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danish 05-31-07 02:16 PM

Stolen in Philly
Purple Cannondale w camo grips. belongs to Becka. bark if you see it.

skinnyland 05-31-07 02:26 PM

****. Sucks. Will do.

exfreewheeler 05-31-07 02:30 PM

DAMN! Will be on the lookout!

Give us a good description.

HelluvaStella 05-31-07 02:30 PM

I'll keep my eyes peeled. Grrrrrr

veggiemafia 05-31-07 04:17 PM

Make sure to ch-check the Bay.

sp00ki 05-31-07 06:22 PM

i'll keep an eye out. what kinda bars? wheels?

Dumpsterlife 05-31-07 06:47 PM

GRRR I'm on Craigslist every five minutes so I'll keep em peeled.

Natron 05-31-07 06:53 PM

Ugghhh... all these thefts in Philly are making me nervous. Details about how it was locked, what it was locked to, which lock was used? Just for our info...

danish 05-31-07 07:07 PM

i sent her a message asking for more info. i'll post it as soon as i get it. thanks all.


"purple and black cannondale with camo grips. it has a scratched frame and medium sized dent on middle of frame. road bike with plastic foot cages and shimano derailer. last seen at 13th and samson. small frame-girls bike"

Smorgasgeorge 05-31-07 07:15 PM

I'll have Lancaster Ave. on lock.

thebristolkid 05-31-07 07:53 PM

You would think that purple with camo grips would act as a passive theft deterrent. I guess not.

I'll be on the lookout. With my nunchucks.

ryand 06-01-07 06:24 PM

call bike shops and tell them to look for it too.

sp00ki 06-08-07 03:18 PM

I know this is late, and probably not the bike, but i saw this thing locked up in south phila (around eleventh and pasayunk.
I pulled over and snapped it... hope it at least kinda helps:

ED: just saw the description part. n/m.

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