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eddyz 05-26-07 10:32 PM

Where to get Deep V's in Vancouver?
I'm trying to find a deep V front rim in red. but i am having a hard time finding them here in Vancouver BC...

where is a good site, tat will ship to Canada that sells only 1 rim? most sites i see only sell them in pair :/

oh, and also, can i use my old spokes and hub from my old wheel instead of spending 80 bucks on a new hub and spokes?


pirate 05-26-07 11:50 PM

You can use the old hub as long as the spoke counts are the same. The spokes may be too long or short to reuse, depending on the size of the rim you are currently riding vs. the deep v. Why are you getting a new rim, did you taco the old one or something?

eddyz 05-27-07 12:53 AM

yep, the rim got F-ed up bad cause i was in a hurry to get back home on a flat..... :( + the rim was rly old anyways, so i guess is time for an upgrade.

deimos 05-27-07 01:31 AM link 55$ a rim - best deal i've found. just built me up some white laced to phil HF :)

eddyz 05-27-07 02:08 AM

how come wheelbuilder doesnt have any info in regards to be able to ship to Canada?

deimos 05-27-07 02:31 AM

just call the guy, its a small operation and im sure he'll hook it up. super nice.. but i forgot his name

mander 05-27-07 11:44 AM

Dream has deep v's. It might be a bit pricier to get em there vs having em shipped from the internets but you could check it out anyhow.

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