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substructure 05-25-07 07:52 AM

New to this and would like some advice
I'm real excited about getting my old Fuji Regis up and running perfect for downtown commutes and errands.
Could some of you guys help me decided on a few things?

For instance:
Cages over clipless for what I need the bike for?
Should I go with a flip-flop hub?
Should I go with only a front brake?

And any other suggestions.

Oh and as soon as I get it cleaned and working, pics will be uploaded.

powers2b 05-25-07 07:54 AM


dutret 05-25-07 07:54 AM

If you have a non-flip-flop it will be fine otherwise yes.
there is no reason to remove a rear brake and good reasons not to.

don't overgear.

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