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ThrottleJock 05-26-07 05:18 PM

Can o' Ale
I'm going for the Capo. I've had a lot of non-mainstream bikes over the years but I've had a lot of Cannondales too, and they've always treated me well. Hell I felt like I was sponsored by them for a while, I broke three of their frames in three years before they wised up on the lifetime no-questions-asked (sure, you can drop in off that dumpster on a 22lbs bike) warranty. I went and rode the Capo, a Langster Comp and looked at various NYC and IRO bikes up close. All very cool bikes in their own right, but my buddy the bike shop owner made the choice easy for me w/ the price he's doing on the Cannondale. The frame's awesome and worth it to me alone.

Anyway, I'm excited. EuroAsia 16t cog, ring, decent chain, and Paul E-Lever are on the way shortly, rear brake is going in the bin, and one day when I'm feeling rich I'll replace the crapper cranks, b/b and wheelset.

It'll be fun to watch this one build up, I can never leave well enough alone on my bikes. I'll keep you posted. Cool thing is every part I take off of this thing gets me one step closer to having my girlfriend's fixed bike built. She's a ****ing hoss marathon runner that abuses me on feet and I look forward to kicking her ass on the bike. (Pay back's a *****).

Thanks all for the support in helping me educate myself before pulling the trigger on anything.

ThrottleJock 05-26-07 05:20 PM

Wow I have a real pottie mouth. I never notice how often I use the naughty words until I post on a forum that asterisks your **** out for you. Neat.

humancongereel 05-26-07 05:21 PM

off a dumpster? rad.

ThrottleJock 05-26-07 05:31 PM

What's even better is it was one of those plastic-topped split lid dumpsters, and before I figured out to avoid the seam I actually flexed the lid and my big dumb ass fell into the thing. It stunk. Then I crawled out, gathered myself, dropped in and stuck the landing only to crack my frame. That was a pretty **** day. But hey, it's all about the memories and here I'm still talking to strangers about it.

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