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BistaPoy 08-04-07 08:42 AM

One of the major reasons I'm getting a new bike is that I want something different than the 3rensho I'm riding now. Getting a "semi" custom Japanese bike is a good option, but it's basically buying the same type frame and it's used.
I'm not really interested in going custom with a fixed frame (but I would definitely consider a full custom indyfab road frame).

I'm drawn to the BMW because it's not another cookie cutter track bike, and despite the oddness of the geometry, everyone who has actually ridden it loves how it rides.
On the opposite end of the spectrum, the soma cookie is a safe buy as it has slightly relaxed traditional geometry, and the lugs look poppin.

They both have stupid names, but it's not like they're plastered all over the bike.

deathhare 08-04-07 08:46 AM

Originally Posted by BistaPoy (Post 4999654)
Getting a "semi" custom Japanese bike is a good option, but it's basically buying the same type frame and it's used.

Are you talking about the Panasonics? Cause theyre brand spanking new.

BistaPoy 08-04-07 08:50 AM

oh, I thought you meant something like a Eframebank sort of thing. Still, I don't know anyone in Japan to help me out, and it's just not the type of bike I'm in the market for-I'm done with keirin style bikes for the moment.

SSRI 08-04-07 04:32 PM

soma..the classic look will never go out of style.

SATANOMENDEATH 08-14-07 02:11 PM

Has anyone here even tried riding the Gangsta? Besides one guy from the 1st page.

I'm considering getting a Gangsta myself. I love the sloping TT because I originally rode BMX bikes. I called Brooklyn the other day and the guy I was talking to, don't know his name, said that they are going to use new forks that have less clearance. Not sure how much less clearance but it's definitely something new. But mentioned before, I don't know how I'd like to have the seat that much higher than the bars. That's probably the only thing holding me back from pulling the trigger.

schwinn 08-14-07 05:10 PM

imo, both are incredibley ugly, especially the fork on the brooklyn. go for a bareknuckle, you wont be disapointed.

nathbdp 08-14-07 05:15 PM

the BMW has a certain charm, but i still prefer the classic look of something like the soma.

AfterThisNap 08-14-07 07:10 PM

Originally Posted by Aeroplane (Post 4993085)
There is a guy who welds for them on this board, but I won't out him... he'll probably speak up if he sees the thread.

Pix or yer lyin':p!

shapelike 06-14-08 04:06 PM

Meh, I'd go for the Gangsta. BMW knows their **** when it comes to designing bikes (see the Race Link and the Park Bike). If the Gangsta's a bit heaver, who cares? It's designed to be tougher. If it's a contest for "timeless and classy bike" then ya, the Soma wins out of the two but don't think it's anything other than a dressed up Maxway frame. I guess it really depends on how you want to use the bike. The BMW definitely seems to be a fg freestyle frameset whereas the Delancy is a fg road bike.

Edit: Oops, looks like I accidentally brought that one back from the dead.

mastershake916 06-14-08 04:26 PM

Well, personally I'd never get the BMW since I find it extremely ugly. I really like the soma, but clearly you don't like the look of a classic road bike so really, get whatever you want. I'd even say don't get the soma, because if you have to start messing with the paint and forks, it'll turn into that, a mess.

peabodypride 06-14-08 04:27 PM

I think the dude made his decision 10 months ago. lol.

mastershake916 06-14-08 05:03 PM

F***ing damn you shapelike.

imthewalrus 06-14-08 05:06 PM

damn this is an old thread. but whatever.

i saw a guy rocking a bmw gangsta in detroit. he used a v-brake setup for it.

part of the charm of the bmw is the tubing. if you actually get to see one of these in person, the effect of the aero tubing on the seatstays and all the other bits is really neat. There's definitely nothing else out on the market quite like it. It has a very industrial look about it.

bbattle 06-14-08 05:08 PM

I think this Rodriguez looks nice.

macka_fat 06-14-08 05:15 PM

I ****ing love my bmw. Unlike any other frame i've ridden. Ride one if you get the chance.

deadforkinglast 06-18-08 12:16 AM

The BMW is one of the only road bikes I think looks better with risers than with drops. That might be because it kind of looks more like a BMX bike than a track bike, but I don't have a problem with that. It's badass.

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