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sniks 01-15-07 10:21 AM

do my eyes decieve me or is that a 650 front wheel?
saw this bike on
and since I'm not a member I can't ask them. so if the owner is on here.
let me know.
ps cool a$$ bike

scotthorrigan 01-15-07 10:35 AM

it just looks like the picture is tilted

jameswillett 01-15-07 10:39 AM

Isn't that a MASH bike? If so, yes, it is 650.

d_roche 01-15-07 11:25 AM

sweet chain slack :-p

newo 01-15-07 11:42 AM

slack chains are the ****

pitboss 01-15-07 11:46 AM

it is mikorp's carbon gan well pro.

it is a 650c front wheel, mounted backwards.

Judah 01-15-07 04:54 PM

haha, mikorp is the man...

that's not his though, last time I saw mike's it had a hella/hed3 front wheel.

coelcanth 01-15-07 07:39 PM

scotthorrigan 01-15-07 07:42 PM

oh snap, i was wrong

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