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greezychicken 03-28-07 10:17 PM

MKS Toe Clip Length
Does anyone know how many cms shorter the Medium MKS toe clips are than the Large? Also does anyone wear size 9/9.5 and use mediums? Thanks.

jim-bob 03-28-07 10:37 PM

I wear a 9 and run mediums on all my bikes.

andre nickatina 03-28-07 10:43 PM

10.5 and ive gotten away with med's in the past, youll be fine.

seaneee 03-29-07 12:22 AM

9.5/10 and I just switch to mediums from large. Much better.

Mueslix 03-29-07 09:44 AM

I wear a men's 9, and have mediums. Plenty of room in the clip, no toe overlap.

deathhare 03-29-07 09:48 AM

size 9 run mediums

bonechilling 03-29-07 09:59 AM

Medium is the max size recommended for 9.5 by MKS.
Beyond that, it's Large.

trons 03-29-07 10:13 AM

i use large with my 9.5's

oranger 03-29-07 01:38 PM

To answer your question, the difference is 1.5cm in length. I have Larges on one bike, and mediums on another bike because of the toe overlap it has... the medium clips help my feet clear the tire a bit more than with Large clips... but not much.

I am a 9.5 shoe-size

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