-30-06 01:54 PM

lol @ "fixie spirit."

sfcrossrider 08-30-06 03:21 PM

My crosscheck has been a fixie/ss, mountain bike, ride from SF to Mexico bike, road bike that was raced in more than one CAT 3 road race, and a cross bike used to race mens expert B class cross. Oh... it's also my rid to work every day, all over the bay area I'll spank your fuggen back to the cofee shop bike.

So to answer your question... beer is better than paper.

ROACHTRAP 08-30-06 05:14 PM

I smacked my balls on my top bar for the 3rd time this week!

jhowell 08-30-06 06:05 PM

the surly has way more "fixie spirit" than a bianchi pista or bikesdirect whathaveyou could ever hope for. you'll be keeping the dream alive, friend.

marqueemoon 08-30-06 06:37 PM

Originally Posted by ROACHTRAP
I smacked my balls on my top bar for the 3rd time this week!

That just killed my fixie spirit.

eldouma 08-31-06 10:15 PM

Thanks for the feedback... answers all my questions and is like crack cocaine, I'm totally addicted and I've got years of fixie porn to catch up on... YIKES!

vinnydelnegro 08-31-06 11:51 PM

"fixie spirit" i think must be a bit like budha nature. A while a long while back, I read a bit about a student asking his teacher whether a dog had budha nature. The teacher without hesitation responded "mu". In means..."no thing". Not "nothing", but "no thing" simply means the question is beyond explanation and that it essentially has no explicit answer...."no thing". so the answser to whether the cross check kills "fixie spirit"...i think you all know what my answer is by now...."no thing".

how about...what you should buy for your fixie......the world needs more karate monkeys my friend.

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